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    Dominion Black Lotus

    Origin : NicaraguaDominion Cigar
    Format : Toro & Gordo
    Size : 6 x 50 & 6 x 60
    Wrapper : Honduran Colorado Habano
    Filler : Nicaraguan and Honduran
    Binder : Honduran Sumatra
    Price : N/A

    I recently had the fortune of being sent a couple of sample cigars by the new Canadian cigar brand Dominion Cigar. Dominion is based in New Westminster, British Columbia, which makes them an incredibly unique company in the cigar world. Here’s what Steve, their owner, has to say about the challenges of starting up a cigar brand in Canada:

    “There are a number of cigar distributors that distribute other cigar brands in Canada, Cuban mostly; Dominion Cigar is the only company tackling launching its own developed brand Canada wide. It’s been one major battle every step of the way, jumping through red tape hoops the Canadian Federal and Provincial Governments put in our way. I truly understand why there isn’t any other Canadian companies at this point, well and of course the absolute crazy tax structure the government has in place on tobacco products.”

    My hat is off to you, sir! It seems like cigar companies always have interesting stories behind them, and Dominion is no exception. Dominion seems like it’s off to a great start with the Dominion Black Lotus. The Black Lotus is blended out of Honduran and Nicaraguan tobacco, and manufactured in Danli, Honduras. Ralph Montero of Alec Bradley had a hand in putting together this blend.

    I was sent a couple of different sizes, the Toro and the Gordo, as well as a very nice complimentary ashtray. For this review I smoked the Toro since I’m more comfortable with this format than the 60-ring gauge Gordo.

    Steve generously provided a beautiful Dominion ashtray along with two cigars to give away to one of our readers. Just leave a comment on this post to enter the competition. That’s it! We’ll announce the winner in one week.

    Dominion Black Lotus Ashtray

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    Appearance : [rating:5/5]
    The wrapper is a mottled medium brown with a bit of tooth and an oily sheen. There’s a nice double cap, and only a few fine veins. It feels quite firm, almost too firm, which has me a little bit anxious about the draw. The brand is a beautiful, eye-catching gold and blue design with the Black Lotus icon. The pre-light aroma is musty and earthy with a hint of sweet hay.

    Construction : [rating:4.5/5]
    What a pleasant surprise. The first draw is just fine, and none of the other draws feel tight either. Construction is beautiful all around with a razor sharp burn and very little need for touch-ups. The ash builds up and hangs on. There are literally no flaws except that I needed to relight the cigar in the end of the second third.

    Flavor : [rating:4.25/5] (4.25)
    The flavors are creamy, spicy, and peppery, all nicely balanced. At times the pepper is intense, but never overkill. During the middle third, the flavors transition with the spice dropping down substantially. I keep expecting those earthy notes I smelled on pre-light to come through, but they don’t, though the sweet hay is there, woven in with the rest in a very well-melded way. The flavors become salty and there is a hint of anise—but also something sour, and not in a good way like tasty citrus—just sour and unpleasant. Thankfully this is a brief phase before the cigar morphs back into more pleasant territory. The earthiness finally comes through in the last third, and the nuts take front and center stage. The spiciness is still there, but it’s way in the background now.

    Overall Rating : [rating:4.5/5]
    I can’t say anything yet about the value of this cigar, since I don’t know what it will be retailing at. You can purchase it at select retailers in Canada right now (it was released in October 2014), but you still can’t buy it anywhere else. It is expected to hit stores in Germany early next year, and release later in 2015 in the United States. I will be interested to see what it sells for; it’s certainly a delightful stogie and I look forward to my chance to smoke another. Aside from that brief sour interlude in the middle third (which may have been a fluke), this is a pretty good cigar. Complex flavors, beautiful construction, and a promising foray into the cigar world by a new Canadian brand. Definitely try one of these if you get a chance!

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    • Dornelles

      I’ll be waiting here in Brazil for the prize! Great review, thanks!

    • Craig O

      Calvin at the Tobacco Outlet in Calgary sold me on this Cigar, I have found a new favourite.

    • Jasapp

      I’m not usually one for a spicy smoke, I don’t know what it is, but they sit very heavily on my palate. This sounds like an interesting smoke though, except for the sour notes in the middle.

    • Vernon E. Warner Jr

      I haven’t tried these before, from the information they look like something I need search out for.

    • lori

      Thank you so much for the review and giveaway. I’m really interested in these. I’ve been doing cigar fetish photos and have been searching high and low for a good cigar to use. These sound great and look really fat.

      Do you happen to have a suggestion for a mild, big and fat cigar? Thank you, Lori

    • DiRT

      New to cigars but i know good advice when i read it. Just keep reading you’re articles and adding to my wish list!

    • jimmy

      as a canadian great to see a new company–this stick seems to be great–I already was at my b&m about it–they are checking in to it—thanks again

    • Joan Kubes

      Thanks for the chance, good review.

    • atllogix

      Sounds like a great smoke. Thanks for the opportunity!

    • Marty

      Being a canadian I understand the struggles he must be going through with the government, especially with anything tobacco related. Kudos to him for his perseverance and I wish him luck. I will definitely give them a try to help support his business!

    • Mr.Bugg

      Love to give this one a try. Sounds great.

