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  1. The Cigar Spy

    Gurkha Factum

    Origin : ?Gurkha
    Format : Presidente
    Size : 7.5 x 52
    Wrapper : Aged Cameroon
    Filler : Dominican Republic
    Binder : Dominican Republic
    Price : ~$8.00 each

    Background Info

    The only intel found on this cigar was in regards to its name. “Factum” is Latin for Accomplishment.

    Mission Debrief

    I came across this cigar from a cigar friend on Twitter, advertising a fantastic deal on $40 for a five-pack of the cigars, a cedar travel case (with the name of the cigar on the front of it), a Vertigo butane lighter and cigar cutter. Even though I am not a die-hard fanatic of the Gurkha brand, I do enjoy them, and especially enjoy a favorable deal.

    Taking the cigar out of the plastic bundle and releasing it from the cedar sheath, I detected no flaws in the veiny, aged cameroon wrapper or found any extra globs of glue that can sometimes come up. Neither did I find any spots or overly packed areas within the length of the cigar. The red and gold band was typical for any of the Gurkha, bearing the familiar emblem of the Gurkha brand. The cigar itself emitted cedary-like emissions, most definitely from the band protecting it.

    Giving the Factum a punch and toasting the end with my new Vertigo lighter, the first flavors to hit the palette were a hint of spice and that familiar cedar. This was coupled with a nice draw, with a minimal amount of resistance. Because of the length of this cigar and assuming you are not in a big hurry, this cigar will give you close to three hours. While I didn’t find that the strength of the cigar increased much until the last third of so, I did find that the finish is quite long, even with the cigar being of medium body. Finally, it was found that to those not smoking anything around you, the Factum will be quite powerful to everyone else. My cousin was over when I was smoking it and he could smell it from my front door (I smoke in my basement straight down through my front door).

    While I found the ash to be firm and held well to end of the cigar, I did notice a tiny bit floating onto my black shirt every now and then, so be cautious. I believe that I only corrected the burn, albeit a small correction, so expect minimal burn issues.


    It’s hard to not like this cigar. The bundle I got from is definitely worth the price. The cigar itself is probably my favorite out of the Gurkha line that I have smoked. If you are looking for a medium-bodied cigar that you can take your time with, look no further.

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