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    Partagas Shorts

    Origin : CubaPartagas
    Factory Name : Petit Corona (Minutos)
    Size : 110 x 16.67 mm
    Ring : 42
    Weight : 7.46 g
    Box code : OCT 2007
    Price : ~$6-8 each

    Partagas Shorts is an interesting small vitola, another good fit for cold winter months. Although the factory name is minuto, don’t expect to finish it in less than half an hour – if you take it slowly as I’d recommend you will need around 40 minutes to fully enjoy one. Behind an unobtrusive appearance hides a surprisingly rich flavor profile.

    Appearance : [rating:3.5/5]
    The Shorts sport a typical Partagas-color wrapper with rare imperfections. The cigar itself is very hard to the touch and box-pressed. It has a very faint tobacco smell. The pre-draw is on the tighter side, mostly woody.

    Construction : [rating:4/5]
    The cigar allows a clean cut and is easy to light with just one wooden match (I usually use two on bigger sizes). Although the draw is, as I expected given the very hard physical aspect, quite tight, the amount of produced smoke is satisfying. The burn is very slow and self-correcting, requiring no touch-ups.

    Flavor : [rating:4/5]
    The beginning is very tonic, I feel a lot of spice coupled with wood. The power is in the background. The first third contains more spice than necessary, I attenuated it by pairing the cigar with a sweet latte – the mix is delicious. In the second third, one might find vanilla, honey and chocolate flavors – regrettably, they are hard to make out as the main flavors, spice and wood, are really strong. As the second third arrives to its end, the woody notes become a bit dry and a risk of harshness is present. The power is perceptible. Spice returns in the last third, making it more balanced.
    I noticed that (as it is often the case) the flavor is very different depending on the age of cigars. In the “Overall” section I posted my thoughts on aging process for Partagas Shorts – scroll down.

    Value : [rating:4.5/5]
    They can be found at $5 per stick if bought in cabinets of 50. Try a few and if you are satisfied it might be an interesting solution.

    Overall Rating : [rating:4/5]
    Overall, it’s a decent cigar. It needs to be properly aged however to be fully enjoyed – what I suggest is to try one from the box every 2-3 weeks and as soon as the excessive spice/wood mellow out and you are able to find delicious honey, chocolate (and even nutty) flavors, work on the box before it’s too late.

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    • kkh369

      Beneluxor…interesting that you mentioned those other two brands, as Partagas, Bolivar and RA are my 3 favorite Cuban brands. I really don’t buy other Cuban brands as I am a more full flavored cigar fan.

      Somebody…also quite interesting that you classify Nicaraguan cigars as having no flavor. I am not a fan of many Cubans because their flavors are mild. I am a fan of Partagas because they have a lot of flavor, BUT, I am smoking a Nicaraguan Padron right now, and it is a flavor BOMB. Your comment makes me wonder if you have ever even HAD a Nicaraguan cigar. The strongest, most flavorful cigars on EARTH are Nicaraguans, and anyone who isn’t into full flavored, spicy sticks should AVOID Nicas, especially Habano-wrapped Nicas.

    • Beneluxor

      Even with the less-aged Partagás Shorts, I tend to find the middle third a bit milder as the spice notes recede, with less of the charcoal hint I get in the first third.

      But occasional or new smokers should know in advance, Partagás makes a full-strength cigar, it is the ‘no apologies’ big Cuban marque. At the same size in this handy Minutos vitola, Habanos rates the Bolivar & Ramón Allones as also ‘full flavour strength’ like the Partagás, but the Bolivar & Ramón Allones don’t have the heavy punch of the Partagás when you light them up … tho less popular, I would prefer the Bolivar or Ramón Allones Minutos for flavour as well. Amongst the Partagás sticks, however, the Shorts Minutos is the best one to try first to see if you like the brand.

    • Yiorgos

      My review of the Partagas Shorts

      The Minutos, or Demi Coronas, has to be one of the best and most well thought vitolas ever made. They are small, well constructed, -well at least some of them-, and pack a lot of flavor. You can have one in the morning, with your coffee, in the car on the way to work, and of course you can have one in your back garden, on a cold Irish winter’s day, and finish it before you get a frostbite! Most of the brands of Habanos S.A. do make cigars in this format, offering a large selection of cigars for every smoker.

