Montecristo Petit No. 2

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    Montecristo Petit No. 2

    MontecristoOrigin : Cuba
    Format : Short Torpedo
    Size : 52 x 120 mm (4.7 in)
    Released in : 2013
    Cigars smoked for review : 3
    Price : 12-15 USD

    Introduced in 2013, the Montecristo Petit No. 2 is a shorter version of the Montecristo No. 2, a beloved Cuban puro from Habanos S.A. This version features the signature torpedo / piramide shape and the same thick ring gauge as the original, but is an inch and a half shorter. For those pressed for time who want to enjoy the same quality as the Montecristo No. 2, it is a great option—that is, if you can find it, and if you can afford it. Although cheaper than its bigger brother, the Petit No. 2 will still set you back at least $10.

    Appearance : [rating:4.5/5]
    This is a very nice-looking stick. The figurado shape tapers smoothly, and the wrapper itself is also smooth, medium brown, with a nice sheen of oil. There are a few prominent veins. Because the cigar is shorter than the original, it looks pretty squat. I don’t detect any signs of hard or soft spots anywhere, which is very promising for the construction.

    Montecristo Petit No. 2

    Construction : [rating:4.5/5]
    The construction on this cigar is just about the closest thing to perfect I’ve experienced, which is a relief at the price point! The draw is excellent right from the very start, and I never once have to adjust the burn. A true pleasure to smoke. Does it mean that the overall construction is better than the regular No. 2? Hard to say at this point, since the Petit might gain in popularity, which would mean increased demand and (perhaps) less quality control.

    I might add that the size and shape of the cigar also make for pleasant smoking. It sits in my hand like it was made for it (which it was, but not all cigars are this perfect).

    Flavor : [rating:4/5]
    On pre-light, I detect a simple aroma of tobacco with a hint of hay. The flavors during the first third definitely follow suit. I get most tobacco with a hint of toasted nuts and chocolate. The chocolate note is sweet, not bitter, like milk chocolate, though it is faint and hangs around only in the backdrop, rounding out the other notes. The cigar is producing plenty of aromatic smoke.

    The second third is much like the first, with notes of tobacco, toasted notes, and now a hint of wood. There’s also briefly a sour note that I can’t quite identify, but is similar to the sour note found in the Montecristo Petit Edmundo (also part of the current lineup). In the final third, the wood becomes more prominent, enhanced by what I am now certain is a combination of chocolate and coffee. The subtle sweetness makes for a delightful aftertaste on the palate. There isn’t a single bitter moment, even at the end, and I can smoke this cigar happily down to the nub.

    Montecristo Petit No. 2

    Overall Rating : [rating:4.25/5] (4.25)
    The price is quite an obstruction when it comes to buying the Montecristo Petit No. 2, and certainly when it comes to enjoying them with any sort of regularity. I wish they were priced a tad cheaper. I highly recommend buying at least one stick though and giving it a try. It is a truly excellent cigar in every regard. The construction is as good as it gets, and the flavors are wonderful. Also try out the Petit Edmundo if you’re looking for another “petite” cigar in the same price range. It has darker, bitterer flavors, but both are very well balanced and excellent additions to your humidor.

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    • Rocket

      Just recived my 2nd box of Monte Petit No2 from COH. Thanks Ravi.
      My two boxes is dark wrapper (on picture is more light coulor), perfect construktion.and it soo good. Plenty smoke.
      Good as the bigger brother No2.
      So will smoke one box and put aside one box for 1 year or more, they defenetly progress with time from very good to exelent. Smoked it down to the nub 🙂
      AME OCT 2013

    • pacman

      Thanks for this review Denis. These are now on my wishlist.

    • sportster

      Got a box ABR 13 was going to wait a year and crack them. Couple of other reviews said they were young and aging should improve them. Time will tell,in the mean time full size #2’s will do.

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Cigar Region Cuba
Filler Cuban
Wrapper Cuba
Binder Cuba
Length 4 3/4
Ring Gauge 52
Vitola Short Torpedo
Construction Hand Made