Montecristo Sublime 2008 Limited Edition

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    Montecristo Sublime 2008 Limited Edition

    MontecristoOrigin : Cuba
    Format : Sublime
    Size : 164 x 21.43 mm
    Ring : 54
    Price : ~$20 each

    Considered as one of the most successful Cuban limited editions (among the recent ones), the Montecristo Sublime was released in 2008. The size, sublime, was first used by Cohiba in 2004 (for a limited edition as well). It is both fat (54 ring gauge, a monster by Cuban standards) and long (6 1/2 inches), which implies a smoking time of at least 1h30. I had one of these lying in the humidor for a few months now and was waiting for the day I would be able to dedicate enough time to fully enjoy the smoke. This day finally came and here is my review.

    Appearance : [rating:5/5]
    Massive, imposing, this cigar attracts attention. Chocolate, oily wrapper shows dark fermentation spots. I have found the same pre-light Cubanesque sour smell as on the No. 4 Reserva. At the foot, I was greeted by meaty peppery and tobacco flavors.

    Montecristo Sublime 2008 Limited Edition

    Construction : [rating:4.5/5]
    The cigar is skillfully rolled with a very accurate triple cap. The draw was fine throughout the smoke. The Sublime burned very slowly and the burn line was rather straight, requiring only one correction. It sported a beautiful ash that held for over 2 inches.

    Flavor : [rating:4.5/5]
    I easily removed the cap and found a generous creamy pre-draw with a hint of spice on the tip of the tongue. For this ring gauge, it was rather easy to light the cigar with a butane lighter. The first pulls are deliciously spicy; the balance is respected. The cigar produces medium amounts of smoke, probably due to its length.

    The Sublime remains quite powerful after the spice kick and deploys strong notes of leather, wood and black pepper. It is tannic like a young Saint-Emilion. One inch in, the smoke becomes medium-bodied and delicious flavors of roasted coffee and nuts appear. At the end of the first third, the cigar is surprisingly creamy. The main flavor is wood, with leather, nuts and coffee in the background.

    As I progressed in the smoke, the cigar became richer and deeper. The power significantly increases in the second third and one must be careful not to smoke it too fast or it might get harsh. Profound earthy flavors make their way into the bouquet in the last third. I found the finish quite heavy thus only 4.5 stars.

    Value : [rating:4/5]
    Considering the fact that these are still available at some online retailers, if you appreciate quality medium- to full-bodied Cubans, it’s time to stock up now. I think that they won’t be available much longer.

    Overall Rating : [rating:4.5/5]
    Fully enjoyable right now, the Sublime will get even better with additional 2-3 years in the humidor. This cigar deserves to be called “limited edition” and is definitely a success. It’s probably even a candidate to this year’s “best smokes” list…

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    • yayawhoATyahoo

      Had one yesterday from local retailer – excellent cigar, yes, no doubt about that … though slightly OVERpriced to write the complete truth … in the sense: why exactly shall this one be more expensive (say USD +5 to 6 approx.) to TRINI Robusto T? Just asking …. Nevertheless: very nice cigar, good 1 & 3/4 hrs in it … & not last: you do NOT think about the fee while smoking anyways, do you … :-)?! recommended (fully)

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      These are limited edition cigars, so the only way to buy them today would be from retailers having a selection of vintage cigars.

    • Barry O’Connor

      Will these cigars be back on the market in the future?

    • Hoepssa

      Really nice cigar have everything you wish for tasting tobaccos: strength, smell, even some cool(peppermint) factors. It worths 800+ now and still a buy-able cigar for your decent smoking time.

    • Lk

      I’m really sad I only have 1 stick left. Where can I get more? My habanos retailer is selling it for usd700. :-/ not sure if that’s a good price

    • BgarMan

      Having the privilege of smoking several boxes of these beauties, I have to say these are the finest Cuban cigars I have ever smoked in my 20 years of enjoying the fruits of the Vuelta Abajo region. I can also say that nfleric was obviously a victim of counterfeiting, as I was several years ago. If you can find these (sealed in the original box) do not hesitate to buy them, at any price…

    • Aldo Mombello

      I smoke now a Montecristo Double Corona EL an other great cigar (vitola prominiente) with all the characteristics of Monte brand enhanced by the lenght. Better of this cigar in this size there is only Partagas Lusitania (my personal opinion). I never smoke a Sublime EL 2008 but reading the review I think that is an other very special cigar by Montecristo brand.

    • JAFO

      I read this article before the holiday, and thought I’ve got to try this stoggie. At the time of my search now of my usual haunts had the thing in stock, and now that they do the price is absolutely through the roof… Considering your suggesting they’re $20 a stick which is considerably less than the $440 for 10. What’s your source, and how can I connect, thanks JAFO

    • nfleric

      now these were bad very bad and i love every cigar like i said i cant say what my favorate cigars are cause there are so many but the cuaba limitada is one of my top favorates and this montecristo sublime limitadas are horrible they are so bitter arcidic and dull there bad i could tell they wont even get better with age there strong though but bad i went through 2 boxes suffering every cigar i smoked i didint even finish them how bad they were i didint even get close to the bands and i still have a box and a half left i wont even give these away to people who come over how bad they are

    • Zippo

      I enjoy this cigar now, and stuggle not to smoke more until 2012 to give them a little more age. They should be real tasty in another 2-3 years. Pretty potent cigar, and definitely not an every day smoke, but great for that special event.

    • serbsasatour

      Very good review. Felt exactly the same way about the flavors. The draw and the burn were excellent as well. Overall, this cigar had a very nice feel and was worth the price (17€ in Amsterdam).

    • Daize

      yup, A1 cigar. best MC has to offer imo.

    • tobacmon

      Have always wanted to try one of these and after this review it makes me want too that much more. Nice review!

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Cigar Region Cuba
Filler Cuban
Wrapper Cuba
Binder Cuba
Length 6 1/2
Ring Gauge 54
Vitola Sublimes
Construction Hand Made