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    Por Larranaga Cuban Grade

    Origin : Honduras (Altadis USA)Por Larranaga
    Format : Corona Gorda
    Size : 44 x 140 (5.5 in)
    Wrapper : Mexico San Andreas Maduro
    Filler : Dominican, Honduran
    Binder : Mexican
    Price : ~$2-3 per stick

    At the recent celebration of my mother-in-law’s marriage I had the opportunity to share a beer and cigar with my sister-in-law’s husband (my brother-in-law-in-law?). He is a smoker, but not of tobacco products, so I wanted to give him something with a good flavor, but that wouldn’t have him running to the bathroom. Enter the Por Larranaga Cuban Grade. A while ago I discovered this cigar as a cheap, favorable, mild cigar that is perfect with coffee, or to pass out to non-smokers.

    The consensus from reviewers is that the Cuban Grade feels spongy, which I have found to be true regardless of storage conditions. The burn quality is consistently razor sharp on all of the Cuban Grades I have smoked. The cigar does smoke quickly, clocking in at 30 to 45 minutes.

    These sticks are not packed with flavor, so do not try smoking them with a full flavor beer like a porter or stout. I prefer them with my morning coffee, although the ones we smoked a the wedding paired nicely with cheap American beer. The profile consists of a solid but mild woody base. An occasional kiss of nuts or chocolate can be found, but not on every cigar. The flavor definitely comes from the San Andreas Maduro wrapper, as the Connecticut broadleaf wrapped version of the Cuban Grade has a taste akin to an unfiltered Camel cigarette.

    It is not very often that I get a chance to smoke a cigar with my coffee, but when I do, the Por Larranaga Cuban Grade is usually the one I reach for. Rumor has it that this cigar has been discontinued, and the Altadis USA website did not have a listing for it in the company’s product lineup. There are still plenty of places online to find the Cuban Grade, but when my current supply runs out I will most likely look for an alternate coffee accompaniment.

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      I think that would make him your brother-out-law… 😉

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