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  1. L**

    Don Lino Africa Kifaro

    Origin : Nicaragua
    Format : Belicoso
    Size : 6.25″ x 52
    Ring : 52
    Wrapper : Nicaraguan Habano
    Filler : Cameroon, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Nicaragua
    Binder : Nicaragua
    Price : $6 each

    There is a lot of Internet talk about these new smokes that include tobaccos from Nicaragua, Africa, Mexico and the Dominican Republic. Mostly, it’s positive in nature. Unfortunately, my experience hasn’t been so upbeat.

    Appearance : [rating:4/5]
    This dark, oily-wrappered cigar has a nice overall look. There were a couple of prominent veins, but it’s hard to notice such shortcomings with the flamboyant band this smoke sports.

    Construction : [rating:2/5]
    Although the draw of this smoke was acceptable, the burn was not. I had runs, re-lights, touch-ups . . . you name it. On top of these, the ash flaked and flowered worse than any smoke I’ve endured. I would rate it a flat 0 stars in this category, but I’ve had other Africa’s that had similar issues, but not to the extent of this particular smoke.

    Don Lino Africa Kifaro

    Flavor : [rating:2/5]
    Wet leather. I have smoked several of these sticks and this is what I get. Of course, having read other positive reviews, I have gone back and re-read some of them to see what I’m missing. Most mention an earthy or cocoa taste. I can see the cocoa comments, as there were times that I thought same were exhibited in this smoke. As for earthy, unless it’s wet dirt they are referencing, I don’t know what these guys are smoking?

    Anyway, the flavors probably aren’t quite as bad as I may make it sound. If you like this taste, you would probably call it a creamy earthy taste and I could agree with that. However, I don’t particularly enjoy such flavors. I also don’t enjoy an overly dry smoke, but this one sports just too much cream, or wetness, for my tastes.

    Value : [rating:3/5]
    This is a medium-priced cigar and, although I don’t particularly enjoy the flavor profile, if you do, then it’s certainly a good value.

    Overall Rating : [rating:2/5]
    Personally, I don’t understand the buzz surrounding this cigar. It comes in a pretty box and sports an ornate band, but that’s about all the good I could find. The flavors are just too muddied for my tastes.

    [sz]don lino africa[/sz]

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    • C****** C****

      Went to Benny’s looking for a pack of cigars, what jumps out in front of me…”Africa” normally $155 for 20 cigars buy them now for $55.00 , Well I thought what a bargain and I scored some cool looking cigars ,
      As I relinquish the first to light up … thinking no future problems ahead ! Steady as she goes for 25 minutes in on the enjojoyment and pleasure of a thick thick campfire smoking Stogey Then cigar needs maintenance with an immediate attention NOW … it ran like a women’s pair of nylons, and the traces it left behind, shredding like a fish gettin his scales taken off was an absolute ball of WTF, Now the First thought after the WTF was.. 19 to go … i scored a bargain at the cost of 1/3 of the price…I am now down to the last hand of smokes
      OMG in heaven what have I got myself into… as I smoke and tolerate running nylons and very thin scales of barbaric movements with the draw of a thick thick smoke rolling down my lungs of purity and seek for Godliness in mankind
      I must say I have had the pleasure of an overall enjoyable campfire smoke that lasts for hours and hours and the bite appears to be like a normal coyote that’s not wanting to break the skin open, So now at the end you have a unraveling light biting rolled to perfection thick forest of Africa with a running glowing flame of mercy at your lips as it dies in the tray of activity, you can’t beat the enjoyment unless your a glutton for punishment

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      T** C**** S**

      My Review

      The skies have begun to cloud over and the temperature is sitting at a nice level for cigar smoking. I peruse my selection, unable to decide what to smoke this fine evening. From a shadowy corner of the deck I hear a sound. “Psst.” Turning and looking I see someone standing there with an object in his hand. “Need a cigar?”. Taking the proffered stick, I examine it carefully. By the time I look up, the figure is gone.

      The stick in question is the Don Lino Africa. This stick is just beautiful. A rich, dark, red wrapper with smooth veins and no visible blemishes. First examination of the cigar reveals a rich, cocoa and peppery scent.
      Upon lighting I get a lot more of the peppery taste and scent now, this continues throughout the cigar. Occasionally the cigar evidences more cocoa, and has light scents of leather and woodsmoke. The burn is even, the ash is nearly white, but a bit flaky. As the cigar continues it only seems to get spicier. Other reviews I have read have not referenced this white pepper flavor that I am detecting, This is my second Africa, and both have had this flavor, I can only assume it is something it develops after having aged a while. The last couple inches are a pleasant reminder to me of what a cigar should be like.

      Final Statement

      I would put this well into the medium strength group. No real light headedness from it, but a nice relaxed feel. The flavors are perfectly meshed together and really stand out. The pepper flavors I picked up may be a bit strong for people just starting out, but they really make this cigar a very unique experience and provide a memorable taste. I hope to find some more of these soon.

    • u****

      I totally agree with nothing special about thi cigar,exerpt for the box,which almost looks likelike a small ornate humidor.The cigar itself is a bummer,whichever size!

    • S*****

      Yeah, I sure agree with you. I had nothing but burn issues and I have gone back to try them again a few times but I just don’t get why others think they are so good. I found them to be fairly bland.

    • t*******

      I have had a few that were better with age but nothing to really make me want to run out and buy a box though–Good Review!

    • D*** (*** F********

      I bought a box of the Robusto size, I forget if they called them something else, but they were very good. Also tried the Toro and even better. I have a standing order for a box of these every other month.

    • R*****

      Nice review. I’ve smoked about 5 of these myself (in a different size, though) and had construction issues with all but one…serious, irritating construction issues. I found that dry boxing them for a day before smoking them helped, but didn’t alleviate the problems. As for the taste, I thought it was actually decent. I got a heavy, dark wood flavor, with cocoa, and leather. I didn’t see it as too dry or too creamy, but then again, mine were a different vitola. All-in-all, the taste wasn’t good enough to make me put up with the burn issues again.

      I don’t get the hype either. I think maybe it’s because you can get them super cheap on the bidding site, and so people want to feel that they’re getting a fantastic deal. After being disappointed a few times, I just don’t fall for hype anymore.

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Cigar Region Nicaragua
Filler Dominican (Piloto) & Nicaragua(Estelí, Jalapa and Ometepe)
Wrapper Ecuador, Habano 2000
Binder Cameroon
Length 5
Ring Gauge 50
Vitola Robusto
Construction Hand Made