Montecristo Joyitas

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  1. A*********

    Montecristo Joyitas

    Origin : CubaMontecristo
    Format : Cigarillo
    Size : 115 x 10.32 mm
    Ring : 26
    Weight : 2.81 g
    Price : ~$140 for a box of 25

    Beautiful little stick, but for the most part, I must say that Montecristo Joyitas was on the disappointing side, at least mostly.

    Appearance : [rating:4.5/5]
    Likely the most positive aspect of this stick was the appearance. This little cutie had no lumps and the veins only served to add character. The Montecristo Joyitas gave the visual of a high-profile smoke with a little bit of an old-school feel.

    Construction : [rating:3/5]
    The draw was far too difficult in the beginning. The tight looking construction appears to have been at the cost of the draw…

    Flavor : [rating:3.5/5]
    It started far too mild at the beginning. The draw was so difficult that I suspect that this was the cause. As I neared the second third, It began to strengthen a bit. I was able to begin to taste the berry tinge. Mildly satisfying, but not enough to make me want to toss my robustos. I felt that the final third would be the fantastic sensation. It was as I thought, truly enjoyable, but one can’t help but regret having to smoke 2/3’s of the cigar to get to the good stuff.

    Value : [rating:2.5/5]
    The price seems fair for the ingredients, but for the actual experience, I would definitely not go this high.

    Overall Rating : [rating:overall/5]
    It’s a decent cigar, I suppose, if you are wanting something that will not distract you. I suspect that this would be an amazing smoke if it weren’t stuffed so tight. I suppose it could be just the one I smoked, but I’d hate to risk it.

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    • S**********

      ooh i love those, always had full monte flavor in these little sticks, great 30-35min smoke.

    • W*************

      My friend went to Cuba and bought a few of these back, along with 2 Cohibas and a Quintero… Interested to see how it will turn out 🙂

    • r******

      Living in Brazil, I bought a 5-pack and kept them in a “humi pouch”. If time is of a premium and you want a decent cuban smoke, then these were fine. Much better than Mini, Club or Purito variations. A step in the right direction and should be looked on as such.

    • T*****

      Not fair by reviewer. You cannot compare a joyita to a robusto! I too prefer better smokes but as you say this is a good beginner much like the Puritos. Monte taste but no complexity. Judge them for what they are, cheap monte’s.

    • C****** J**

      I didn’t care much for it beyond the looks. Would even go so far to say that if it was a beginners cigar, the beginner wouldnt bother to try another.

    • F***** o* M**

      This was definitely not an advance smokers cigar. However, I can see as it would go quite well for the new smoker. Not too strong, not too intense, and extremely mild. For the experienced smoker, far too mild of course.

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Cigar Region Cuba
Filler Cuban
Wrapper Cuba
Binder Cuba
Length 4 1/2
Ring Gauge 26
Vitola Panatela
Construction Hand Made