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  1. O****

    Gurkha The BeastOrigin : Dominican RepublicGurkha
    Format : Robusto/Toro
    Size : 165 x 23 mm
    Ring : 58
    Weight : N/A
    Price : ~$16.00/each

    Talk about your intense cigar! I found this one to be the epiphany of the phrase, “Full Flavor.” I really like Gurkha The Beast as a midday to afternoon smoke, perhaps offset with a good vanilla coffee.

    Appearance : [rating:5/5]
    The Beast could only be described as Massive! This is one big cigar, bold and beautiful looking! Truly a man’s cigar.

    Construction : [rating:3/5]
    It was all good up until I neared the end. Then I began to experience a loose wrapper. I wasn’t too thrilled about that. Fortunately, it was close to the end fo the smoke.

    Flavor : [rating:4.5/5]
    The light was sensational. The first impression that I got was bold, yet smooth at the same time. There was a buttery flavor, yet sweet. It almost brought a fine cheesecake to my mind. The second third held steady, maintaining the flavor and sensation. The third was a bit stronger, but I was simply too distracted by the loose wrapper to really enjoy it.

    Value : [rating:4/5]
    Even with the loose wrapper at the end, you still get the smoke time of two cigars before you reach this point. So, yes, I would say that this cigar is a worthwhile investment.

    Overall Rating : [rating:overall/5]
    For the most part, I highly enjoyed this cigar. I would suggest that you try this one, but keep it for your “at home” cigar, as you wouldn’t want your friends to see it fall apart on you. Still, a really good smoke all in all.

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    • P**** H*******

      I had my first Gurkha Beast today after resting in the humi for 3 months. I ordered them online and I can’t remember who from. This cigar is so big that my cutter is too small for the big ring size, so I reverted to the kitchen knife cut carefully. The aroma was delightful. I carefully toasted the foot and drew my first mouthful – wonderful flavours. I had some uneven burning, but it self corrected. At mid-smoke the flavours intensified and I enjoyed it thoroughly. No cracks,or other issues I expected from other reviewers. This is now going to be a favourite of mine.

    • J** M****

      The Gurkha Beast is a joke. It is a $2 cigar and smokes like one too. You can get 5 packs for like $10 on cbid. But why bother? Just buy something that’s worth smoking.

    • M*

      I’ve smoked a few of these and have enjoyed every one of them. I’ve haven’t had a bad wrapper yet either but it could happen. I purchased a 10 pack that just happened to be on a blow-out sale at cigar international at christmas for 39.95. I’m glad i pulled the trigger on these as they now have become one of my favorites to smoke.

    • J

      Have smoked a number of “Beasts” and never had a rolling issue – could be a fluke. Great Cigar. Never understood the big anti-Gurkha sentiment out there – the mainline (Beast, Titan, Beauty) and the limited release series are all solid smokes. And the Park Avenue is one of the best bang for the bucks on the market today if you are a fan of super flavorful connecticut (Almost as good as the Beauty).

    • R**********

      Very nice review!

      I enjoyed it as I was smoking one of them ……

      This cigar and the black beauty from Gurkha are my favorites.

    • i*********

      Got one of these in a sampler I ordered. You have to be careful with the Gurkhas as they put out so many cigars some are not that great, but The Beast is a fine smoke. Very overpriced for what it is – but if you can get a deal on some then go for it.

    • K*******

      did you sample just the one or did a few of these unravel?

    • B****

      I’ve been trying half-heartedly to win a couple of this on Cigar Bid, but I haven’t yet. I did pick up some Black Puros, which were pretty good, but from the sound of it, considerably different than this cigar!

    • R****

      I’ve got one of these in the humi that I’ve had resting for almost a year. I’m not a fan of the Gurkha line, but I’m going to have to pull it out soon and try it. Very nice review.

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Cigar Region Costa Rica
Filler Dominican, Nicaragua, Honduras
Wrapper Costa Rica
Binder Dominican Republic
Length 6 1/2
Ring Gauge 60
Vitola Gordo
Construction Hand Made