Hoyo de Monterrey Double Coronas

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  1. JL Graham

    Hoyo de Monterrey Double Coronas

    Origin : CubaHoyo de Monterrey
    Format : Double Corona
    Size : 194 x 19.45 mm
    Ring : 49
    Weight : 17.86 g
    Price : ~$20/piece

    One of the best in the format. The Hoyo de Monterrey Double Corona is truly a man’s cigar. To this day I have yet to try any of the Hoyo de Monterrey brand that I do not like. This one is no exception. Big, bold, and brassy!

    Appearance : [rating:4.5/5]
    You cannot help but appreciate a really big cigar. This one has a very smooth oily glossy wrapper. Well done, kudos to the makers.

    Construction : [rating:5/5]
    The perfect burn if I have ever experienced one. Most cigars have a small run, though not enough to bother repairing, but this one did not. It was a perfect burn from light to finish. Smooth even draw to make the experience complete. Nice feel to it too, firm but spongish. Sweet.

    Flavor : [rating:4/5]
    From the beginning, I knew I had something special. The light-up was all roasted wood and hickory. A tiny hint of sweetness to linger on your lips and palette. The second third gave me that stinging sensation that I love. Perfect with a nice coffee chaser. THe final third, I hate to admit, was a bit too strong almost, particularly towards the last hit. The first two thirds made it worth it all however.

    Value : [rating:3.5/5]
    This is a very pricey cigar, but if you like a hearty beefy mans’ smoke, then it is well worth it.

    Overall Rating : [rating:overall/5]
    This is a good long lasting one hour cigar with a lot of life to it. Not a morning cigar, nor a cigar to be smoked without a hearty chaser (tea, coffee, Latte…), but a great cigar indeed. Lastly, if you are a beginner, I’d let this one set in the humidor awhile, letting your palette strengthen for stronger smokes before trying this one.

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    • Tee

      I recent picked up a 2014 box in Zurich. As is my custom, I smoke one right away and put the rest of the box away. So, based a single stick: good cigar. The draw was a little tight, but overall the construction was perfect. The woody, cedar flavor mentioned by others was there. I didn’t find the strength overwhelming at all. Some time: 2 hrs. I’m huge fan of the Partagas Lusitania; the HdMDC isn’t a Lusitania, but darn good nevertheless. Buy one and take the afternoon off.

    • Ross

      I’m considering ordering a box of HdMDCs, but can’t seem to find any current reviews. I haven’t purchased a box of these cigars since the mid-1990s (I used to be a big fan of the DC), so not sure if the quality is still there. Anybody out there purchase a box of these lately? Comments??

    • yayaWHO

      had my 1st yesterday & must have been unlucky – was not bad, no … but was not excellent either to my surprise as I am a fan o HDMR Petit Robu as well as Epi n. 2. This huge cig (from local LCDH, so I guess original & well cared about?!) just took some 65/70 mins to finally provide me with smtg – until then very very light to me, little of this & even less of that. Lets say the last 1/3, i.e. last 45 mins btw, was worth it … though I think I should have taken one Petit Robu & one Epi n. 2 instead to get the outcome ´immediately´ (yes while adding some 8-10 USDs to my account in LC …).
      Again – ok cig, but the outcome comes way too late for me, will stick primarily with robustos vitola or sim.
      regards nevertheless & for those who had it exactly as they expected it to have, good for you, guys.

    • Tim

      The DC is a cigar for the connoisseur with years of smoking experience. I have been smoking them for thirty years and well remember the very different blend from the 1980’s. Today’s DC is still a very decent stick but it is certainly necessary to carefully store this cigar for at least five years from purchase in order to fully appreciate its marvellous subtlety and aromas.

    • jfestrelabr

      Hoyo de Monterrey is truly a cigar for those who enjoy cigars, due to its size and burning time is not a cigar for amateurs and not for who is starting in the world of Cuban cigar, just have to weave excelent notes on their burning smell and taste, I bought my first box in Topcubans and now bought one in cigarterminal.
      honestly the best double corona already smoked at all Cuban bitolario, reaching exceed the partagas lusitanias which for me was the king of Double Coronas.

    • YJ

      This cigar is beautifully balanced so it does not put out the entire flavor too fast so you can enjoy the nice Hoyo taste for a long time until the finish. It takes me almost 2 hours to finish this one so I wait until when I’m a lone and enjoy it quietly.

    • Will

      I just had this one yesterday….my first long big cigar. I spent like, 2.5 hrs to finish it. Overall it’s very worth to try if you want to find something special and great aroma. Of course you must have enough time to enjoy it!

    • Rey

      Half an hour?? How?! You must have lungs like bellows, sir. Two hours. Slowly. They so deserve it. I can’t get these readily. Five in the humidor have stayed there as many years.

    • Nobody

      @ rick,
      yeah, slow and steady is the way to smoke. A puff a minute. I had one lasting 1:48 min. Timed just for this comment.

    • rickey ricardo

      “Perfect burn”, how could it not have a perfect burn you inhaled it in one hour. Then I see the review above and he sucked one up in half an hour. I smoked one today on a hour and a half walk and still could have smoked another 20 min. That stinging sensation that you love must be all the nicotine your pumping in your mouth. Slow down and you’ll have so much more time to appreciate this cigar. I love to enjoy this cigar for as long as I can.

    • k0mmissar

      I enjoyed this so much, I got greedy and finished it in about half an hour! It still came off so well! I’d like to put it up against an Esplendido sitting in the humidor, and see how it compares!

    • Charlie Joe

      Well worth it indeed! I don’t generally go for the smokes above fifteen dollars, but after trying this one, I believe I will be reevaluating my strategy. What really dold me on this one was the fact that I got an hours worth of smoke time out of it. Now that’s getting your moneys’ worth!

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Cigar Region Cuba
Filler Cuban
Wrapper Cuba
Binder Cuba
Length 7 5/8
Ring Gauge 49
Vitola Prominentes
Construction Hand Made