La Caya Cameroon, Brasil and Natural

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  1. Z** C****

    La Caya Natural

    Origin : Dominican Republic
    Price : ~$2 each

    I’d like to thank the generous folks at La Caya Cigars for giving me a chance to try their products.

    La Caya Natural Robusto

    Underneath the cedar wrapping is a very nice looking golden cigar. The few visible veins and satiny feel promise a nice mellow smoke.

    I punch it and it gives me a great pre-light draw. After toasting the foot and lighting it up, I am rewarded with ample smoke volume and an even burn. Initially I pick up a slight vanilla note with some slight acidity. As I smoke further I am inundated with a mellow oakiness with some leather. The La Caya Natural also has a slightly sweet finish, which is short.

    This is a great morning/lunchtime smoke that delivers lots of flavor with a nice mild-medium strength.

    Rating: 88 (B+)

    La Caya Brasil Robusto

    La Caya Brasil

    Right off the bat, one thing that is unique about this cigar is the Brazilian wrapper. More often then not, Brazilian leaves are very rough looking, but this is a smooth looking wrapper with small veins and no wrinkles. It is firm to the touch and gives me an easy pre-light draw.

    As I light this stick, what I notice right away is that this is a rich cigar. This robusto is full in body but medium in strength.

    I pick up a wide variety of flavors, first a nice strong black coffee which is dry on the palate. As it progresses, there is a subtle sweetness with a nice long earthy finish. The draw is briefly tight during the middle but this is a rewarding full-flavored smoke that can be enjoyed after a nice hearty meal or when you want to unwind at the end of the day.

    Rating: 88 (B+)

    La Caya Cameroon Robusto

    La Caya Cameroon

    This toothy cigar has a nice medium brown shade and a good firm feel. The draw is nice and easy with a fairly even burn and tons of smoke volume.

    The cigar has a spicy and cedary aroma; much like apple cider. As I make my way through the cigar, I notice a slight spice in the background, but also with a sweetness that yields a nice rich flavor.

    Towards the end I am rewarded with a touch of coffee and oak which then becomes rich and leathery. This is a nice complex smoke that is medium to full bodied with a medium strength.

    This was by far my favorite of the samples sent by the generous folks at La Caya Cigars.

    Rating: 89 (B+)

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