Mataza Robusto Gordo (by Alec Bradley)

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  1. Aaron

    Mataza Robusto Gordo

    Origin : Honduras
    Format : Robusto Gordo
    Size : 5 x 54
    Wrapper : Brazilian Mata Fina
    Filler : Nicaragua & Colombia
    Binder : Honduras
    Price : $3.40-$4.00, $85/box of 25

    Many of you out there won’t know much about this cigar unless you have read Stogie Guys’ take on this brand. Mataza is made by Alec Bradley, in Honduras, comprised of a multinational blend of tobaccos. Devan Brown, of Hiland’s Cigars in Scottsdale (which is the only store known to have these cigars in stock at this moment) got in contact with us here at Cigar Inspector, and sent me a sampler of 6 cigars consisting of 3 robusto gordos (5×54) and 3 magnums (6×60). I smoked most of the samples and came to the conclusion that the robusto gordo was the better of the two and decided to accent this stick in this review. So here goes,….

    Appearance : [rating:3.75/5] (3.75)
    The Mataza Robusto Gordo is a thick, dark chocolate brown stick with uniform coloration and smoothness. The seams of the tobacco are tight and 1-2 moderately sized veins run its sides. Some minor toothiness can be seen on the surface of the wrapper leaf. Roasted coffee and leather can be smelled on the wrapper and black tea leaves to its foot. The attractiveness of the band is, well,…

    Construction : [rating:4/5]
    Alec Bradley-made cigars are usually very well made and burn very straight. Nothing different here neither. Another characteristic of Alec Bradley cigars was present in this stick which I had to take some points off,….. it’s wind tunnelish draw. No resistance to the draw at all. Gigantic amounts of smoke were produced that was creamy in texture. The burnline stayed pretty straight and only needed a little touch up throughout the smoke.

    Flavor : [rating:2.5/5]
    After I barbecued the foot with my Xikar lighter, I got hit with a full on bull rush of leather flavors. These leather flavors were supported by a backbone of strong creamed coffee. Leather, leather, and more leather seem to be the hallmark of this cigar. Mataza is a pretty easy smoking stick, with no harshness, and good mouth feel. The look and size of the cigar is much more intimidating than the actual smoke. Unfortunately there is not a lot of transition of flavor from the 1st to 2nd thirds of this cigar. The flavor remained pretty uniform and never really developed any notable secondary or tertiary flavors. Each vitola was characterized by some bitter flavors in the last half of the cigar, more so with the magnum. All in all a full bodied cigar with moderate nicotine content.

    Value : [rating:4.5/5]
    Without knowing the price of this cigar, I would not pay over $5 for it. Anything over that price mark and it would steam roll into some stiff competition including marcas such as La Aroma de Cuba, Brickhouse, Ambos Mundos, and Oliva. All of which I believe are much more complex. But this cigar is $3.40 if bought by the box. Interestingly enough, once I heard of its pricetag, my perception of this cigar changed and it has become a decent stick for its minimal price tag,….. well worth the price of admission in my opinion.

    Overall Rating : [rating:3/5]
    Mataza, by my standards, is a great cigar of the golf course, yard work, or for gifting to that friend who enjoys a little something beyond the flavor profiles of Altadis and General Cigar. Even though it is pretty one dimensional in its profile, Mataza delivers good on what few flavors are delivered,……k ind of like a basketball player with a killer crossover but can’t quite make the shot (i.e. Lebron, haha!).

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Cigar Region Honduras
Filler Nicaragua& Colombia
Wrapper Brazilian Mata Fina
Binder Honduras
Length 5
Ring Gauge 54
Vitola Robusto Gordo
Construction Hand Made