Ramon Allones Small Club Coronas

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    Cigar Inspector

    Ramon Allones Small Club Coronas
    Ramon Allones
    Origin : Cuba
    Format : Petit Corona (Minutos)
    Size : 110 x 16.67 mm
    Ring : 42
    Weight : 7.46 g
    Price : $5+ each

    RASS a.k.a Ramon Allones Specially Selected being one of my all-time favorite Cuban cigars, my expectations concerning its little brother were high. Perhaps I was unlucky, but unfortunately the Ramon Allones Small Club Coronas was far behind it. Please note that I didn’t smoke a whole box of these and this review is based on 4 cigars.

    Appearance : [rating:4/5]
    The cigar is nicely box-pressed and the wrapper is of decent quality. If you have noticed, the band is of lower quality than the one found on RASS. I first thought that I bought fakes and visited another cigar shop to inquire about it. In fact, the picture is only embossed on RASS, the other Ramon Allones have plain, rather ugly bands. I have no idea why though.

    Ramon Allones Small Club Coronas

    Construction : [rating:3.5/5]
    On two cigars the draw was extremely tight and I had major wrapper problems on one of these. Really not impressed by the construction (again, I cannot refrain myself from comparing it to the Specially Selected).

    Ramon Allones Small Club Coronas

    Flavor : [rating:4/5]
    Not much in the flavor department. I found it almost full-bodied. The flavors are initially woody with spicy notes kicking in at the half-mark. I am pretty sure that if you keep them in the humidor for 6 months, you will get a richer bouquet. Don’t get me wrong – the taste is quite good – but nothing special.

    Ramon Allones Small Club Coronas

    Value : [rating:4/5]
    I hope I just got unlucky with the construction, because if the issues are persistent, then the Ramon Allones Small Club Corona is definitely overpriced.

    Ramon Allones Small Club Coronas

    Overall Rating : [rating:overall]
    If you like the RASS, don’t even try this minuto – this will save you the disappointment. I must admit that if I were to smoke it blindfolded, I would have probably rated it a little higher, but I couldn’t help remembering the Robusto’s amazing flavor. If you’re up for a petit corona, better grab a Monte No. 5.

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    • kkh369

      I agree Raafha, that stick and the band both look fake. My band is embossed just like the RAAS and RASS, the wrapper is dark and oily, the burn is perfect, and it tastes great! That’s a fake.

    • kkh369

      FCC has been accused of selling some fakes in the past. I get mine from Cigarsofhabanos.com, and they are ALWAYS legit.

    • kkh369

      Yeah…I am smoking one right now, and looking at my band and your band? Yours are fake. The band on yours looks NOTHING like the real band. Maybe do another review with a REAL RASCC. It’s a great little stick.

    • kkh369

      My experience with these was also completely different. Tasty medium-full little stick ROTT, and even better after a nice 6 month rest in the humi. As others have said, mine were darker and more oily, and the band is embossed like the bands on the RASS and the RAAS. LOVE these and will buy more. I find Cuban Montes to be a little bland, which is why I prefer RA. More full flavored at a better price.

    • Tohsan

      Beautiful looking cigar from a box of 25

      Nice little cigar for a quick smoke. Good taste of wood and spice. Can’t complain about the taste. Finally third was really spicy but in a nice way.

      But I had major issues with burn and the binder. Perhaps I removed the binder too early which I usually like to do.

    • Chuck

      I find it a little unfair you kept trying to compare this to a much larger and expensive cigar. It would be like comparing the monte no2 and no5( which is not a petit corona btw). I also get mine from FCC like someone said and my bands are not as nicely embossed as the larger cigars but it does have a lot more detail than the one pictured. Also the letters especially in “Habana” look big and smudged. Def looks alittle suspect. Taste is woody and hay like; I find them to be a solid medium bodied smoke and the cigars I have smoked were not too tight if anything I would find a couple loose ones. At 140 a box these are a well kept secret in my honest opinion.

    • Raafha

      I too concur it looks like a counterfeit batch. The RASCC I regularly buy/smoke have the same detailed embossed band as the RASS,and a dark oily wrapper.Pleasing characteristics of RA, no issues so far.

      • Philip Bates

        Purchased from The Finest Cuban Cigars. Great smoke with notes of coffee, cocoa, and all spice. Overall, an exceptionally smooth smoke with a long oily finish. Mild to medium body and strength.

