Nub Connecticut 460

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  1. The Cigar Spy

    Nub Connecticut 460

    Origin : Nicaragua
    Format : NubNub Cigars
    Size : 4 x 60
    Wrapper : Connecticut
    Filler : Nicaragua
    Binder : Nicaragua
    Price : ~$5 each

    The look of the cigar is extremely weird. It looks like a big toe or a d size battery. The wrapper is beautiful, very smooth and oily. It’s in perfect condition and it really couldn’t get any better.

    On the smell, the wrapper gives off a very nice woody and cinnamon aroma. The foot smells really light, but very sweet tobacco. The pre-draw was very good, not too loose, just the way I liked it and didn’t leave any aftertaste on my palate, which is okay.

    The flavors start off with a very soft sweet leathery taste followed by a grassy like aftertaste. The sweetness remains for the rest of the smoke (which is not a lot) and remains grassy and earthy. It’s not the most complex flavor you’ll find in a cigar, but it’s still good. There’s nothing over the top and there’s nothing lacking, it’s an all around good cigar. I think for a mild to medium smoker, this is a perfect cigar when it comes to flavor. Us full body smokers, might not enjoy the flavors so much. It’s a little on the light side.

    One great thing about this little chubby cigar is the amount of smoke it gives off. There are tons of smoke coming out from the cigar and it provides tons of aroma, which is very sweet. The burn was very good, but the ash was a little flaky. Overall I would say the construction was really well. The ash could’ve been a little better, but it’s okay and not a big deal.

    At the end of the day, the Nub Connecticut is pretty decent/good cigar. My only problem is, I don’t see the point of smoking this cigar. It just feels weird to be smoking a awkward-sized cigar like the Nub, when I much rather smoke a Londsdale or better yet a Corona Gorda. But then again, it’s all about personal likings. I get more pleasure out of smoking difference sizes.

    Do I recommend it? Hmmm … Why not? If you are looking for a morning smoke or a 12 in the afternoon smoke or a mild sweet cigar you might like this cigar a lot. If you’re looking for something in your humi to give you a 45 to an hour smoke, go for it. Besides, at the end of the day we all enjoy different things and you have to trust your own palate.

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    • Zen Cigar

      My Review of the Nub Connecticut 464T

      The cigar took a minute to light, because it’s so damn wide, but once I got it started, we were under way.

      The initial flavors are woody with a little spice. The aroma was almost overpowering. They must have thrown a lot of ligero in the front (ligero often gives off a strong pungent aroma).

      After the first ¼” it settled down, but no real Connecticut creaminess or woodiness yet to be found. I’m okay with that as they are trying to something different with a cigar.

      Well, sure enough a half inch into the cigar, the “sweet spot” appeared! To me it is a function of the large ring gauge and therefore high combustion to surface area ratio, which would accelerate the production of tar, but regardless, the “sweet spot” was there. So the Nub delivered!

      Now, my one complaint about the cigar is that it gets hot. This is a cigar that needs to be “sipped”. No power herfing here (as long as you don’t want your lips ignited)! In fact, I would recommend, like the ad, shows, to keep the ash on as long as possible as it helps limit the oxygen to the smoldering part, thereby keeping the burn a little cooler.

      In summation, flavor wise, nonstandard to Connecticut Shade cigars, but still enjoyable as long as you take your time with it. Enjoy!

      Rating: 87 (B)

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Cigar Region Nicaragua
Filler Nicaragua
Wrapper Ecuadoran Connecticut
Binder Nicaragua
Length 4
Ring Gauge 60
Vitola Petit Robusto
Construction Hand Made