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    C**** I********

    Oliva Serie V Torpedo

    Oliva CigarsOrigin : Nicaragua
    Format : Torpedo
    Size : 152 x 22 mm
    Ring : 56
    Wrapper : Nicaragua
    Filler : Nicaragua
    Binder : Nicaragua
    Price : $7 each

    Oliva Serie V Torpedo was probably the cigar that I was expecting the most. Not only because it was rated 94 by Cigar Aficionado, but also due to the fact that it has received a lot of positive press among bloggers (you can check out this great review by lucky7) and it was described just like a cigar that I might fall in love with – something between medium- and full-bodied, with rich flavors of pepper, wood and coffee. And, indeed, I found this stick close to perfect.

    Appearance : [rating:5/5]
    A very beautiful cigar, with one of the prettiest bands that I’ve ever seen and with a natural brown wrapper which is a little toothy and sports a few visible veins. Aesthetically impeccable.

    Oliva Serie V Torpedo

    Construction : [rating:5/5]
    I cut most of the torpedo cap and immediately obtained a perfect draw. Furthermore, I can say that the Oliva Serie V Torpedo has the most exquisite pre-draw that I’ve ever experienced. It’s quite hard to describe, the best I could come up with is a mix of nutty and caramel flavors. This baby produced fragrant clouds of white smoke.

    Oliva Serie V Torpedo

    Flavor : [rating:5/5]
    The first few puffs are tingling, full of black pepper and nicotine. Five minutes later, the smoke becomes smooth yet strong, with a distinctive woody taste. In the second third, coffee and chocolate. The spice is still present in the background. The finish is quite leathery with roasted coffee. Fabulous.

    Oliva Serie V Torpedo

    Value : [rating:5/5]
    At $7 each, it’s a no-brainer for me as good Cuban torpedos cost around $13 per stick.

    Overall Rating : [rating:5/5]
    My high expectations were met. Oliva Serie V Torpedo is one of the best cigars I’ve smoked this year and I’m really starting to appreciate Nicaraguan smokes (you can have a look at Padron cigar reviews or my review of the Cumpay Robusto).

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    • G*************

      So much has been said so there is little to add. My purveyor of fine cigars suggested one of these the other day. Last night I lit that puppy.

      Beautiful appearance; well constructed; an absolute lovely bit of the craftsman’s work!

      Snipping off at about half the cap I noted that the draw seemed a bit stiff. I think if I had trimmed it a bit more toward the full ring size the draw would have been better.

      First couple of puffs… wonderful smoke, intense and complex flavors and, (if you’re not accustomed to the fuller sticks) a nifty bit of nicotine. Excellent first impressions.

      The ash developed into a lovely light gray and remained for a good two inches. After the first three-quarters of an inch, this stick settled into a smooth gentleman.

      The middle third was silky and complex and, indeed I nubbed it because I hated for the experience to end!

      Get some. If you enjoy a full bodied well made great example of the cigar makers art, you will not be disappointed. Enjoy!

    • G**** M*****

      Bought two boxes in 2007 when Cigar Aficiando gave them a 94. Smoked a box and the cigar was excellent then. On 06/22/14
      unwrapped the second box and what I experienced was Heaven. Perfectly constructed, a rich chocolate flavor with a woody
      undertone. Perfect draw- perfect burn. It was total ammbrosia. Ive smoled cigars for 25 years and this is likely the best
      cigar i have ever smoked and that includes Habanos. 100 out of 100 here.

    • L**********

      Can anyone provide a review of the Oliva V Figura (do I have the correct spelling?) ? Tried a couple and really liked it. Strong but smooth – a contradiction? How does it compare to the torpedo reviewed above? Thanks.

    • B****

      I couldn’t agree more – terrific looking cigar, great smoke, burn, ash and taste – everything you look for in a cigar. This is a premium cigar by any standard.

