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  1. DrFever

    H. Upmann Legacy Toro

    Origin : HondurasH. Upmann
    Format : Toro
    Size : 6 x 52
    Wrapper : Ecuadorian Sumatra
    Filler : Nicaraguan & Dominican
    Binder : Nicaraguan
    Price : ~$7 each

    I’ve never smoked an Upmann from outside of Cuba before so I decided to finally give these sticks a try. On the recommendation of a friend I decided to purchase a couple Legacy Toros on a recent visit to the US. The following was my experience.

    Appearance : [rating:3.75/5] (3.75)
    The cigar sports two bands. A primary band and a secondary band at the foot. I’m not particularly fond of the appearance of the bands. The H. Upmann Legacy Toro had a somewhat rustic appearance with visible veining and raised visible seams. The wrapper itself had a nice oily sheen to it. There were some minor flaws at the double cap that were immediately spotted.

    H. Upmann Legacy Toro

    Construction : [rating:3/5]
    The cigar wrapper was extremely fragile. It cracked when I snipped it and, as you can see in the photograph, there was far too much adhesive used at the band of the foot causing a large chunk of the wrapper to remain on the band. I still don’t know why manufacturers insist on these secondary foot bands when they pack their sticks in cellophane. The wrapper continued to crack on occasion during smoking.

    Thankfully, the burn was for the most part even. The draw was good and only one minor touch up was needed past the halfway mark. The ash remained firm and was never an issue.

    Flavor : [rating:3.75/5] (3.75)
    Pre-light, the cigar had a sweet, pleasant and almost floral aroma. Hints of sweet wood, tea and natural tobacco. The pre-light draw revealed interesting notes of dried figs/dates, tea, sweet cedar and a touch of spice.

    The first third of the Legacy offered up a lot of smoke that can best be described as silky, creamy and sweet. Flavors were mainly sweet wood with dried fruit and occasional hints of caramel. Black pepper was noticeable but not overwhelming. There were hints of tea and sweet earthy notes with the smoke itself having a creamy texture to it. The finish was medium to long with an almost cinnamon-like heat lingering at the end.

    The second third offered up more of the same but with a little less spice and a little less dried fruit, instead, there was an increase in the grassy notes of the cigar with some mustiness noticeable on occasion. Overall it remained sweet and consistent with the first third. There were occasional hints of bitterness but never too extreme as to detract from the experience.

    As I passed the halfway mark the cigar continued to give off pleasant sweet notes of dried fruit, sweet cedar, earth, hints of tea and some caramel like aftertaste. At this point there was no spice at all detectable in the finish. The smoke continued to have a silky sweet texture to it. There were some increased woodsy and grassy notes on the finish.

    The final third offered more of the same. I continued to get thick clouds of smoke with hints of dried fruit, figs and some grassy notes on my palate. A little spice returned to the back of the palate and the finish remained medium to long and mainly sweet with a little creamier texture to the smoke. There was the occasional bitter note but perhaps this was somewhat exaggerated by the fact that the cigar is quite sweet so any semi-sweet areas can trick your palate into thinking that the cigar was bitter.

    From the band onwards there was a noticeable decline in sweetness and much of the dried fruit and velvety creaminess was gone. The cigar was at this point mainly grassy and earthy with hints of bitter tea and leather. Sensing warmer smoke and declining flavors I laid it to rest.

    Value : [rating:4.5/5]
    It’s hard to argue with a cigar that gave me an hour and a half of a mainly enjoyable experience for less than $7.00. Still not the cheapest Toro out there but all things considered, the cigar offered up a mainly enjoyable experience.

    Overall Rating : [rating:3.75/5] (3.75)
    The H. Upmann Legacy is a sweeter cigar that is mild to medium in strength and medium to full bodied in flavor at its peak but the flavor does tend to drop off and disappear at times, leaving only natural tobacco. When you do get the flavors though they are pleasing and enjoyable and more on the sweeter side. It has fantastic smoke output and, for the most part, an even burn. It won’t overwhelm you with spice or bitterness and will give you well over an hour of a mainly enjoyable experience.

    [sz]upmann legacy[/sz]

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    • Big Joe

      Went to a local Cigar store event that featured this cigar.
      Not expecting much I was really surprised!
      I smoked this cigar to the end and enjoyed
      the various changes. I purchased another one that same day
      and smoked it a few weeks ago, same thoughts, a very good cigar at a very reasonable price. Enjoy

    • ptrans

      I purchased one of these sticks a few weeks ago. After your interview, I am very eager to smoke and enjoy this cigar. If you had to pair it with some spirits, what would you recommend? Thanks again.

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Cigar Region Honduras
Filler Dominican, Nicaragua
Wrapper Ecuadoran Sumatra
Binder Nicaragua
Length 6
Ring Gauge 52
Vitola Toro
Construction Hand Made