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    Lewis Hearn

    Origin: Nicaragua

    Format: Corona        

    Size: 5’’x46

    Wrapper: Habano Sungrown 2000 ( Ecuador)

    Filler: Nicaragua & Costa Rica

    Binder: San Andres Negro (Mexico)


    Cigar exclusively made for a TGS 2021 event in the US. It took 5 years of experiments until Steve Saka to develop that blend using unique Costa Rican extremely rare ‘Morron’ Ligero

    Appearance: Rating: ★★★★

    There are not many innovations in vitolas produced recently, but I admire companies which decide to resurrect or bring back some old and forgotten vitolas, in this case a nice long pig tale slightly short and fat corona. There are few veins in the wrapper but mostly smooth look. Very simple white band.

    Construction: Rating: ★★★

    Need a couple touch ups especially in the last third, as the cigar won’t stay lit longer and produce enough smoke.

    Flavour: Rating: ★★★★

    Cold draws taste as chocolate and oatmeal  

    Starts with black pepper and chalkiness, unfortunately the black pepper disappears quickly and leaving strong earthy flavours, the retrohale brings very interesting notes of junipers.

    Second part changes a lot, the black pepper is back and also some very pleasant butterscotch sweetness, earth appears later through the smoke but this time is mixed with interesting citrus notes. Retrohale is very floral and not harsh at all.

    Last third make huge changes in the profile. The chalkiness from the beginning is back, but this time it is more concentrated and there is tons of coffee, a lot of jalapeno peppers and nuts, and almost sunflower seeds.  

    Value: Rating: N/A

    The fact that it is event only cigar and is produced in 200 bundles of 10 cigars, make the cigar very collectable specially for people who enjoy and like Dunbarton cigars. It’s not easy to put value on this cigar.

    Overall Rating: Rating: ★★★★

    I am a big fan of the size and the look. The cigar is already a year old and maybe that mellow it down the strength, as I expected more from it. The touch ups and the care for the cigar would reduce from the overall rating. Flavor wise it’s very complex with a nice variety of flavours.  

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Cigar Region Nicaragua
Length 5
Ring Gauge 46
Vitola Corona
Construction Hand Made