    • J*** W*****

      I certainly respect Oliva as a cigar maker. I have bought just about all of their series and even their bundled cigars. That said, the bundles are respectable and the one in the various series range from very good to excellent. If there is one that stands out, however, as a pinacle product it certainly must be the V and the torpedo in particular.

      The V Torpedo is a beautiful stick. The richness of the dark brown wrapper, its uniformity without large veins, and the pre-light draw and taste promise something special. Immediately the experienced smoker is rewarded with a blast of complex flavor and aroma. There’s something unique here as this is a very complex and extremely satisfying cigar. It is big in taste, but at the same time everything is rounded without a bit of harshness in spite of obvious power.

      As soon as the stick is properly heated up and burning there’s lots to savor. Dark Chocolate, salty nuttiness, creamy caramel, seasoned earthy woodiness, and spice all evident. Certain flavors come up and reside as other tastes come up. This goes on consistently with the spice being the kicker that presents itself at only certain times seemingly depending on the amount of draw/heat produced. This stick not only has the perfect resistance, but burns with nary a correction needed if properly attended to.

      There are a few cigars I feel are absolute benchmarks and this one is at the top of that list.

    • C********* K*

      Had about a dozen of the churchills and loved everyone! True it can kick you in the butt if your not use to them but they sure are tasty! Never tried the torpedo but just ordered some and will be trying them out soon. Great review thanks!

    • d***********

      @Gerry My friend and I have been smoking Oliva Serie V Churchills at the beach for the last couple summers. In the past, we smoked Cohiba Esplendidos and we both prefer the Olivas!

    • s*********

      I really enjoyed the first two series v I smoked…..however the last couple have been lower in quality. It shall be noted that the cigars came from different shops…..for me the jury is still out on this one. The good ones are homeruns though.

    • G****

      I really would like some feedback on the Olivia V Churchill if any one has any.

    • N***

      Dan NYC, I don’t know if anyone has thanked you for the quick rundown of Oliva blends (above), so let me do so now. Your description is extremely useful for a novice like myself, and I for one am very appreciative. Thanks!

    • D** N**

      Oliva Serie G: This cigar is a medium body blend built on the strong, unique flavors of an African Cameroon wrapper, perfectly complemented by a Nicaraguan Habano filler. Subtle notes of cedar and coffee make this a complex, but likeable smoke. The Cameroon is a thin, almost dry wrapper with very little oils. Aging will not enhance this cigar’s flavor in any way.

      Oliva Serie O: Made in the original Cuban tradition and grown from the same Habano seeds in many areas of Nicaragua. Each region’s minor climate changes bring out a different note from the tobacco. This particular Oliva cigar blend comes from Esteli, Condega and the Jalapa Valley leading to a very dark tobacco with kisses of spice and rich cedar. Please note that Puros should be aged at a general humidity level of 70-75% to preserve the natural oils.

      Oliva Serie V: A very complex blend, perhaps best left to a more experienced smoker and far more discerning palette than the casual smoker would have, the Serie V features Nicaraguan long fillers and specially fermented ligero from the Jalapa Valley region. This cigar’s full bodied taste and superior smoothness offers flavors that range from rich coffee and dark chocolate undertones balanced with a hint of spice.

      Oliva Masterblend:Specially blended this Oliva cigar features a broadleaf, sun grown wrapper, Nicaraguan ligero filler and is meant for the most sophisticated palette.

      Oliva Cain: Created from the upper leaves of the tobacco plant, Cain is full flavored and complex with rich flavors and subtle undertones.

      Oliva Connecticut Reserve:Made of an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper and filled with a blend of Nicaraguan tobacco, this is a mild- medium bodied cigar that has reviewers giving it very high marks. The flavors include hints of nuts and spices.

    • J*

      can anyone genourously teach me how Oliva cigar diffretiate? like what are the differences between series G/V/O?? thanks^^

    • l*******

      I’m smoking my second one right now. I bought 2 in El Paso in 1/09. It’s been sitting in my humidor for a year and a half. I already smoked the first one a year ago.
      This one even better then the first. This is definitely a man’s cigar. Full of rich flavor and spice, yet so smooth. The torpedo is a big cigar. Very nicely packed and not too hard. A lot of talent and experience went into making it.
      Most of all I like the way it tastes and what a bargain.

