La Aurora Preferido Cameroon No. 2

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  1. Matt

    La Aurora Preferido Cameroon No.2

    Origin : Dominican Republic
    La Aurora CigarsFormat : Perfecto
    Size : 5.0? x 54
    Wrapper : Cameroon
    Filler : Dominican, Cameroon, and Bahia
    Binder : Dominican
    Price : $15 each

    The La Aurora Preferido line is a collection of top-shelf cigars. The tobacco is aged in oak barrels. Originally these were all perfectos, but recently they have become available in other sizes. This vitola is one of the toughest to make and only the best master rollers make these cigars. It is no surprise then that the construction of this stogie is consistent and exceptional. The burn is razor sharp, the ash perfectly formed and firm, and the draw is spot on perfection. The thing I like the most about perfectos is how they lend themselves to a complex, dynamic smoking experience.

    I really enjoy Cameroon cigars. The unique sweet spice that this wrapper imparts on the smoke is unique and is a flavor I really enjoy. At the start, the thinner tapered foot allows the wrapper to dominate the blend delivering a rich blast of that classic Cameroon with a woody undertone. as I worked my way up to the thick bulge in the middle, the blend over took the Cameroon and all I could tasted was oak with a creamy finish. It wasn’t until I began to work my way back down the taper toward the head of the cigar that I was able to begin to taste the Cameroon again. I was surprised by this and admittedly a bit disappointed since this cigar has Cameroon in the filler as well.

    The Preferido Cameroon No. 2 is a very good cigar. It is very well made, medium bodied with good flavor. However, I was expecting to be a bit more wowed by this smoke given its reputation and its price. It wasn’t as complex as I would have liked, making it no better than any other quality Cameroon cigar. In fact, I feel there are more affordable Cameroon cigars to be had for less money that can hold their own with this cigar in flavor if not in quality of construction. That said it is certainly worth a try and I did enjoy the smoke.

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    • Joe

      I smoked a La Aurora Preferido, Cameroon wrapper, on Saturday night with a glass of water.

      I was impressed with the burn and the amount of creamy smoke, but I was not excited with the flavor of the smoke. The construction was ok. I did have some cracking as I smoked it, but Cameroon wrappers, I have found, can be more delicate.

      The flavor was one dimensional mostly that cameroon sweet, with some heavy salt spice towards the end, making it not as enjoyable towards the last 1/3 of the cigar – the part I usually enjoy the most. I prefer the Torano 1916 Cameroon, compared to this smoke, and the price points are not even close. Your review was in agreement with my taste buds, thanks for the review.

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Cigar Region Dominican Republic
Filler Dominican, Cameroon, Brazil
Wrapper Cameroon
Binder Dominican Republic
Length 5
Ring Gauge 54
Vitola Perfecto
Construction Hand Made