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  1. Matt

    Nub 460 Habano

    Origin : Nicaragua
    Format : 460Nub Cigars
    Size : 4.0? x 60
    Wrapper : Nicaraguan Habano
    Filler : Nicaraguan
    Binder : Nicaraguan
    Price : $6 each

    The Nub is the brainchild of Sam Leccia. Sam spent an number of years working for the Oliva Cigar Family. He believes that every cigar has a sweet spot where it achieves the pinnacle of its flavors at some point during the smoke. Sam wanted to see if he could create a cigar that could capture this sweet spot from the very first puff and hold it to the very last. The Nub is what he came up with. These cigars are very short and have huge ring gauges. The smallest of the line is 54 ring, but the majority of them are 60 and above. The largest of the line is a whopping 66 ring gauge. Each size is supposedly the equivalent to a more traditional sized cigar. For example this 460 Habano is supposed to have the same amount of tobacco in it as a 6.75? x 50 Churchill. I have smoked three of the Cameroon Nubs already and while they were decent flavor-wise, all three split apart on me and unraveled. I hope I don’t have the same problem with this Habano. Let’s see how it does…

    The Nub Habano has a smooth, oily wrapper the color of milk chocolate. The beefy ring gauge is a bit awkward but the draw is excellent. This cigar really did start off great from the get go. It had a strong woody core accompanied by nuts and rich creaminess. The flavors were very good and consistent throughout. It lacks complexity but the flavors are excellent making it a very enjoyable smoke. The ash was a bit flaky on the edges but it holds very firm. I would have never needed to tap off the ash if I didn’t want to. I did have one problem with this smoke though. Even though I took my time with it, it was a solid hour to smoke it, the burn was extremely hot and once I got about half way through it was almost too hot to hold and taking a puff became a dicey proposition. It was difficult not to burn my fingers and lips while smoking it. As short as this cigar is it becomes almost unsmokeable too early. I had the same experience with one of the Cameroons that managed to hold together long enough form me to get that far. On the bright side I did not have those kinds of construction issues with this cigar.

    Overall I was impressed with this cigar. The flavors were really great and I enjoyed it a lot, but the heat issue makes me hesitant to smoke these very often. I’ll give it another try at some point but if I have the same experience I’ll have to write these off.

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    • Smokey

      Try these if you like Oliva cigars. I’ve had the same one and it reminded me of a serie V Oliva.

    • Zen Cigar

      Yeah, I have the same issue Matt. OK flavor but the cigars, due to the big ring gauge and short length burn waaay too hot. this will be popular for a while but willmost likely fizzle out soon.

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Cigar Region Nicaragua
Filler Nicaragua
Wrapper Nicaragua Habano
Binder Nicaragua
Length 4
Ring Gauge 60
Vitola Robusto
Construction Hand Made