    • J*******

      I traded a Punch for one of these from my buddy on the golf course last week. Needless to say I now have a 5-pack of the belicoso’s coming. Can’t wait. They have consumed my thoughts.

    • M**

      Try each of the shapes for a different take on the same flavors. The Lancero is amazingly consistent, the double robusto is spicy and the churchill is smooth. My favorite of the shapes though is the torpedo.

    • T*******

      I agree with St.Jimbob – the strength sneaks up on you – I actually got a bit dizzy smoking my first one of these at an Oliva cigar tasting event at a local B&M. I’ll have to take it slower next time, but the flavor was very nice!

    • C****

      Thanks for the review! I’d better go out and grab some!

    • M***********

      This stogg wipes out many more expensive smokes! I’ve been burning money in the local shopps buying singles and have finally ordered two boxes, can’t wait!

    • Avatar photo


      I am relieved to hear that. I was feeling a bit guilty after your bad experience with the Pleiades. Now we’re even 🙂

    • D****

      Bought a box solely based on your recommendation. Smoked one right outta the box the day of delivery. Although they still need a bit of humidor time, I am very satisfied. Thanks Denis.

    • A********

      I have just bought a coupla of them and can’t wait to try. Nice review!

    • i*********

      This is a great cigar. I’ve only had a couple but at less than $7.00/ea this is one of the best deals around in premium sticks.

    • K*******

      A smoking buddy of mine bought one of these for a day of fishing. It was great. Wonderful burn and great flavor. Pleasant all the way through.

    • J**** T

      I have one more in my humidor that I’ve been saving since last summer. The first one I smoked was wonderful.

    • S**** J*****

      Light-headed for 15 minutes after I smoked the cigar to the nub, I should add.

    • S**** J*****

      The Serie V is a great tasting smoke, but the nicotine can really sneak up on you. Even smoked after a moderate meal, the Serie V made me feel just a bit light-headed for 15 minutes after smoking. Just something to keep in mind for those accustomed to milder cigars, or blends with less nicotine-rich ligero.

    • s****

      I love the Oliva V series, but had several split open to the point that they were not smokable. Email Oliva, and they will give you an address where to send the cigars. They replaced mine.

    • d****

      If you like the Torpedo, wait until you try the Oliva Serie V Double Toro and the Figurado (6″x60)– ah, sheer heaven!!

    • D********

      I actually blindly purchased a box of these and it was on order for 5 months. I had forgotten all about the order and then one day I had a little package on my doorstep and found myself the proud owner of a fresh box of Olivas.

      Of course, I smoked one right out of the new box. It wasn’t very good. In fact, I was extremely disappointed after waiting 5 months and shelling out $200+…

      Determined to understand this cigar, I let them rest for 6 months and tried them again. WOW. A little rest did these cigars a wonderful thing. They really opened up and delivered on all the hype. I will note that of the 20 cigars sitting in the humidor, a few swelled up a bit and took at hit in the head…with the wrapper splitting a bit after aging. I’m pretty meticulous about my 70/70 humidor, so I try not to blame myself. Still, these are fine smokes. Some of the best out there. My only caution is that if you by a box, let them rest at least a 6 months…

    • K****

      Nice review and pics! This really is an outstanding smoke. You have reminded me to smoke the handful I stashed in the humi a few months ago.

    • J****

      I agree 100%. This is definitely one of the best cigars I’ve had this year. Top 5 at least.

    • j**

      The Oliva V Torpedo is probably my favorite non-cuban cigar hands down. I have yet to have a bad one.

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Cigar Region Nicaragua
Filler Nicaragua
Wrapper Ecuador
Binder Nicaragua
Length 6
Ring Gauge 56
Vitola Piramides
Construction Hand Made