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    Montecristo No. 4

    Origin : CubaMontecristo
    Format : Petit Corona (Mareva)
    Size : 129 x 16.67 mm
    Ring : 42
    Weight : 8.46 g
    Price : 7.40€/each

    In the days to come, I will be publishing a few reviews of cigars that I smoked during my stay in Dubai, UAE. I must say that I was pretty disappointed when I found out that Cuban cigars there cost even more than in France (considering that a pack of cigarettes is 5 times cheaper). That’s why I only smoked one Cuban cigar and that’s the Montecristo No. 4. According to some sources, this is the most sold cigar in the world (I know for sure that this is the second best-selling cigar in France, behind the Partagas Serie D No. 4). It is considered as one of the big classics.

    Montecristo No. 4

    Appearance : [rating:4.5/5]
    Incredibly beautiful maduro wrapper, oily and silky. I liked how this one looked.

    Montecristo No. 4

    Construction : [rating:4.5/5]
    Although rumor has it that No. 4s sometimes are completely unsmokeable due to extremely tight draw, I am usually satisfied with the construction. The burn is always even, the only thing that in my opinion could be better is the amount of smoke. Check out the impressive ash on the picture below.

    Montecristo No. 4

    Flavor : [rating:4.5/5]
    A little earthy in the beginning, the Montecristo No. 4 delivered a lot of spice in the second third. Closer to the end, soft notes of cocoa and coffee appeared, which reminded me of the Montecristo No. 5. The difference is that… this one lasted longer! 🙂

    Montecristo No. 4

    Value : [rating:4/5]
    Rather good value. Monte No. 4 is less expensive than Cohiba Siglo II or Trinidad Reyes. However, there are other nice marevas that are even cheaper, such as Punch Petit Coronas.

    Montecristo No. 4

    Overall Rating : [rating:overall/5]
    I can definitely see why it’s one of the best-selling cigars in the world. Fine construction and the patented Montecristo flavors make it a very decent 40-minutes smoke.

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    • maarten

      Just found a few of these buried on the bottom of my humidor – my son brought 2 packs of five for me from Cuba 3 years ago, and I have completely forgotten them. Aged about 4 years (2+2), this stick was so much better than #5 I enjoy occasionaly. Nice, mild flavour, great notes of cedar, chocolate and coffee, heaps of smoke. Decent construction, smoked it until the 1/2″ nub on a toothpick, it was THAT good. Burn was a little uneven, perhaps due to not being dry-boxed for a couple of days, otherwise all was excellent. Better value than #5, imo. Will buy again.

    • The Cigar Spy

      My Review

      This is a popular cigar in my house in that this is my wife’s all-time favorite cigar.

      I didn’t find any issues or irregularities with all aspects of the physical appearance of the cigar. The cigar itself felt properly packed with zero soft spots found. Sweet, wooden aromas emit from the cigar pre-burn.

      Using my Xikar cutter and a wooden match, the first of many draws from the cigar was open with the right amount of resistance. The most noticeable flavor I felt started the cigar was leather. This was the predominant flavor until around the halfway point, where I started to notice hint of nuts and slight cocoa, all very smooth and easy on the palette, while the leather became an afterthought to the other flavors. These flavors stayed to the completion of the cigar, all the while staying pleasant and not gaining bitterness. Expect a shorter finish from this cigar. I didn’t think the taste of the cigar stayed with me for more than a couple of hours.

      A couple of minor issues did find me when smoking this cigar. The burn was slightly uneven and did require a couple of relights. The ash, while it does stay mostly firm, waiting to long to release the ash will allow it to end up in your lap, or in my case, my shirt and couch cushion.

      Final Analysis

      Minor issues aside, this is a fantastic cigar, worthy of its accolades. The price point for this cigar is right on, and depending on where you order from, you can find deals which will put this in the lower range that I have listed above. For those looking for a first time Cuban, don’t be afraid to start here as it won’t break the bank and shouldn’t knock you on your ass. If you like them like my wife and I do, they won’t last long in your humidor.

    • Jmorena

      Definately a 70 minute smoke. Why would you rush all that flavor?

    • manuel

      Excellent blog, excellent review. It’s my every day cigar. Only one thought. 40 minutes for a no. 4 seems to me rather fast for a cigar that needs a little pacing, not like a Laguito, but allowing cooler smoke on this cigar tends to enhance flavors. I agree fully with Newb and confirm sometimes a 70 minute smoke. The problem with the no. 4 is the inconsistant quality in some of the boxes. Don’t recommend buying without visual or better digital inspection. In Spain Siglo II, excellent cigar, is almost double in price. Bolivar PC is a reasonable alternative for those who enjoy the stronger end of the habanos range.

    • Newb

      I thoroughly enjoyed the MC 4, the burn was perfectly even, there was no problem keeping it lit, but best of all the flavor kept changing over the course of nearly an hour. Cedar, coffee, mocha, maybe a little peppery at times…all wonderful.

    • Soko

      The No. 3 is my personal favorite.

    • jmorena

      A true classic. I always keep two boxes on hand to ensure maturation. When the Martians land and want to try smoking, I hope someone hands them one of these. Oops…they may never leave.

    • Alex

      This must be the most popular cigar in the world – just returned from Cuba and brought back 3 boxes at request of friends. I am partial to the Romeos myself tho. Great site.

    • Saint Jimbob

      Mmmm, these are a tasty smoke, and will last a good while if you don’t rush them. I was treated to one a couple weeks ago, and it was delicious.

    • tess the tyrant

      ever since I’ve started smoking cigars (it’s been about a half year since my 19th birthday), the Monte no. 4 and Fonseca Mille Fleurs have been my benchmarks for trying other cigars and delving into different varieties. Every time I go to my local Casa Del Habano, I pick up a monte no. 4 along with other cigars I deem worth trying. Love this classic smoke.

    • k0mmissar

      Desperate & with an empty humidor, I bought one of these from a bottle shop… Although initial inspection showed good, i don’t think it was stored properly. I had a very dry (not oily by any means) and bland smoke. I just tasted ashy smoke. Gave up after the first third and haven’t been game to try one since!

    • wedgekev1

      nice review , just wish i could afford cuban’s .

    • Cigar Jack

      Great Review! I’m a fan of the PSD4 myself. 🙂 Nice looking ash on that thing.

    • Sorina

      You have a very nice blog, good post and pictures…keep up the good job

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Cigar Region Cuba
Filler Cuban
Wrapper Cuba
Binder Cuba
Length 5
Ring Gauge 42
Vitola Petit Corona
Construction Hand Made