      Partagas Shorts

      The Partagas Short is a well rolled cigar, with a light brown, oily and slightly veiny wrapper. Smooth to feel and spongy, with strong aromas of earth and wood.

      Lighting is pretty easy with such a short cigar, being careful to not burn any facial hair! The draw is very good, unlike many of the Shorts that suffer from poor construction and therefore tight draw and uneven burn.

      From the start, the Short tastes like a Partagas, almost identical to its big brother, the D4. The cigar delivers thick, rich and flavourfull smoke, with wood, spice and earth flavours.

      Smoking towards the second third, the flavours are balancing out and the cigar reveals its medium to full body. The draw is still good and the burn is as even as it can get! Woody and spicy flavours are now more noticable, accompanied by earthy tones.

      Consistency is playing an important role in the smoking satisfaction. And this little cigar is as consistent as a cigar can get. Without being the most complex cigar, it is very straightforward and enjoyable. It gets stronger towards the end, with full flavours, but it never becomes harsh or hot.

      Overall, the Partagas Short is one of the best of its size. It offers great value, pricing from around €4 a stick if you are buying a cabinet of 50. Although it is small, do not expect it to finish in anwhere less than 40 minutes. If it does, you are smoking it too fast and not enjoying it to the max. With the summer on our doorstep, I would suggest you buy a cabinet of 50 and forget them in your humidor for 6 months, until the winter kicks back in, and these babies won’t let you down!

    • yayawhoATyahoo

      NICE / TASTY / WELL CONSTRUED … & together with TRINI Reyes probably the best ´small´ smoke out there

    • Nick

      I agree with “somebody”. I still have some from a 2005 box and they do not have the flavors of younger shorts.
      I’m now smoking these and keep younger for later.
      Otherwise a very nice “short smoke”.

    • Olli

      This was one awesome smoke. Had my first one today and by God it won’t be the last. Who cares about whether it’s bin aged or fresh out of the box,the taste is just pure delight. Burned my fingers and singed my beard but it was 45 minutes of sheer bliss!!!

    • Somebody

      I find it interesting that you would downrate these when they are fresh. I’m guessing you don’t truly like Cuban cigars. Fresh they are incredible. Aged, meh. I’ve had 1-7 year aged shorts, yes, every year in between and after a few years they lose a lot. They are the best fairly fresh. Seems you don’t like flavor in your cigars. I’d stick with Nicaraguan cigars then.

    • Zen Cigar

      My Review of the Partagas Shorts (aged 3 years)

      I love Partagas Shorts. These tiny little flavor bombs always seem to deliver. This came from I box I have been putting away for a few years.

      This stick is almost three years old, and it has been a while since I have checked on it. The wrapper has a lovely reddish hue, that hints at a richness below the surface. It took a light easily, but the pre-light draw was a little tight.

      Right off the bat I can tell that it has lost some of the spiciness with just a few years of age, but in this case the change was OK. Party Shorts can be hit or miss but this is drawing nicely after the first quarter of an inch.

      This cigar has a leathery and woody tobacco core with just a little less spice than a “fresh one”.

      The burn was dead even on this tiny box-pressed cigar and it gave out an ample amount of smoke for its girth. Halfway down, I experienced an intensification in flavor, including a rich licorice finish that is super long.

      At the end I wished this little fellah was longer because I didn’t want it to end!

      Rating: 91 (A-)

    • Matt

      My Review of the Partagas Shorts

      This little cigar has blown me away. It has a beautiful creamy brown wrapper an is well filled, firm with no soft spots. Th cap clipped perfectly revealing that little Cuban dimple in the head. It took a light perfectly. Right off the bat this cigar comes alive. The best way to describe it is creamy and smooth. It has very pronounced flashes of vanilla and a coffee bean finish. It paired perfectly with my morning coffee. When you finish this cigar, it leaves you with an almost overwhelming desire to light up another. The burn was even and the ash held firmly to the cigar. I nubbed this thing, almost burning my lips. I just didn’t want to put it down. With just one year on these it is already a fantastic smoke, I almost can’t wait to see how good these babies get with some age on them. My biggest challenge is going to be keeping my hands off them so that I still have some left a year or two down the road. This cigar made me stop to think why it is I smoke anything else. I am convinced I am going to need to pick up a 50 cab of these.

