My Father Le Bijou 1922 Toro

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  1. The Tollaficionados

    My Father Le Bijou 1922

    Origin : NicaraguaMy Father Cigars
    Format : Toro
    Size : 6 x 52
    Wrapper : Nicaraguan Habano Oscuro
    Filler : Nicaragua
    Binder : Nicaragua
    Price : ~$230 per box

    As the Son of the Father & Son cigar review team known as the Tollaficionados, one would think that this would fit right in to our little theme. Well keep thinking. We have a special guest reviewer assisting me on laying forth the positives and negatives this time around. Uncle Bill from Ohio came into town to sit in on a session of tobacco worship, and give his opinions on the My Father Le Bijou 1922.

    Being that Nick Sr. was not available to take part in this review (don’t worry, he will be back for the next go-around), Uncle Bill and I decided that we would use this opportunity to review a cigar created as a tribute to Fatherhood. Jamie Garcia created this stick consisting of an Ecuadorian grown Habano Oscuro wrapper concealing a blend of Nicaraguan long filler as a “tip of the hat” to his Father Don Pepin Garcia. And we smoke them in honor of our Poppas. My Dad Nick Sr. and Uncle Bill’s Dad Karl (My Grandfather).

    We chose to enjoy the toro. An $11, 6 x 52 beauty from the My Father stable. The Le Bijou is actually the second created in this line of 3, (The My Father, Le Bijou and The Limited Edition) and it has turned out to be the best. But we will get to that soon enough.

    Uncle Bill rolled into town from Ohio on a beautiful Wednesday afternoon and came over to check out my new house and enjoy a fine smoke. Yes, I just recently joined the American homeowners club after years of stuffing the pockets of others for the privilege of residing between their walls. But I write this sitting in my own house, and even better, from within my own cigar lounge that my wife has allowed me to possess. Let the doves fly, sound the trumpets, release the Kracken (zipper is stuck, can’t right now) because I pay a mortgage therefore I am.

    OK, cigars, that’s why you are here. We unwrapped these beauties and toasted the foot releasing a sweet aroma. A sign of things to come. Uncle Bill puffed his toro to a glow and sat back enjoying the burst of flavor that the My Father produced immediately. To his surprise, being one who tends to lean towards a mild cigar, this full bodied stick tickled his fancy. And Uncle Bill has an ample fancy. He is a big guy!

    As the cigar progressed, approaching the half-way point, its profile grew to not only continue the sweet character we had been enjoying, but began to add a peppery quality as well. Not overpowering by any means. Just enough to add a little depth to an already enjoyable smoking experience.

    The full moon began to rise over the pines as we discussed not only the enjoyment in partaking of the Le Bijou, but the great time that we were having just sitting there spending some Uncle/Nephew time together. It happens all too infrequently, but we made the most of it. The My Father Le Bijou 1922 just made it that much better.

    Construction was flawless. A durable wrapper, an even burn and no plugs to hinder the ease of the draw made this a 5 star smoke. Volumes of smoke cascaded from the tip filling the air with a grand scent. A pleasure to the snotholes, no doubt.

    Come the end of the cigar, the all around positive experience was solidified. The only thing harder than having to put this cigar out was saying goodbye to Uncle Bill. But with a twinkle in his eye and a hardy ho, ho, ho he said that he would be back on Christmas Day. See you soon Uncle Bill.

    Coming soon – Nick, Sr. gets back in the lounge chair and we enjoy a private label that we are sure you will want to get your hands on.

    Here’s wishing you a long ash!
    The Tollaficionados & Uncle Bill

    [sz]bijou 1922[/sz]

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    • Mike Tomlin

      Smoke one in my back yard today. Started out to strong for me, but did a nice turn around mid-way. Smell us fabulous to the snot nose like you said. Honestly, I would say it needs a bit of aging, but you story was a good one. Good smoke to share and made me wonder about where the heck my uncle Bob is at. May have to look him up after reading your story. Thanks.

    • Sticks

      I just missed a deal recently to get a three of these. I am a big DPG fan and I think he makes some of the most outstanding cigars on the market today.

    • njohnson

      Who knows! All I know is that this is the best cigar I’ve smoked in a while!

    • Joe K

      Great review and I really liked the story that went along with it. It sounds like a fantastic time and maybe Uncle Bill will make it around more often.

    • George Pestow

      @njohnson Yes the original My Father was made by Jaime, and the Le Bijou by Pepin.

    • Tollaficionados

      Thank you for clarifying. We are both half right if my facts are correct this time around. It is my understanding that Jamie created both, the first as a tribute to his father, the second to his grandfather. See below and please let me know if I am reading into this correctly. I do apologize if I failed in me research this time around. Thanks.

      “The original My Father blend was created by Jaime Garcia, Pepin’s son whereas Le Bijou was created in honor of Pepin Garcia’s father. If you enjoy spicy, full-bodied cigars then you should give Le Bijou a try as it is masterfully balanced. Expect long notes of pepper and spice with underlying earthy, cedar sensations all masked with light hints of sugarcane. The rich and dark Habano Oscuro wrapper creates an excellent aroma with enjoyable flavors of coffee and espresso noticable on the finish.”

    • njohnson

      I thought that the Le Bijou 1922 were actually blended by Don Pepin as a tribute to his father. And the 1922 his father’s birth year.

      Is that correct?

    • eyebsmyles

      Sounds like another one I am going to have to try 🙂

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Cigar Region Nicaragua
Filler Nicaragua
Wrapper Nicaragua
Binder Nicaragua
Length 6
Ring Gauge 52
Vitola Toro
Construction Hand Made