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  1. Matt

    Don Francisco Bohemian Knot

    Origin : USADon Francisco
    Format : Robusto
    Size : 5.25? x 52
    Wrapper : Corojo
    Filler : Ligero Dominicano, Seco Dominicano, Piloto Cubano
    Binder : Capote
    Price : $7 each

    The Don Francisco Bohemio Knot is a rustic looking Corojo that is part of a very diverse line of cigars made for Don Francisco Cigars in East Brunswick New Jersey. When you walk into the shop the first thing you see is the rolling tables where the Don Francisco cigars are made. There is an amazing selection of cigars there and there is a huge lounge in the back of the store where customers are invited to sit and relax while they enjoy their favorite smoke. It is everything I’d want in a cigar shop. I was visiting family in New Jersey this past Thanksgiving and took the opportunity to stop in the shop.

    I learned about Don Francisco’s at the HerfHut cigar forum where the owner Lew, is an esteemed member and moderator. While I was there I looked through a case packed full of delicious looking cigars all bearing the gold trimmed red band of the Don Francisco brand. It was almost too hard to choose. I was hoping to find some of the Culebras I saw pictures of over on HerfHut but alas there were none, but another cigar practically jumped out of the case at me. Its distinctive appearance making it a must buy. The Bohemio Knot.

    The Don Francisco Bohemio Knot has a pig-tailed head and unfinished foot. The wrapper is a very oily Corojo with a mottled brown coloring. The whole effect of the pig tail, unfinished foot and spotted wrapper gives the cigar a very rustic almost tribal appearance. The cigar’s appearance makes me envision this cigar as the stick of choice for Dominican Witch Doctors. Below are some closeups of the head and foot on this uniquely wrapped stogie. Unfortunately my sub par camera is not only bad at taking closeups, the flash evens out the color of the wrapper making the pictures poor representations of the actual appearance of the cigar. I wish they came out better so you could see the very cool variations in color that give the wrapper a mottled look. I know that most of the time cigar makers go to great lengths to select wrapper leaves with very even and consistent coloring, but in this case the mottled look works very well for this cigar. I love the look of this cigar and wish my pictures did it more justice. You can click any of the pictures in this review for an enlarged view.

    Don Francisco Bohemian Knot 2

    Closeup of the Pig Tailed Head

    Don Francisco Bohemian Knot 3

    Closeup of the Unfinished Foot

    Lighting a cigar with an unfinished foot is a bit of a different exercise than with your typical open foot cigar. You almost have to puff on it during the light to work past the wrapper that closes it off. Doing so creates a bit of harshness at first but it goes away very quickly. I probably just need to work on my technique with these a bit to resolve that.

    This is not what I’d call a typical corojo. It lacks some of the spice and power that you typically get with this kind of wrapper. However, what you do get from it is surprisingly good. It is very smooth and delivers a very decadent tobacco flavor and it has a a very woodsy core. It has a long pleasant finish with subtle notes of nuts. I also notice that it has a slightly bitter bite on the tip of my tongue that I found unique and enjoyable. The flavors are very consistent throughout the smoke, never changing much. It did start to develop a bit of leather near the midway point that faded away again very quickly. It is a very good medium bodied smoke in both taste and power.

    I think the Bohemio Knot is a very accessible cigar for all kinds of smokers. It has plenty to offer the experienced smoker who is looking for an easy going smoke that will hold their attention yet a person newer to cigars would find it very enjoyable and not at all overpowering. It is one of the smoothest corojos I have ever smoked. The only negative thing I can say about this cigar is that the ash seemed very loose and flaky and the burn had a habit of going crooked several times, but it wasn’t so bad as to detract from the experience. As house brands go the Don Francisco Bohemio Knot is an excellent cigar. If you ever find yourself in East Brunswick, New Jersey be sure to stop in at Don Francisco Cigars and check out his excellent store and pick yourself up some of these cigars.

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    • cm_tanelotti

      I have smoked DF line of cigars and I love them. It has a long finish and an enjoyable experience. I have a box of Don Francisco Maduro Robusto.

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Cigar Region United States
Filler Ligero Dominicano, Seco Dominicano, Piloto Cubano
Wrapper Corojo
Binder Capote
Length 5 1/4
Ring Gauge 52
Vitola Corojo
Construction Hand Made