La Flor Dominicana Limitado IV

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  1. Fidel

    La Flor Dominicana Limitado IV

    Origin : Dominican RepublicLa Flor Dominicana
    Format : Toro
    Size : 6.5 x 52
    Wrapper : Nicaraguan
    Filler : Dominican
    Binder : Dominican
    Price : ~$10.00 each

    La Flor Dominicana is a boutique cigar brand created by Litto Gomez Diez in Santiago in the Dominican Republic. Litto Gomez Diez has received plenty of positive press for his creativity; Cigar Aficionado even stated he is “arguably the most innovative mind in the cigar business.” Diez was previously a jewelry maker but started his cigar business after being robbed at gunpoint for nearly half a million dollars worth of jewelry merchandise. Diez says that it took about two decades to perfect his creative process, but now his brand is world famous. Each year La Flor Dominicana puts out a Limitado cigar available in just 2,000 boxes with 48 cigars in each. The Limitado is consequently kind of difficult to find; you may be able to find it for as little as $10.00, but you’ll have to search.

    Appearance : [rating:5/5]
    La Flor Dominicana Limitado IV is devoid of large veins and feels firm, but not hard. A few medium-sized veins are present. The Nicaraguan wrapper is semi-oily, medium brown in color, and gives off a pleasant earthy aroma with a hint of spice. The black, gold, and red La Flor Dominicana band is eye catching and elegant.

    Construction : [rating:4/5]
    Upon lighting, this cigar offers a good draw with just the right amount of resistance. The Limitado IV produces a lot of thick, aromatic smoke and burns pretty evenly. I did have to touch up the burn a couple of times, but it was nothing major. The ash held on very nicely before dropping off after several inches had formed.

    La Flor Dominicana Limitado IV

    Flavor : [rating:4.5/5]
    This is a complex, well balanced cigar which evolves a lot from start to finish. The first third starts out with spicy leather against an earthy backdrop. There is also a floral undercurrent running through the flavor profile. There is a lot of pepper. The second third is still very peppery but now has notes of wood and nuts. The final third is like a combination of the first and second thirds, bringing all the flavors together for a grand finish.

    Value : [rating:4/5]
    This depends on the price you actually manage to snag it at of course—but for $10.00 this is a rather nice smoke. If you find yourself paying twice that, it might be a bit much. Just search around for a good deal.

    La Flor Dominicana Limitado IV

    Overall Rating : [rating:4.25/5] (4.25)
    There really is nothing to complain about with this cigar — a couple of touch ups to the burn, yes, but that’s nothing in the grand scheme of things. It is a very peppery smoke, so if you don’t like pepper this one might not suit you, but if you’re a pepper fan you should really love it. If you enjoy cigars which morph a lot and have many interacting flavors, you should enjoy La Flor Dominicana Limitado IV.

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Cigar Region Dominican Republic
Filler Dominican
Wrapper Ecuadorian Habano
Binder Nicaragua
Length 6 1/2
Ring Gauge 52
Vitola Toro
Construction Hand Made