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  1. A****

    Liga Privada Feral Flying Pig

    Origin : NicaraguaLiga Privada
    Format : Double Figurado
    Size : 5.4 x 60
    Wrapper : Connecticut Broadleaf Viso
    Filler : Nicaraguan Blend
    Binder : Brazilian Mata Fina
    Price : $15-$16

    Liga Privada Feral Flying Pig, a 5.4 x 60 double figurado released in December 2011, has a completely different blend from the original Flying Pig.

    Appearance : [rating:4.75/5]
    Ligas have always been some delicious looking sticks, and this one is no different. The Feral Pig has a dark brown wrapper that is thick and fragrant. It does not display the same amount of toothiness as its T-52 and No. 9 brethren though. It lacks the pock marks of excessive vegetable glue that seemed to cover the regular Flying Pigs. The veining in the wrapper leaf is small and it oozes with oodles of oils. Aromas of pipe tobacco, cognac, and soap come from the foot and rich leather from the wrapper. All in all, I think this is a much more appealing stick than the smaller Flying Pigs.

    Construction : [rating:5/5]
    This Pig is a huge cigar with a double figurado. No blemishes, and when squeezed the stick is quite stiff with little give. The Feral Pig sparks pretty easily compared to other Ligas, which took a bit of torching to get the thick wrappers to light. Burn seems to get on the right track from the start (something that needed touching up on other Flying Pigs). The draw is pretty open but not a wind tunnel by any means. Smoke production is on a whole other level from many cigars. This one gives the smoker a thick blanket of smoke on the palate and sinuses which makes flavors easily discernible. The ash is a suede grey coloration and holds on for a very long time for such a large ring gauge.

    Liga Privada Feral Flying Pig

    Flavor : [rating:4.75/5]
    On the light and first few puffs, the Feral Pig is hitting all the right spots. Immediately displays some unique complexities and each puff seems to bring something different. A very small amount of pepperiness is noticed from the light, but quickly, I notice some sweet earthy flavors I usually get from Brazilian tobacco. The rum/cognac aroma of the smoke is hard to avoid since this thing burns like a road flare.

    1st Third: Syrupy sweetness, rum, a touch of leather, and some dirt accent the 1st part of the Feral Pig,… a very delicious start in my honest opinion. I am not familiar with Drew Estate’s practices on aging their Unico Series wrappers, but they seem, at least to me, to have been aged in rum or cognac casks. I say this, because the aroma is so distinct in their sticks and smells similar to Anejo’s from Arturo Fuente, which are aged in oak rum casks. Flavor profile is full but strength doesn’t seem too bad and only feels like medium+.

    2nd Third: Some black pepper flavors seem to have crept in and cling to the back of my throat now. The smoke is pretty smooth and smokes like an aged stick. The syrupy sweetness continues through to this point now and some cereal/malt has joined the fray. Not as complex as the 1st third, but the cigar is still a thrill with the amount of thick smoke that coats the sensory organs.

    3rd Third: *Cough,… cough*,… the strength has caught up to me now. The body of the Feral Pig is full blown and this cigar is starting to kick my ass. Flavors are ramped up nicely now providing a memorable conclusion to the stick. “Feral” pretty much sums up the wild flavors that seem to have appeared. A large amount of spiciness has started to cling to my throat. The flavors end with amped spicy sweet beef jerky, chocolate malt, dirt, earth, and mushroom like flavors.

    WARNING: Smoke at your own peril!

    Value : [rating:4/5]
    I am going to go out on a limb and say this cigar is well priced. Yes, I know, it $15+ dollars. But in its defense, it smokes for 2+ hours, is jam packed with flavors, is a uniquely shaped stick, is beautiful to look at, burns perfectly, goes well with your favorite rum, cognac, or scotch,… and on and on and on,… I could keep going,… Hopefully you get the point 🙂

    Liga Privada Feral Flying Pig

    Overall Rating : [rating:5/5]
    It’s early in the year, but this is already at #1 for top cigars for 2012 so far. I looooooooove this cigar! I wasn’t that crazy of the Feral Pig’s predecessors such as the No. 9 Flying Pig, which I reviewed for this website, nor the T-52 version. The shape in the other Pigs posed some awkwardness in smokeablility. The longer version seems to cure those problems. The burn in this version is much better and the smoke production is crazy. Truthfully the strength was more than I am definitely used to (or prefer usually) but with some time in the humi I think these issues will calm down. What’s even better is that I believe there will be better numbers of these to go around for awhile. The Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper and Brazilian Mata Fina combo seems to complement each other beautifully, the wrapper lends a deep earthy core and the binder gives a punch of sweetness. All hail the Broadleaf, Drew Estate did it again!!! ‘Til next time folks,… keep on smoking my friends.

