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  1. Robustojoe

    HR Hirochi Robaina Cigars by Cubanacan

    Origin : Nicaragua
    HR CigarsFormat : Toro
    Size : 6.5 x 54
    Wrapper : Ecuadorian Habano (Colorado Maduro)
    Filler : Nicaraguan
    Binder : Nicaraguan
    Blenders : Hirochi Robaina, Omar González Alemán
    Price : ~$75 for a 4-pack sampler

    Avid cigar smokers are never bored. We keep busy by “trolling” for information that could lead to our next great cigar. Searching the Internet, reading cigar reviews, or simply word of mouth can point us in the right direction. Over time, we learn to recognize names and brands we associate with cigars we’ve liked. Recently I became aware of a new cigar made by someone whose name I recognized… Robaina. In this case it was not the legendary Alejandro Robaina, the master Cuban tobacco farmer, but rather his grandson Hirochi.

    Great cigars are often the result of generations of cigar knowledge. Secrets and techniques get passed down to children who have grown up in the family cigar business. Many of the great cigars bear family names: Padron, Fuente, Fernandez, Garcia, Carrillo, Oliva, and Toraño come to mind. But the name Robaina is particularly note worthy. Alejandro is considered the father of great Cuban tobacco, and his passing in 2010 was mourned by the entire cigar world.

    There is not much written about the relationship between Hirochi and his grandfather Alejandro. What we do know is that Hirochi worked closely with his family; planting, growing, harvesting and curing the best tobacco in Cuba. He took over the family tobacco farm in 2003, and upon Alejandro’s death, Hirochi was left a handwritten note from his grandfather stating, “Hirochi, you are my hope, you can’t fail me, your Grandfather”.

    A cigar with a history

    Hirochi grew up in the Cuban cigar epicenter of Pinar del Río. The exceptional tobacco grown by his family at Cuchillas de Barbacoa provided the wrapper for some of the best cigars made on the island. Cigar greatness is certainly in Hirochi’s blood.

    HR Cigars, a new cigar brand that bears Hirochi’s initials, is a result of the collaboration between Hirochi and another cigar great, Omar González Alemán. The later is a contemporary of Alejandro, and ran some of the biggest cigar factories in Havana. Having migrated from Cuba to Costa Rica in 2004, it was Alemán who approached Hirochi with the idea of creating a new cigar line. This partnership has produced a cigar so outstanding that smoking an HR cigar is nothing short of profound .


    In order to fully understand what these cigars had to offer, I ordered a sampler containing four different HR vitololas. It seemed the best way to get a handle on the brand as a whole. As it turned out, all four cigars were excellent. With intense tobacco aroma, these sticks were packed with flavor. But more importantly, they had a unique character with nuances all their own.

    HR Hirochi Robaina Sampler

    There is no doubt that HR cigars are blended from the finest tobaccos in Nicaragua. Dark and rich, this blend grabs your attention. The choice of a Colorado-maduro Ecuadorian Habano wrapper is the perfect complement for this ligero-laden stick. Notes of black pepper and dark chocolate dominate the flavors, with an underlying sweetness of black cherries.

    Once you start smoking, the HR holds your attention to the nub. The flavor can be best described as opulent, with a creamy quality not usually associated with a maduro cigar. I also appreciate that these cigars are not too earthy, a quality many dark cigars have in excess. Plus, it’s a cigar that’s easy to smoke. It won’t knock you out with a big nicotine hit.


    With a perfect draw, the HR is a masterpiece of workmanship. All the sticks were perfectly formed, with no soft spots. A shaggy foot protected each stick from tearing or spreading. I wish all cigars had this feature. It is finished with a triple cap.

    The perfect cigar?

    This is the kind of cigar you want to smoke in private with no distractions. Every puff is worth savoring. I’ve since bought a box of toros, and plan to keep them for a while. I’m curious to see how well they age. But they are so delicious; it’s going to be hard not to smoke them every day.

    HR Cigars have it all: big flavor, wonderful aroma, smooth creaminess, and perfect construction. It is indeed a triumph of cigar making, one that only generations of experience can produce. It is as close to the perfect cigar as I’ve smoked to date.

    Flavors: Dark chocolate, black cherries
    X Factor: 9.8
    Finish: Delicious
    Strength: Medium-Full

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    • Julissa Goodvin

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    • Michael Mastro

      The HR is the most interesting cigar I have ever smoked. Every puff seemed to change flavors. My current favorite.

    • griff

      I loved this cigar. Reminds me a little of the illusione fume d’amour or even the tatuaje cojonu 2003 in some ways but the construction is incredible. I’m on my second toro and still impressed. Although you can get similar taste from other cigars the construction alone makes it worth the price of admission.

    • Paul F.

      Sounds great!.

    • Chris

      Are these available at Dubai duty free shop in the airport? Do you know the approx price for a pack of five ?

    • Peter M.

      It sounds really good! I must try…or give it all up 🙂

    • Charlie H.

      I love this cigar too BUT there are quite a few other cigars that are better for the price…at $20+ per single this isn’t a perfect smoke for everyone. I too picked up the sampler and thought the belicoso was the best of the bunch. I picked up a 5 pack of belicosos because a box will run you upwards of $400! Great review, I love this stick, just not the price!
      (I am lucky to have a local B&M that sells the HR’s between $15-17 each).

    • Old Cuss

      $75.00 ?? ?? ?? For just four ? ? ? ? Maybe if I vote for Don Trump he’ll get me a box. Just wonder how many guys out there have THAT kind of $$$ to Blow on Cigars ?? ??

    • Jason

      These sound amazing! I love nicaraguan tobacco, so this goes right on the short list!

    • Matthew

      Wow! What a review! Now I have to buy a sampler.

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