Partagas Lusitanias Gran Reserva Cosecha 2007

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  1. El Humo De Los Dioses

    Partagas Lusitanias Gran Reserva Cosecha 2007

    Origin : CubaPartagas
    Format : Prominentes / Double Corona
    Size : 193 x 20 mm (7.6 x 49)
    Box code : ULA NOV13
    Price : ~$1,599 for a box of 15 cigars

    We’re happy to introduce El Humo De Los Dioses, the newest reviewer on the team. You can read his bio here. Please give him a warm welcome!

    Usually when an experienced cigar aficionado hears hyped accolades of a recently released smoke, they run for the hills. The more the hype, the faster they run. So many of the recent Cuban releases tout their wares, listing breathtaking attributes that are designed to make one think they are enjoying something special, only to deliver disappointment. Such is NOT the case with the Partagas Lusitanias Gran Reserva. This pearl was a true delight to savor and enjoy.

    Appearance : [rating:4.75/5] (4.75)
    An unusually uniform cigar with few, if any, spines along the length. Consistency from the first stick in the box to the last. Light oiling on the wrapper and binder. Looks are not deceiving here. It is obvious that care was taken in manufacturing this cigar. No variances in thickness or density and arrow straight.

    Partagas Lusitanias Gran Reserva Cosecha

    Construction : [rating:4/5]
    One of the few shortcomings of this release is the “burn” of the cigar. Lighting gives you a delicate plume of blue smoke with a chalk white ash that stays with the stick for a good 4-6 centimeters. Where this stick fell short for me was the lack of evenness of the burn along the length. Most, if not all the sticks in the box that I enjoyed had to have multiple corrections made to the burn. It was an unnecessary distraction for what sums up to be a stellar smoke. Granted, consistency is a pet peeve of mine, and others can and do look past minor imperfections. It seems to me that if you are going to set down some serious coin to enjoy this cigar, this is a detail in quality control that should have had more weight when approving the product for release to the public.

    Partagas Lusitanias Gran Reserva Cosecha - The Burn

    Flavor : [rating:4.75/5] (4.75)
    One word describes the tastes of this delightful stick—- WOW!!! To say that Partagas kept their best aged tobacco stock to make this limited issue smoke would not be an understatement in the least. From foot to head, this smoke delivers BIG TIME. If you enjoy earthy, woody or even peaty tones to your cigar, look no further than here.

    Remarkably free of bitter tannins, the Partagas Lusitanias Gran Reserva gives you a taste profile that is consistent from foot to head. The last draw you take will taste like the first. Not once did I have to pause to clear my palate and I savored these morsels in their entirety without having to rinse my mouth or spit any bitterness. If you slip and actually inhale the smoke, you will be in for a delightful surprise. Earthy robustos tend to make you feel like you have had your lungs ripped out from the inside if you are not careful, but this one gives you a warm kiss as a thank you for your indulgence. Again, consistent flavor that is so subtle as to not make you feel as if your face was just slapped—- delivered in a light, smooth and enjoyable package gift wrapped for your senses.

    The only note I noticed was just a slight hint of oiliness that was not unpleasant, and was barely noticeable. Were it not for that, bar none this would have been the most delightfully flavorful cigar I have enjoyed in a LONG time.

    Value : [rating:3.5/5]
    The price of this cigar is not for the faint of heart or wallet. That said, if you want to get something not many others have the chance to enjoy, this one delivers on the hype. Packaged in its own airtight collector’s case, the taste and humidity can be easily controlled so that if you smoke the box in a week or a year, you will enjoy that last stick just as much as the one you smoked a year ago when you opened the box.

    Overall Rating : [rating:4.5/5]
    Without reservation, I can confidently say that this smoke truly is without peers in its genre. If you want the cream of the crop, this smoke is the whipped topping of the cream and the finishing touch of a finely crafted cigar. Were it not for the burn issues and the price paid in relation to those issues, this cigar would be as close to a perfect 5 as they come. With some refinement, Partagas will have a top tier cigar that runs all comers off the road. They came VERY close here.

    If you have a bucket list of fine Cuban cigars to enjoy, a Partagas Lusitanias Gran Reserva Cosecha 2007 definitely belongs on it. Without a doubt, it is one of the best of the best.


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    • Guantanamera

      Ok El Humo De Los Dioses I by the grace of God smoked one of these today and wholeheartedly agree with your assessment of the Lusitania GR.

      Yes, the flavors are very complex and I thought particularly mild for a Partagas….during the first third of the cigar. The strength increases in a linear fashion through the cigar to a point of becoming Partagas strong.

      In regard to the burn, this particular cigar was all over the map. Some parts were fairly straight and others parts need some correction. All in all acceptable.

      Great cigar, wish all Cubans were this good!!!

    • Avatar photo


      I had a chance to smoke this cigar recently thanks to a very generous friend (*wink*).

      What can I say. I was blown away by the complexity of the Partagas Lusitanias Gran Reserva. It’s a huge cigar (took me more than two hours to finish it), but I never got bored – although, as said in the above review, the taste profile doesn’t change that much.

      This is a great example of a top quality Cuban cigar, one of the best the island can make.

    • El Humo De Los Dioses

      No Tim…$100 EURO (roughly $112US) PLUS SHIPPING…

      Worth every penny too. Another one in your wheelhouse might be the Ramon Allones 225th Anniversary limited edition ( limited to 2000 boxes). The box of 25 you get contains about 20% more tobacco by weight than the Partaga for about 60% of the price ($900US including freight. Downside is to get the savings, you gotta buy the box.

      Wait for the review I do on them coming up in the next few days or weeks. I’ll give you a hint—- the Ramon’s are dated Sept 2013, but I can describe them in 4 words and since this is a family friendly site, I’ll use the abbreviation by listing the words’ first letter—- O M F and G :O)

    • yayawhoATyahoo

      … considering the price, I will only smoke one if I am GIVEN it … I am afraid. But do believe it is a ´nice´ one – the ´standard´ version is high on my list of those models I wanna try … & will perhaps refer to you lately … as these days I have short, up to 10 days, cigar-holiday, so it won´t be any time soon …

      Wish all of you lucky to have these … to enjoy them though!! Regards for now

    • tim

      An 100$ cigar, really?

    • Tee

      Nice review! So far, I’ve smoked two PGRs, for special occasions in 2014. Box code: ULA Apr13. I did not have any burn problems. Next one won’t be smoked for awhile, but I’m looking forward to it.

    • Tee

      Nice review! So far, I’ve smoked two PGRs, for special occasions in 2013 & 2014. Box code: ULA Apr13. I did not have any burn problems. Next one won’t be smoked for awhile, but I’m looking forward to it.

    • alejandro suarez

      Nice review it truly describes sensibilility and knowledge in relation to Habanos. Who ever wrote it knows why Habanos have no match in the prostituted industry of cigars.

      You just described the essence of a good Habano

    • Tom

      while I thoroughly enjoyed a few of these sticks I also ran into 2 so far that were too tight of a draw to enjoy. While I found every siglo vi gr perfect in every way I am hoping I do not have an issue with the rest of this box.

    • Marco Lebron

      WOW! This review makes ma want to get me some! But unfortunately way beyond my pay grade. What a shame.

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Cigar Region Cuba
Filler Cuban
Wrapper Cuba
Binder Cuba
Length 7 5/8
Ring Gauge 49
Vitola Prominentes
Construction Hand Made