Gurkha Cellar Reserve Gran Rothschild

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  1. G****

    Gurkha Cellar Reserve Gran Rothchild

    Origin : Dominican RepublicGurkha
    Format : Perfecto
    Size : 6 x 58
    Wrapper : Dominican Criollo 98
    Filler : Dominican Criollo and Nicaraguan
    Binder : Dominican Olor
    Price : $10.95 each

    Please welcome Gavin, the newest reviewer in our team:

    Ever since I can remember I have been fascinated by the cigar industry. The variation of techniques and origins that come together to create even one quality cigar create a paradise for smokers like me, that are always on the hunt for new and exciting cigars. I have been smoking cigars for over three years with blogging and collecting becoming my focus for the past 2 years. A great cigar to me is spicy, and full-bodied with balance and subtle flavor still present. Unlike those that pair beverages with cigars, a perfect combination to me is great company and a great cigar. Happy smoking.

    The Gurkha Cellar Reserve line was released as a B&M exclusive last year at the ICPCR show in July. Since then the line has been hard to come by unless you had a shop in your area that carried a decent supply of Gurkha products. Along with the Wicked Indie and Royal Challenge, the Cellar Reserve line was created to reintroduce Gurkha cigars to the public at a reasonable price.

    Appearance : [rating:4/5]
    The Gurkha Cellar Reserve has a nice oily wrapper with a fair amount of mottling, offset by a large beautiful band that describes the elements of the cigar much like that of a wine label. The wrapper is rough and rustic with fine dark veins. A perfectly applied pigtail cap and almost closed foot only add to the beauty of the cigar. As a quick comparison the Gran Rothschild, despite being slightly smaller in ring gauge and longer in length, is almost spot on visually with the Liga Privada Feral Flying Pig. The only flaw in the sample that I was smoking was the large amount of vegetable adhesive left on the wrapper after applying the label.

    Construction : [rating:3.5/5]
    The unique shape of the cigar creates opportunities for problems, of which the Gran Rothschild had a few. Once lit the burn was a bit wobbly and required a few touch-ups over the course of the smoke that became slightly annoying. Ash held on for about half an inch before falling off in “shards” rather than nice clean chunks. The draw was surprisingly open despite the small perfecto sized opening at the tip, and never became problematic.

    Flavor : [rating:4/5]
    Opening flavors are balanced and rich; there was a strong savory component with dark tobacco and spice lingering on the exhale. The spice faded in the first third, but the cigar built in complexity and richness with raisin-like sweetness, dark tobacco, nuts, and a touch of cedar joining the still strong savory note. As the cigar hit the midway point, the nutty note became the dominant flavor with cedar and leather making small appearances. The final third was an interesting mix of nuttiness and char that although wasn’t the most appealing combination still remained very smooth and balanced.

    Value : [rating:3/5]
    For the flavor and almost two hours you get out of the Gran Rothschild, the price point isn’t that far off what I would pay for the cigar. That being said there are plenty of great cigars in the $11.00 price range that make it difficult to choose; I opted for other cigars a few times at my local B&M due to the slightly high price tag.

    Overall Rating : [rating:4/5]
    Unlike Gurkha’s that I have had in the past, the Gran Rothschild was a very complex smoke. Never above medium in body, was it extremely rich and smooth. Although the ending was less enjoyable in flavor, the rest of the cigar more than made up for it. Even if you aren’t a fan of the Gurkha brand, I would recommend trying the Cellar Reserve line (if you can find it.)

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    • A******

      Salty, briny, caramel, and sweet raisins. I love the flavor profile of this cigar, but like most gurkha’s, it is plagued with a tight draw and uneven burn that occasionally needs touch ups or goes out.

      If construction and draw were fixed, this would be a perfect cigar. Until then, I will not be buying these anymore.

    • S*******

      Hi Gavin, welcome, have smoked the Royal Challenge, I enjoyed that cigar, mild- medium. This one is a little pricey for me, just as well it might be hard to get. Good review.

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Cigar Region Dominican Republic
Filler Dominican, Nicaragua
Wrapper Connecticut shade
Binder Dominican Republic
Length 6
Ring Gauge 58
Vitola Gordo
Construction Hand Made