    • Matt

      I’ve heard that Dominion is producing some top notch cigars – would be eager to try.

    • joe canez

      sounds like an AWESOME cigar right up my alley! thanks for the review and contest!

    • cmbrose

      Great review and thanks for the giveaway!

    • Jay R.

      Nice review, thanks. With a rating like that, it seems like it’s worth a shot to me.

    • Trouts23

      These are great cigars. A buddy and I met Steve at The Rocky Mountain Smokeout near Banff AB in October and had the chance to buy one of the first boxes of Gordo’s. Enjoyed one this afternoon and can’t say enough about the brand and it’s founder. Canada had many cigar producers years ago in a Southern Ontario but they all disappeared long ago. CheapSmokes Canada in Alberta sells them. Worth the effort!

    • Legend

      The sour may come from the filler leaves not dried properly.I enjoy my pepper and cashew nut taste myself.I’ll give it a go when it hits Ca.Thanks Inspector for the new stoogies…

    • JJ

      This sounds like a flavor profile right up my alley. I have not been to Canada but would like to give this one a try.

    • wstsider

      damn my respects to this man for starting from nothing with this stick. good luck my friend.

    • Swede214

      Good review, sounds like something I would like to try. Thanks for the contest.

    • Randall

      Sounds interesting!

    • Texican8

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    • Cigarguysradioshow

      We wish Dominion great success!


      Thanks for doin the giveaway!

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      Good stuff! Thanks for the contest!

    • Timmc71

      Thanks for the giveaway and good luck everyone. Intrested in trying a non cuban Canadian brand. Thanks

    • Ozzi

      Great contest as usual! Thank you!

    • George (Jorge In MX)

      Many Winter friends from Canada…….After reading the review, I am going to ask them to bring me a few Dominions when they come to Mexico for the Holidays…..!!!!!

    • Cisco

      Went looking for this cigar yesterday but was unable to find it. Hopefully my local B&M stocks these soon. Looking forward to trying one.

    • XrayPilot

      Nice review. Looking forward to trying the Dominion.

    • George Satterfield

      Thank you for the great review.
      These look like they are well constructed and a pleasure to smoke. Looking forward to giving these a try.

    • Mark VanSledright

      Beautiful looking cigar with a complex profile from a new cigar manufacturer trying to make their mark. Good luck. Thanks for the fine review and the contest.

    • M. Huntley

      The review was great! Really peeked some interest since we are always wanting to try something new and compare our tastes to that of the “reviews”.
      Best of luck to them and I look forward to seeing some in my humi.

    • Vic Gonzalez

      The challenges are not only in the States but in Canada as well for the Cigar Businesses. Hope the CRA helped Dominion. Will be looking forward in trying the Black Lotus.

    • Brian B

      I live in Canada, it is always nice to see a new cigar brand, especially with all the red tape we have in Canada regarding cigars.

    • Robert

      Always enjoy the reviews and cigar comments! I save and refer to them quite often. The opportunities to win cigars and accessories are greatly appreciated!

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    • John H

      Like the size, like the country or origin and wish more ashtrays like this one were available. Nice review as well.

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      Very impressive looking cigar. Construction looks superb and teh band is just eye catching! Thanks a lot Dennis for the review. Hope I’ll have a chance to taste it here in Barcelona, Spain at some point!

    • Peter J.

      Nice review, looks terrific. I can’t wait till it hits the lower 48.(US)

    • Anthony

      Well done guys! Great looking cigar.

    • ray

      first tought that cross my mind when i saw this post on my email is “waww…what an eye catching band, it looks like a jewel or blue diamond or somethin” great design man, can’t wait to see how the cigar taste like.

    • Serge DesRosiers

      Sounds like a good cigar!

    • JBD

      Sounds great; just discovered the site as I’m looking to try other brands from my usual selection – look forward to trying them in BKK, if I’m really lucky and they get imported!

    • Chuck

      Sweet. I am always looking for something new for my self and my friends to try. We like to host smoking parties where we each bring a cigar choice we take turns smoking cigars and talking about the cigar. Its fun.

    • Daniel

      Bravo! Finally a Great Canadian Cigar!…can’t wait to try one out!….now what I’m wondering is that is it going to be priced cheaper in the US than here in Canada?

    • Johnnie

      Sounds like a unique cigar company and agreat cigar!

    • Matthew

      Cerulean blue one of my favourite colours! I notice the band matches the ash tray too! No coincidence I’m sure!

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      Pretty cool ashtray. Thanks to Steve from Dominion for supplying the prize!

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    • Steve C

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    • Duane D.

      I have enjoyed one Dominion Black Lotus recently. I found it well made, burnt and smoked well!
      I’m anxous too find somemore of them!

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      I would like to have these two sticks for an early December smoke!

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      Awesome review! Sure would love to get my hands / lips on those! Im sure it be a great combination with Crown Royal…wink wink!

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      I have mad props for you guys a Dominion Cigars, I travel to British Columbia all the time, I know how expensive it is to smoke a cigar up there. I would love to try this cigar, and if the Inspector gave it a high praise we know for sure its good! Even if I don’t win this contest I will be scouting this cigar out, good luck guys, and great review! Thanks for the contest (btw)!

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