    [sz]feral pig[/sz]

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    • P****** j*****

      These really are a GREAT cigar great taste construction fantastic taste a little pricey but as I always say treat your self don’t cheat yourself!!!

    • D****

      I too just bought a box of these at Spec’s Austin(i work in the humidor)
      So, I unpack the boxes before the collectors swoop in.
      I just smoked a UF13 and enjoyed every minute.
      How long should one typically let these pigs in the humidor cages before
      they are perfectly ripe for the slaughter?

    • G****

      Just had one tonight finally after searching the internet forever to find a box. Took quite some time to smoke due to the ring gauge but enjoyed every minute of it. If this is one cigar I can recommend by drew estates, this is it. Awesome smoke! Very powerful and goes nicely with a good porter or scotch. I simply loved this cigar and can’t wait until the others have sat in my humor for some time to mature a little bit more. Simply wow…

    • K*******

      Searched high and low for these like I was some freakin 1800’s explorer with ZERO luck. Just happened to stop by local Binny’s in Highland Park, IL to pick up a case of Boveda 75’s humidity paks (in the winter – lower humidity/drier conditions).

      Walked around the humidor and slap me silly, a box/tray with 8 sticks left. Merry Christmas in March! Just sitting there. Just so happens that their current promotion is 15% off if you buy 5 cigars. $12.32 per stick since I took all 8. Can you say “cha-ching”??? Will smoke one tomorrow at my private lounge and put the other 7 away to sit for about 1-2 years. Just goes to show you that when you are loyal to your local B&M, you are occasionally rewarded with gifts from the gods!!

    • G*****

      Just by accident saw these in a store..been looking everywhere for them in Manhattan and either they won’t let me have them or they just don’t have them…excited to light one up the weekend as I watch my bees fly around clearing there boxes

    • A********

      Just ordered a box of these bad boys and can’t wait to spark one up! Great review, Aaron. Frankly, it’s awesome that executives and men behind the production of the cigars rated on this site visit the review forums and comment themselves. I think that’s part of what makes the cigar community so appealing…let alone the great smokes that bring friends together to mark special occaisions.

    • d*******

      Steve/Aaron – I just smoked one this weekend. By far, one of the best cigars I have smoked in a long time (even compared to some Cubanos I have). Well worth every bit of the $15.00 I spent on it.

    • A****

      Appreciate the kind words Steve. I guess now I can’t say I haven’t conversated with you. My only problem is that now that I am hooked on this stick I have nowhere to get more at the moment. What are the production numbers looking like for this stick?

    • S****

      Wow… such a great review you are getting accused of being a shill! LOL :>

      In the interest of full disclosure, I am the president of this company, the cigars blend, name, etc. were my idea brought to fruition by the labor of many talented people all of whom work for me. I think it is on hell of great cigar and I hope to become filthy rich selling them!

      Ok, that last part isn’t possible, nobody gets rich on such a small batch.

      In all seriousness, thanks for the kind words, I am glad you enjoyed the cigar. For me the key point in your review was the issue of “smokability” – changing the format/vitola was done expressly for this purpose. I to always felt the Flying Pig size to be a bit of a novelty smoke, but by elongating it as we have in the FFP it became a cigar you could actually sit down and savor for over an hour and a half, both comfortable in your hand and in your mouth.


      Steve Saka
      President, Drew Estate

      • K**** S*******

        Yea so I was at my local cigar shop a Couple of days ago for a tasting when my friend and a few others kept raving about these flying pig cigars including the bartender who I assumed was trying to sell me a box. After the fifth person suggested them I asked if they had a box he replied no I then asked can you look a few minutes later he came back and said yes we have one box left but they are on the top shelf and I can’t reach them now I’m really intrigued needless to say I managed to reach them purchased the box and am glad I did as I am currently smoking one as I type this review. They are great and well worth the adventure of finding them.

    • A****


      I usually always disclose where I get my cigars in my review. If I get them from the manufacturer I usually will state so. In this case I bought one from a friend on a cigar forum, and I traded some of my favorite cigars (El Centurions) to acquire several more on the same forum. So I hope this helps you out. There really isn’t anybody in the central Texas region that got these into their store so I had to acquire them through other channels. Nor have I ever spoken to, met, or even seen a Drew Estate rep/Steve Saka/Marvin Samuel/Jonathan Drew ever in my life.

    • R*****

      Not to pick on your 5-star LP Feral Flying Pig here, but in the interest of full disclosure, where did you get and who paid for this cigar? Have you considered, for the sake of full disclosure, including this information in all your reviews here?

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Cigar Region Nicaragua
Filler Honduras, Nicaragua
Wrapper Connecticut Broadleaf
Binder Brazil
Length 5 3/8
Ring Gauge 60
Vitola Perfecto
Construction Hand Made