    • Hdownunder

      My usual choice in Minutos are San Cristobal el Principe but Cubanlous had a 2 box deal on the shorts and having heard good reports particularly on here why not I thought. Box dates March/12 so opened one and into the humidor maybe try one although no high hopes a bit young but someone Bob I think said good straight from the box so no great expectations! Well appearance great shade darker than Cadbury milk chocolate construction also 4.5 stars. Clipped a well made triple cap and toasted and lite up expecting a youthful tannic intro although no hint of ammonia before lightning up what a lovely surprise strong latte well balanced from the word go a little tight on the draw but the best youthful cigar straight out of the box for a long stretch 2nd half even more of the same top quality tobacco and strong coffee and the light grey ash held on for an inch plus without even trying. No mistaking it’s a Partagas but touch over medium and can’t wait to see how great these will be after a few months 4 stars even right out of the box!

    • Bob

      One of the nicest things about this cigar is the fact that while aging will benefit it, the PartiShort is a good smoke straight out of the box, and even right-off-the-truck. Granted, their strength is powerfully apparent, but I like that. The Ispector’s use of the word “tonic” is spot-on. It is, I think, part and parcel of the Cuban “tang” so often noted in reviews and is abundant in this smoke.

      Construction, draw and burn on these small cigars is superior. I have yet to experience uneven burning, any tendency to go out or a plugged smoke.

      Finally, he value is among the best for habanos. One gets the sense that one is paying for exactly what one has, and not for brand or “cachet.”

    • JoshK

      I picked a couple of these up reciently when in the Caribbean and these are great. Good flavor for it’s size and easy to smoke no that I am back in the cold Northeast US.

    • phathungarian

      I can never find these anywhere. Not even in Cuba. But this smoke gets real good reviews everywhere. Maybe someday…

    • J Kane

      I recently smoked one of these and also found a noticeable change in flavor in the 2/3. I actually enjoyed the second half of the cigar more than the first. Very nice smoke for the price.

    • Jmorena

      I have read this review a couple of times now…spot on. I have smoked several boxes of these great cigars . This review is the expected experience every time. I always have two boxes on hand because of the aging required. $100 per box of 25.

    • Tashaz

      No 4 from the box same as other three. Very nice smoke and complex enough to make it interesting. Changes from bitter at first to creamy then leather. Never harsh after 6 months in the humidor. Rest them all you can as they only get better

    • Kalutika

      Partagas has treated me fairly well in my limited experiences with the brand.

    • greg

      even the NC variety taste great!

    • Se7en_V

      Very nice review. Sounds like a great quick smoke and that aging is key. I’ll keep these in mind. Thanks.

    • N.W.Dorr

      I find these to be some of the finest that I own as well. I can’t seem to get enough of them. I agree that they are a little youthful right now, but definitely smokeable. 40 minutes is the perfect time frame to enjoy one of these little beauties.

    • Jason T

      This is a very good and fairly inexpensive smoke. Try it if you ever get the opportunity.

    • StogieBoy

      Very nice spot on review. Good aging advice. Thanks.

    • Larry

      I bought a cab figuring it was a good size and value for me. When young they were very powerful and somewhat bitter. Now after a couple of years of age they are some of the finest smokes I own. Mmmm, time to buy more.

    • furious

      This is one of my favorite habanos for the size. I agree that it is quite powerful especially when young, but after 1 year of box age, they mature quite nicely with the harsh spice kick reducing to permit the rich tobacco taste come through.

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Cigar Region Cuba
Filler Cuban
Wrapper Cuba
Binder Cuba
Length 4 3/8
Ring Gauge 42
Vitola Minutos
Construction Hand Made