    • Gus

      Got a box in at Hotel Nacional de Cuba. Wish I’d gotten 3 boxes. Nuff said

    • Beneluxor

      My experience with the Ramon Allones Small Club Corona Minutos was very positive, quite different than in the article.

      But my cigar looked quite different, with a very pleasing darker wrapper. A surprisingly mild smoke, the first half was a really delicious set of flavours, generally rather chocolate-like. Was a nice slow burn, a leisurely 50 minutes for this short stick.

      A very tight draw at the very beginning & in last half, where it also got a bit sour … but the first half was so tasty I must say overall this was great value.

    • yayaWHO

      the SMALL CLUB … Corona? I have not been aware Man. Citeh have their own cigar …

      Sorry Guys about this one, could not resist facts though …

    • Seedeater56

      Ramon Allones minutos

      Prelight: Well constructed, lightly veined leaf. Excellent pre light draw, end cap punches out well with no deformity of the exceptionally well constructed end cap.
      1st β…“: Toasted foot lights well and draws well. Very scant flavour, no significant notes other than lightest earth and nut.
      2nd β…“: Slight increase in roundedness and intensity, but no real presence for a stick this size.
      Final β…“: Moisture build up in head, draw becoming laborious. Slight evidence of uneven burn and leaf separation. Intensified bitterness, but no real flavour. Very disappointing.
      In sum: Frankly, not a worthwhile cigar.

    • JamesE90

      Looks like a pre 2010 band to me, newer bands are indeed embossed.

    • Ikpatt

      The poor quality ring, and the construction of the draw end shows that cigar to be an obvious counterfeit.

    • HiramH

      Maybe they were fake after all. The band on the ones I buy is embossed, and the cigars are excellent, every single one of them.

    • Anthony

      Well inspector I suggest u keep those fine cigars in ur humidor !!

      For at least 1 year and than re smoke one ull completely change ur view toward this fantastic cigar !!

      I have from those stick couple of boxes I agree if they are fresh they won’t compete montecrsit n5

      But trust after a year plus !!
      All I can say that it’s fantastic even the aroma and the taste of the cigar changed completely from the first day That I smoked one !!

      By the way i don’t have any construction issue even draw problems !!
      Perhaps u grabbed a bad one !

      Cheers πŸ™‚

    • YJ

      It is another very good Cuban. I like it as much as a Paratagus D4 and it can be a good substitute of it.
      But for a little difference in price and for the looks of it I may buy the D4 instead.

    • Maltaman

      A great cigar which was suggested by the salesman in Dubai Duty Free.
      Have thoroughly enjoyed this cigar which has given me an exceptional smoke. Would recommend this cigar to all lovers of quality cigars. Shall hope to purchase more here in Malta.

    • javiblel

      Yeah, i saw it, thank you inspector! i think now you are right, the band is just different…

    • Avatar photo


      The band on the Small Club Coronas has way less detail than on Specially Selected. If you want to use that website as a reference, you can compare the two:



      And check my review of the Specially Selected here:


    • javiblel

      It is because of the band of the cigar,you can see an image of a true RA band at the following link: http://cubancigarwebsite.com/images/Ram%C3%B3n_Allones_band_1324953067full.jpg

    • Avatar photo


      What makes you think these are fakes? They were bought in a B&M shop and I highly doubt they are selling non authentic Cuban cigars.

    • javiblel

      Dear inspector, when i saw the photos that you take of this RA, it came immediately to my mind that those cigars you tried were fakes… i think is better to buy a couple of these small club coronas and make another review

    • Tashaz

      Bought a box of these. Have smoked three now after two weeks in the humidor. All I can say is if you like the smaller vitola’s you have to try these! A wonderful half hour smoke. Like another review I read says, “Hard to get and I never leave a shop without some”

    • rickey ricardo

      You got what you hoped for, unlucky. I can see by the wrapper color you got as light a wrapper as you’ll ever see on a Ramon Allones cigar. I’ve had the same experience with the RASS. That’s what makes this brand so great. At their worst you’ll get a very nice smoke and when their on you’ll get some of the riches tobacco in the world. Open a box with dark oily wrappers and you’ll have the same experience as you’ve had with a RASS, only shorter. RA ONLY makes three cigars right now. You make it sound like they use lesser quality tobacco for this format, which they don’t. But thanks for the bad review, I hope it keeps the price down on this gem.

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Cigar Region Cuba
Filler Cuban
Wrapper Cuba
Binder Cuba
Length 4 3/8
Ring Gauge 42
Vitola Minutos
Construction Hand Made