Oliva “O” Bold Omni (Old Embroidered Band)

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  1. Matt

    Oliva “O” Bold Omni

    Oliva CigarsOrigin : Nicaragua
    Format : Corona Gorda
    Size : 6.0? x 46
    Wrapper : Nicaraguan
    Filler : Nicaraguan
    Binder : Nicaraguan
    Price : ?

    So there I was minding my own business, walking out to the mailbox to get the latest pile of junk that had been delivered so I could throw it all in my trash (I hate junk mail), when… KABLAM! I open the mailbox just to get “smacked” by a fine Brother of the Leaf over at The Herf Hut Cigar Forum. It came out of the clear blue sky. I was a victim of a sneak attack by Smokinson. In this random act of generosity was a selection of excellent smokes, two of which jumped out at me immediately.

    In the package were two very nicely aged Oliva cigars. The Oliva “O” cigars underwent a sort of re-branding a few years back. It is now called the Serie O and the band and packaging has been completely redone. Smokinson sent me two of the old “O” cigars, one of the Bold, and one Maduro from back before the re-branding. Originally released in 2001 the Oliva “O” cigars were renowned for their presentation as well as for being a quality cigar. They were very unique because thye sported embroidered velvet bands rather than the traditional paper bands, and the boxes were unusually shaped as well, close resembling of all things, a toilet seat. It is hard to find much detail on these cigars at this point as it has been several years since this version of the “O” has been made. Because of the age and the fact they are no longer made, this “O” Bold is a special treat and a very generous gift. So I want to take this opportunity to once again thank Smokinson for his generosity and for sharing these cigars with me. The “O” Bold that I am smoking today is a Nicaraguan Puro. I am a very big fan of Nicaraguan cigars so I am looking forward to lighting this one up.

    The wrapper is a dark, mottled brown and it seems to be very well filled. The embroidered band makes for a very nice presentation. The first few draws were very full and peppery. It mellows out right away settling into a nice flavorful medium bodied smoke. It has a classic Nicaraguan flavor, a strong core of toasted tobacco with some coffee notes. It is surprisingly smooth yet still robust and a little chewy, signs of a well aged cigar. It produces thick clouds of white smoke and the draw is absolutely sublime. The draw could not be any better for me. I noticed one odd characteristic of this smoke. It produced a kind of numbing effect in my mouth. Almost like a menthol feel but there was nothing in the flavor or aroma that was even remotely “menthol like”. It was odd but not really bothersome. At the halfway mark it developed strong leather flavors with just a hint of nuts layer over a consistent core of toasted tobacco. The last third is all pepper and tobacco. It maintains its smoothness and chewiness through the entire smoke, again a hallmark of a well aged stogie. The “O” Bold is a fantastic medium to full bodied smoke. A classic Nicaraguan through and through. It is a shame they discontinued this smoke. I wonder when I smoke a cigar like this, that is clearly a very good cigar, why manufacturers discontinue them rather than sticking with a winner. Maybe it’s just that they don’t have the tobacco for it anymore. Either way it is a shame these aren’t made any more. This is a solid smoke that has aged very well.

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    • bsslack

      I had this size of this Oliva Bold this very morning. I had liked them years ago. However, as was mentioned above, these were discontinued/rebranded/reformulated at or around 2002, by Oliva. A friend sent me a few as a gift and was it a gift! The red fabric band was so loose it slid right off and then an hour of wonderful smoky goodness ensued. It did not remind me at all of the current “O” line or any other current Oliva product. Still what a great surprise it was, to receive it and to smoke it. I told my friend, that I believe in Smoking Cigars instead of sitting on them indefinitely and possibly never even smoking them. He said that’s why he sent them. A great vintage tail of a great cigar from the past! Cheers!

    • Ben

      Nice review. I loved this cigar! The new Oliva Os are good, but not nearly as good as the old one.

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Cigar Region Nicaragua
Filler Nicaragua
Wrapper Nicaragua
Binder Nicaragua
Length 6
Ring Gauge 46
Vitola Corona Gorda
Construction Hand Made