La Aurora 1495 Series 1994 Cameroon

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  1. N.W. Dorr

    La Aurora 1495 Series 1994 Cameroon

    Origin : Dominican RepublicLa Aurora Cigars
    Format : Corona
    Size : 127 x 17 mm (5 x 44)
    Ring : 44
    Wrapper : Prime Cameroon (1994 Harvest)
    Filler : Aged Dominican Binder
    Binder : Aged Dominican Long Filler
    Price : ~$20 each

    Founded in 1903 by Don Eduardo Leon Jimenez La Aurora is the oldest cigar manufacturer in the Dominican Republic. Their much respected production is centered in the famed Santiago de los Caballeros. This area is endowed with an ideal climate and fertile soils perfectly suited to prime tobacco production.

    Currently under the direction of Jose Blanco, their more than 100 years of blending expertise continues to net the highest of accolades. Year after year they consistently produce wonderfully complex cigars of the highest quality. The Series 1994 Cameroon is no exception.

    After 14 years of aging in the cedar lined vaults of La Aurora this prime Cameroon wrapper was released for production, having extremely limited production, only 18,000 cigars total, less than 2,000 boxes of 10 were produced. At the time of publication I am currently unable to find any of these available anywhere (they are available from one of our main sponsors, – Inspector – not anymore). I was fortunate enough some time ago to acquire 1 box of 10, currently only 7 are left in my humidor.

    Appearance : [rating:4/5]
    This cigar is not what I would call flashy. Its large double banding telling of the date of harvest is an example of understated elegance. Once one has the opportunity to closer scrutinize its Prime aged Cameroon wrapper though, one begins to understand what is in store. The veins are quite small, further evidence of the high priming that this leaf was. It is quite toothy, and has a most beautiful olive brown color.

    Construction : [rating:5/5]
    This is a very supple cigar, with just the right amount of firmness required for a Corona. This tells me that it will provide an ample draw. There are no soft spots and accepts a clip nicely. It creates impressive volumes of light gray fragrant smoke. I find this to be surprising for this size vitola. The burn is precise with a laser like quality requiring no maintenance. The banding is easily removed without interference to the wrapper. Ash is light gray and very compact. It holds strong to the body releasing after 2 ½”.

    Flavor : [rating:5/5]
    The prelight draw is generous with a flavor of aged tobacco and a syrupy sweetness. In the first third I am greeted with a marvelous floral flavor with notes of sweetness, and hints of cedar. Closing the first third is a delicate cocoa flavor on the first palate that has a supporting, yet subtle spice. Second palate is prevalent with raisin and spice flavors and a currant note. This continues well into the second third. The later segment of the second third is a reprise of sweet floral flavors found in the first third, offering a second palate of Lychee and Honey. In the final third I find the floral and cedar characteristics to be dominant. There are many fleeting and enticing complexities occurring at this point. The finish evolves into a crescendo of bright herbal flavor with an intense mint spiciness that I typically associate with tobaccos of significant age and maturation.

    Value : [rating:5/5]
    This cigar is well worth 20USD. Frankly, it is worth whatever price one pays for it, given its limited availability.

    Overall Rating : [rating:5/5]
    There are moments in this journey where the dimension of the tangible collides and intersects with the intangible. This cigar serves to incite such a moment, resulting in an experience that can only be described as Epic. This is a place where the bounds of mortality are seemingly transcended, if but only for an instant. This cigar holds a place in my top 10 cigars of my lifetime, as such; this cigar receives my highest rating Epic! Live well my friends!

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    • Saint Jimbob

      Kal, Cigars International, and Serious Cigars usually have great prices on La Aurora cigars, or you can roll the dice at to score a fiver.

    • Kalutika

      Sounds amazing but that is way out of my usual and casual price range. If it was gifted to me I would happily smoke it but I will probably never try this stick. I have never payed more than 3.50 after shipping for a cigar online. I hope my local gets these in but they don’t carry Aurora to the best of my knowledge.

    • Saint Jimbob

      It’s amazing, the many different blends that sport Cameroon wrappers, and La Aurora manages to stand out as an original.

      I’d put the 1495 in my top 5 Cameroons, with Fuente’s Hemingway and Don Carlos, H. Upmann Vintage Cameroon, and Cusano Rare Cameroon.

    • Se7en_V

      This cigar sounds amazing. Cameroon wrappers are one of my favorites. This one will probably have to wait for a special occasion. (I wonder if Saturday counts as a special occasion)

    • Jason T

      To me the La Aurora cameroon cigars are the best on the market. I wish I would have lucked out on one of these. The cameroon Preferido is one of my all time favorite cigars.

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Cigar Region Dominican Republic
Filler Cibao Valley (Dominican), Nicaragua, Brazil and Peru
Wrapper Ecuador
Binder Brazil
Construction Hand Made