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  1. Yiorgos

    Cohiba Piramides Extra

    Origin : Cuba
    Format : Piramide ExtraCohiba
    Size : 6.3 x 54 (160 x 21.43 mm)
    Released : 2012
    Price : $30+

    The Cohiba Piramide Extra is a relatively new vitola (released in 2012) which measures 6.3? inches in length by 54 ring gauge. Although it is considered to be part of the “Linea Clasica”, it bears a different band. The cigar is presented in 3-packs of aluminium tubes and semi boite nature boxes of 10.

    The Cohiba Piramide Extra is a handful! The wrapper is light brown with a reddish hue, similar in shade to the Classic line, and has a moderate amount of veins but no imperfections. Its brand new shiny band has inherited the holographic security markings of the Behike, but unlike it, it only has one side (face). The bunch is firm and a close look to the foot of the cigar reveals that there are plenty of leaves packed in it. However, none of these leaves is Medio Tiempo, as the Piramide Extra uses the recipe of the Classic Line blend. The aromas are mild, with notes of flowers and a little bit of pepper. The prelight draw is perfect… Time to light up!

    The Piramide Extra kicks off with sweet, fruity flavours and a touch of cinnamon, which gives it a spicy but sweet finish. The body is medium and the finish is long. The flavours start to enhance as you smoke through the first half. Earthy flavours now cover the initial sweetness, with some nutmeg also joining in. A subtle bitterness has also appeared on the finish, but this is to be expected from a young cigar.

    Cohiba Piramide Extra

    In the second third, the Piramide Extra changes very little. The flavours of earth and wood dominate, while the body is a little fuller, just about medium to full now. The biterness on the finish is still persistent and it starts getting annoying. The cigar burns very well, and develops a dark grey ash that stays on the cigar until well in the second third. But the the lack of complexity is bugging me… This Cohiba is still very young!

    Cohiba Piramide Extra

    No surprises in the final third either. It gets a little fuller but that’s about it. The earthy and woody flavours are still in control, while the sweetness has now disappeared completely. The finish is long and bitter, but not acidic. Being impatient to smoke it, I didn’t give the Piramide Extra enough time to settle, and as a result I got an ugly crack on the wrapper. With nothing else to spark my interest, I put the cigar to sleep early…

    It is still early to judge the potential of the Piramide Extra, but I have to say I wasn’t overly impressed. Although the first few puffs were promising, the rest of the cigar was disappointing and nothing was there to give away the fact that it was a Cohiba. To me, this cigar needs something to make it better, especially given the hefty price tag it carries. Whether this cigar will be a worthy addition to the Classic Range, only time will tell… A generous three stars.

    Overall Rating : [rating:3/5]

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    • RT

      Very much enjoyed the cigar. Good structure, even burn and complexity. Will definitely hold a box for a year or two to further age and smoke the rest now.

    • Jeff

      I actually really enjoy this cigar. I had my first one in Paris. It smoked perfectly. I loved the flavor. When I was in Zurich I picked a box up and they Been in my humidor for about 6 months. I smoked a couple since then and each time I have enjoyed them very much!

    • Armaniac

      I have to agree 100% with this review. I was expecting a lot more from this stick….

    • Julio

      Thanks for the review. I’ve been contemplating getting a box of 10 but I think I can put part of my cigar budget to better use. I regularly age cigars for 24 to 36 months before smoking but I’ll wait for a better review before I fork over for these.

    • Matt

      I have to agree with the review above. My box has a date on it of Sept 12. Bought the box in July 2015, from a reputable online dealer that I never had a problem with before. I smoked one in the beginning of September. I was disappointed. Maybe another couple years.

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Cigar Region Cuba
Filler Cuban
Wrapper Cuba
Binder Cuba
Length 6 1/2
Ring Gauge 54
Vitola Piramides Extra
Construction Hand Made