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    Vegueros Mananitas

    VeguerosOrigin : Cuba
    Format : Petit Belicoso
    Size : 102 x 18 mm (4 x 46)
    Ring : 46
    Price : ~$5-6 each

    Recently we posted about the revitalization of the famous Vegueros brand, which dates back to 1961, and which was discontinued in 2012. Vegueros was one of the best-known Habanos SA brands, especially after they started exporting in 1997. Previously there were four vitolas in their line: Especial No. 1, Especial No. 2, Seoane, and Mareva. Vegueros recently started up production again with three new vitolas: Tapados, Entretiempos, and Mañanitas. They’ve also done a complete makeover of their image, redesigning their logo, bands, and packaging. I picked up the Mañanitas, which is a Petit Figurado measuring 4 inches for a mere $6.

    Appearance : [rating:5/5]
    Vegueros Mananitas TinIt’s worth taking an extra moment to comment on the packaging of the Vegueros Mañanitas. The new logo looks great; the tan color which has replaced the yellow has more subtlety, and seems to imply that this is a more mature cigar. Meanwhile, the dark green has been replaced by bright green, which adds a real “pop” to the colors. You can buy these in cardboard packs of 3 or metal tins of 16. The packaging on both looks great.

    The cigar itself is medium brown with a few fine veins in the oily Colorado Claro wrapper. It is of course rather short and squat; it feels neither hard nor soft—just the right amount of firmness, with a well-made cap. The band has the new logo and design, with the same striping you find on the metal tins.

    Construction : [rating:4/5]
    The construction of this stogie is very nice. My draw is very smooth right from the beginning and remains that way throughout the experience. Burn for the most part is straight, but now and again I do need to make some corrections. This is no big deal overall. The cigar produces a nice white ash; it’s a bit flaky, but it doesn’t make a mess.

    Vegueros Mananitas

    Flavor : [rating:4.5/5]
    Flavors in the first third are mainly straight-up tobacco, earth, and spice. There is something sweet in here as well, which may just be the tobacco, or the hint of hay I am also getting. There is something woodsy too, and a hint of ammonia. In the middle third, the flavors become spicier, and the wood element really becomes pronounced. There’s something toasted in here as well, maybe nuts or bread. The ammonia taste is gone now. Going into the final third, the consistency becomes creamy, and the wood and spice notes pick up even more. There is a slight bitter edge here which I don’t like, but it stays in the backdrop. There’s a serious nicotine kick in this last third too, so be warned that this becomes almost a full-bodied smoke toward the end. I would characterize the first two-thirds as medium in strength.

    Value : [rating:4.5/5]
    This is a very reasonably priced stogie, and despite a few minor flaws, it offers a good value.

    Overall Rating : [rating:4/5]
    The Vegueros Mañanitas is an enjoyable small cigar overall and one I would definitely smoke again. The burn issues are very minor and the construction is otherwise fantastic. There were a few flavor issues (that bitterness near the end, mainly), but this may have been a fluke, and otherwise I enjoyed the flavors.

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    • Rob P

      Had a pack of 4 from LCDH Knokke a while back. Smoked the first this last w/e. Found the flavour profile very enjoyable. Excellent construction leading to enjoyable “shorter” smoke.

    • Beneluxor

      The Vegueros Mañanita is a great cigar! Much good flavour – often noticeably fruity and sweet for me, as well as the woodiness and hay – and packs quite a punch, intensified by the pyramid shape. Top value for a Cuban given the modest price, a superb under-4-inch Habano, I find it a ‘must-have’. Plus the pyramid head makes the thicker ring gauge easier on the lips for us panetela-liking types.

      Cute aspect re the name: Of course ‘mañana’ is the well-known word for ‘tomorrow’ or ‘morning’; and ‘mañanita’ can have several senses, but the meaning here is I think the ‘little morning item’, a woman’s short dressing-gown, from shoulders to hips babydoll-style, that a Latina might wear sitting up in bed – charming playful name for a short attention-grabbing cigar.

      Note re basic data – Official size seems to be 100mm x 46rg, with actual length as usual often 2mm or so shorter.

    • Atone’

      Pretty decent cigar.Didn’t like my first,but after sitting in the humidor for a while it became a bit more interesting. I’d recommend .

    • Charlie H.

      Out of all three sizes of the newly blended Vegueros I thought the Mananitas was the best. The Edmundo size was very young/green tasting. I found the Mananitas to get a little harsh and brash in the final 1/3 as well but over all a good release that should age well.

    • Marty

      Always willing to try a new cigar. I agree with you that the construction was good. The initial flavour impressed me. I got the creaminess and sweetness right off the bat, though I too tasted a slight ammonia to it. Unfortunately for me, it soon came down to just a tobacco taste after the first third and got bitter near the end. It did have quite a kick though and I would rate it on the higher end of medium in strength . Would I try it again? A nice short smoke for these cold canadian days.. If my B&M is out of UHC! May give it another shot when the weather wams a bit.. All cigars deserve a fair shot in more ideal circumstances!

    • Lorenzo

      This is one of my favourite cigars in the relatively new lines 🙂
      Just one small correction. The cardboard boxes contain 4 cigars, not 3.

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Cigar Region Cuba
Filler Cuban
Wrapper Cuba
Binder Cuba
Length 4
Ring Gauge 46
Vitola Mananita
Construction Hand Made