Don Lino 1989

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  1. T** C**** S**

    Don Lino 1989

    Origin : Dominican Republic
    Format : Robusto
    Size : 5 x 50
    Wrapper : Ecuadorian Connecticut
    Filler : Cameroon, Brazil, Dominican Republic
    Binder : Indonesia
    Price : $7 each

    The first thing I noticed was the girly looking label. It reminded me of Juicy Couture, if you don’t know what that is, shame on you and you should probably go ask your wife or girlfriend. It’s not ugly and much respect to my lady smokers, but it just looks a little girly to me. In other words, you can say it’s a little too “cute” for my taste.

    The wrapper is a Connecticut-Ecuadorian grown wrapper and it has a sugary smell to it. The foot didn’t give off any noticeable aroma and the pre-draw left a little spice on my lips. One thing i do have to mention is the smoothness on the wrapper. No veins at all.

    When it comes to flavors this is what I call a “candy cigar”. It starts off very sweet, honey and with a nutty undertone. And at the same time it’s also very mild. A peppery undertone was added coming in to the second third, which could have easily ruined the cigar, but it’s not overpowering and it blends in very well with the sweetness of the cigar. Even better, it doesn’t last long, after a few couple of puffs it fades away. Reaching the end, the cigar ends with a creamy/toasty wood flavor and remains harsh-free. Good flavor profile, easy on the palate and remains consistent.

    Maybe I did something wrong while lighting up the cigar, but the ash started off really flaky. But then minutes later it fixes itself, becomes really smooth and perfect. It remains strong and didn’t fall off until way past the halfway mark. Another great thing about the construction is the burn. The burn was excellent all throughout the cigar and it stays lit for a very long time. True quality in the Don Lino 1989 and I was very impressed.

    I really enjoyed this cigar. Yes, I enjoy a little bit more flavor and a little bit more strength in my cigars, but this cigar delivers and it’s good. And once in a while a sweet cigar like this Don Lino is a great thing. I would definitely smoke it again and I wouldn’t mind a 5 pack of these in the humidor for when im in that mood again. And I recommend everyone to give a try. It’s a really good cigar and you mild/sweet cigar loving smokers will definitely enjoy this one.

    Final Note: For the mild smoker, I think you’ll love this cigar. For the full body smoker, I think you’ll be very impressed and also very satisfied with the flavors. I’ve said this before and I’m going to say it again, but we have to come out of our little “cigar bubble” once in awhile. If you’re a passionate cigar smoker like myself, you have the pleasure of having hundreds and hundreds of choices to choose from. It won’t hurt you to try something new once in a while and I promise you there will be one, in that one-hundred that you will enjoy.

    Final Grade: B+

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    • Z** C****

      My Review of the Don Lino 1989 Robusto

      This is Miami Cigar’s new release from the 2008 show. It is made in the DR at the Aurora factory. This is a quick review. You’ll see why…

      This robusto started out really good, with its light brown wrapper it looks mild but has medium strength. It was very flavorful at the start with a lot of coffee and chocolate.

      The smoke volume was less than desired but there was a construction issue that may have been the cause.

      Halfway down it had a bad tunnel, but then it fixed itself but had gotten too hot and the flavors all went sour.

      I couldn’t finish it because of this but it does have some potential.

      Rating: 70 (C-)

    • L***

      The flavor profile of this cigar sounds like something I would enjoy. Plus, it has a “girly” label which suits me just fine! 😉

    • C****

      Great review! Usually not a fan of Connecticut (other than broadleaf maduros), but lately they’ve been growing on me. I’ll have to add this one to my To Try list.

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Cigar Region Dominican Republic
Filler Cameroon, Brazil, Dominican
Wrapper Ecuadorian Connecticut
Binder Indonesia
Length 5
Ring Gauge 50
Vitola Robusto
Construction Hand Made