La Vérité Vintage 2008 : L'Esprit de Vérité

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  1. Kaleehb

    Tatuaje La Vérité Vintage 2008 Esprit de Vérité

    Origin : Nicaragua
    Format : Robusto
    Size : 5 x 50
    Wrapper : La Estrella Habano Criollo (’08)
    Filler : La Estrella Habano Criollo (’08)
    Binder : La Estrella Habano Criollo (’08)
    Price : ~$15 each

    The La Vérité (the truth in French) project, developed by Pete Johnson, is an unusual undertaking using only tobacco from Pepin Garcia’s La Estrella (the star in Spanish) farm in Nicaragua, using only a single crop from a given year. The vintage concept is similar to wine, each vintage being significantly different from another. As far as I remember, one was even able to buy “futures” of the La Vérité series. To my knowledge, these cigars were relased in 2008 and 2009, while the 2010 release was delayed and still hasn’t hit the shelves (correct me if I’m wrong).

    The 2008 first size, La Vérité, is a 7 x 47 Churchill and is the commanding ship of the entire project. This vitola was available in boxes of 10, 25, 50, and master cases of 100. The second, L’Esprit de Vérité, is a 5 x 50 Robusto that is blended to be a lighter smoke. It was only available in boxes of 10 and 25. I think these are still available at some retailers, but of course at higher prices than initial MSRP (at least $15 per stick).

    Tatuaje La Vérité Vintage 2008 Esprit de Vérité

    All of the La Vérité cigar line is rolled in Nicaragua at the My Father Cigar Factory. These cigars in particular were rolled sometime between March 30, 2009 and July 03, 2009. Just like great single vintage wines, these cigars offer the aficionado the opportunity to sample cigars grown from the same crop in a vintage setting.

    The pre-light ritual for the L’esprit de Vérité was enjoyable. The first thing that stood out for me was the feeling of the cigar. I know, not typically one of the first things that catches a smoker’s attention, but the cigar felt good, meaning it had a good weight and touch when holding it.

    The wrapper was veiny and toothy with a nice chocolate hue. The cap was a little rough looking however, the band, being very simple, was attached neatly and the color scheme/size worked well with the cigar. Pre-light smell gathered notes of a sweet, cedar, woodiness and the cold draw showed a perfect resistance accompanied by no definite tasting notes.

    Pre-light score: 8 pts.

    Upon the first few draws the cigar came across bold. This didn’t last long as it quickly settled down into the medium bodied range. The perfect draw on the L’esprit de Vérité gave way to a velvety smoke that seemed to dance in the air. The aroma was mildly sweet and very satisfying. This fast burning cigar gave way to a toasty, meaty, leathery first third that can now only be remembered by its snow-white ash.

    Throughout the second third, the characteristics remained meaty and leathery with a touch of musty old textbook noted through the sinuses. The cigar remained medium bodied and the inconsistent burn always corrected itself.

    Tatuaje La Vérité Vintage 2008 Esprit de Vérité

    The final third of my L’esprit de Vérité was briefly interrupted because the cigar’s band would not come off. Typically the heat from the cigar loosens the glue enough to allow me to slip the band right off but this was not the case. Eventually, I was able to remove the band without damaging the wrapper leaf of the cigar but wow, what a task it proved to be. The tasting notes again remained the same with the final third of the cigar, not offering much besides an old leathery characteristic.

    Smoking score: 7 pts.

    Tatuaje La Vérité Vintage 2008 Esprit de Vérité

    My overall impression of the L’esprit de Vérité is it tended to lack complexity throughout its tasting profile by remaining the same throughout the smoking experience. Don’t get me wrong, consistency is a good thing but, when it comes to tasting cigars, complexity is a better play in my book. I suggest trying this cigar, however, at the hefty price tag I won’t be stocking them in my humidor.

    Overall Experience score: 6 pts.

    La Vérité Vintage 2008 : L’Esprit de Vérité Rating

    Pre-Light: 8 pts.
    Smoking: 7 pts.
    Overall Experience: 6 pts.

    TOTAL: 21 pts.
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Cigar Region Nicaragua
Filler Nicaragua
Wrapper Nicaragua
Binder Nicaragua
Length 5
Ring Gauge 50
Vitola Robusto
Construction Hand Made