Partagas Seleccion Piramide

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    Partagas Seleccion Piramide

    Origin : CubaPartagas
    Format : Piramide
    Size : 156 x 21 mm (6 1/8 x 52)
    Price : UK price £20 (£160 for the seleccion of 5), 15.80 Euros online (€79 for seleccion)

    I am reviewing this cigar as part of the seleccion as I happen to own the set and see that this and the Romeo are needed to complete the review set on CigarInspector (Cohiba Seleccion Piramide, Hoyo de Monterrey Seleccion Piramide & Montecristo Seleccion Piramide). The other three I have video reviews on my YouTube channel CigarHub.

    So I’m sitting here with this rather impressive seleccion box, I mean it’s incredible – the small wooden humidor the set comes in, the smell right as you open the box, the unbelievably beautiful looking cigars you get to see as soon as you take off the wax paper. What’s the first “out of place” thing I notice? This Partagas. It really stands out.

    Appearance and construction : [rating:4/5]
    It’s hard for me to judge the appearances of cigars, my mind just approves wholeheartedly upon seeing that it is a cigar. The shade of the wrapper is far different from the others in the set – on the whole a lot darker, maybe a little rougher too. It actually gives the indication of some real flavour, my experience so far of the others is that they are amazing cigars but just a little damn light for me. The wrapper is actually pretty tough as well, a few light squeezes show that it’s a tough wrapper covering a tightly packed core, it’s pretty solid.

    The band; simple, effective. It’s nothing great – it just states the name of the cigar, but I’m taking it off before I smoke it. It’s glued on pretty tight so I’d rather not risk ripping the wrapper later.

    Beautiful torpedo shape, I can see a couple layers of capping leaf on it and it feels pretty firm. Clean cut from a butterfly cutter goes well, no shreds of anything coming out the mouth end of the cigar. Definitely some good construction here. Air draw is probably not ideal and feels a little on the tight side but nothing drastically bad.

    Sadly not too much smell to this, pretty cedar-y but that’s probably from a long time maturing in the box, pretty potent though, and maybe some of that characteristic sweet peat Cuban tobacco smell.

    Smoking experience : [rating:4.5/5]
    Oh man, just lit this cigar and it’s one hell of a nutty taste. I started with a jet light then straight away realised my mistake since I have matches next to me. I’d definitely recommend matches for this. Although stay away from the Swedish match brand “Ship”, the match head flew off one I just used and landed on me as it burst into flames – hurt like hell.

    I am really overwhelmed by this, it’s a really strong specifically nutty tobacco taste, little bit of cedar hints in the aftertaste. Turning the cigar as I puff (a good tip to keep a burn as even as possible, by the way), the wrapper really glides in your lips. It’s not an oily wrapper in the slightest however it feels like it’s not taking in any moisture and is really smooth in the mouth – surprisingly good. It feels almost chewable, although I’d probably not recommend chewing your cigars to death.

    25 minutes in, already wondering what I’ve gotten myself in to. I thought this would be an hour smoke like the others in the seleccion I have tried, but we’ve barely got an inch of ash. Burn has been very consistent so far, definitely a good strength in the taste. It’s almost a very creamy smoke, little tangy on the draw but still somewhat smooth. It’s not quite what I would call a rich taste but definitely heavy in enhanced flavour – something that I’d definitely consider a benefit of age. A pretty dominant cedar now, with almost a chewy nutty taste. So far nothing in terms of adventurous flavours that you wouldn’t typically see in your every-day Cuban, and nothing in the way of noticeable spices, however the flavour feels it’ll turn that way soon.

    50 minutes in, getting some good smoke and ash – visually about half way in although I think we’re probably looking at an hour-20 here with some prediction. Little bit of feeling in the gut but it really isn’t a strong “full body” punch if you know what I mean. Some real smokey flavours here. Oak is usually a flavour you’d associate with whisky but it’s definitely more of a husky flavour befitting this cigar. Almost an hour in and it’s still going strong with the potent woody flavours.

    Getting into the taper of the torpedo is like tar-central. I’ve not been smoking this all too quick but dang the amount of tar in the taste and getting into your mouth is incredible. You can definitely feel almost a nicotine buzz at this point if you’re paying a bit of attention.

    Ending this an hour and a half in, maybe another ten minutes can be gained, this has been a phenomenal experience.

    Conclusion : [rating:4/5]
    I would say this is your pricey cigar – if you’re looking to spend the cash for a great smoke then this is the jackpot. It’s different than the others in the seleccion to quite a degree in terms of taste and experience, definitely an extremely enjoyable medium to full strength flavour really hitting the woody and nutty notes. Construction is generally very good and it lasts the time you would hope it to, not just an hour like some of the others have. So far, my favourite.

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Cigar Region Cuba
Filler Cuban
Wrapper Cuba
Binder Cuba
Length 6 1/8
Ring Gauge 52
Vitola Piramides
Construction Hand Made