Panacea Red Perfecto

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    Cigar Inspector

    Panacea Red Perfecto

    Origin : Dominican RepublicPanacea Cigars
    Format : Perfecto
    Size : 6 x 51
    Ring : 51
    Wrapper : Brazilian Maduro
    Filler : Nicaragua, Dominican Republic
    Binder : Habano
    Price : $142.99 for a box

    Paul Bush from Flatbed Cigar Company sent me a sampler of these for review. Panacea cigars are produced in the Dominican Republic. The company, founded 2 years ago, currently has two blends – Panacea Red being the more powerful. Flatbed Cigar Company claims taking an old-school approach to the cigar business by focusing on making great cigars. Let’s see what the result is.

    Appearance : [rating:4.5/5]
    The Brazilian maduro wrapper is quite oily and has numerous darker fermentation spots. I find the band to be very well designed – it’s simple and recognizable. The cigar is evenly rolled, the cap is accurately applied. It exhales an intense, sour tobacco smell and the pre-draw has a hint of spice to it.

    Construction : [rating:5/5]
    I’m very impressed with the construction. In April, I have only been smoking Cuban cigars and I must admit that the Panacea plays in a different league. After an easy cut, I immediately obtained a very comfortable draw. The perfecto size is extremely easy to light (I only needed a few seconds) and all you have to do is watch the razor-sharp burn. I only ashed the cigar once, the ash being very compact and stable.

    Panacea Red Perfecto

    Flavor : [rating:4/5]
    On the website, the cigar is described almost like a powerhouse. I found it mostly medium-bodied, however, with very little spice in the beginning and dominant earthy flavors. The first third is very smooth. In the second third, a sweet molasses taste is added to the bouquet. The mix is very round and easy on the palate. There is also a slight increase in power as the leather notes become more perceptible. The pleasant sweetness is still there in the last third and this time we might well be approaching the full strength – the Panacea is far from overwhelming though and leaves a very nice aftertaste.

    Value : [rating:4/5]
    Perfectos are the most expensive vitolas in the line (as far as I understand, they take twice more time to roll than any other size) and retail at $7-8 per cigar, which I find acceptable for the perfect construction they have and a nice flavor.

    Overall Rating : [rating:4/5]
    Overall, I really enjoyed this smoke, which is not always the case with cigars that we receive for review. I highly recommend it if you like medium- to full-bodied maduros. Make sure you read Ricky’s review and Scott’s review of the Panacea Black as well.

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    • DJ

      Thanks for the tip, Inspector: I’ll take a look at the samplers (I am a fool for a sampler). Support your local cigar man!

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      I think they also carry 5-pack samplers, you can check them out.

    • tobacmon

      My second look into this line and now has my attention & curiosity—Wondering now just how good they are–My B&M do not carry and will not purchase a box just because of a review. I will look to see if anyone wants to trade a few though–Thx. for the review.

    • Mike M – Denver

      I love medium bodied Maduros so I showed your review of the Panacea Red Perfecto to the owners at my favorite South-Denver cigar lounge, Stanley Pappas ( They contacted the manufacturer, got a couple samples and shared one with me. It’s a really great cigar, smooth and flavorful without being overpowering, the word that kept coming to mind when trying to describe the smoke was buttery. Draw and construction was was perfect. I’m pushing hard for my shop to start carrying these; if you can get your hands on one I highly recommend it.

    • Se7en_V

      Nice review. That’s an excellent pic to show the five-star construction of the perfecto. I will definitely have to give these a try.

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Cigar Region Dominican Republic
Filler Dominican, Nicaragua
Wrapper Brazilian Maduro
Binder Habano
Length 6
Ring Gauge 51
Vitola Perfecto
Construction Hand Made