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  1. C******* J*

    Oliva G Toro, Tasty Cigar from Nicaragua!!

    Best cigar smoker,

    I have been smoking cigars for over 20 years!!
    Both Cuban cigars and cigars from the New World.
    One of my first New World cigars was an Oliva G Toro.
    And I still enjoy these tasty cigars from Nicaragua!!

    The Oliva G Toro is a real Toro of size 6 x 50.
    Oliva pays a lot of attention to the quality of their cigars.
    This Oliva G Toro also looks beautiful.
    The cigar feels good and there are no imperfections.
    The filler and binder come from Nicaragua.
    But the packaging comes from Cameroon.

    In the first part I taste a lot of leather and cocoa.
    After some time some wood is also added.
    Teak wood to be precise.
    The leather fades a little and I taste toast and hazelnut.
    Towards the end the cigar becomes slightly creamy.

    The burning behavior and tensile resistance are perfectly fine.
    I was able to enjoy this cigar for over an hour.
    I can highly recommend the Oliva G Toro!!

    Greetings from the Netherlands
    Aficionado, Coenraad JH 🌿

    “Sanis Sigaro Vita Lacune”
    (without a Cigar life is empty)

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    Oliva Serie G Toro
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Cigar Region Nicaragua
Filler Nicaragua
Wrapper Cameroon
Binder Habano
Length 6
Ring Gauge 50
Vitola Toro
Construction Hand Made