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  1. The Tollaficionados

    De Siena Corojo

    Origin : Honduras
    Format : Super Toro
    Size : 6 x 58
    Wrapper : Honduran Corojo
    Binder : Nicaragua
    Filler : Dominican Republic, Honduras
    Price : $8.99 each

    Hello fellow brothers of the leaf (and maybe a few sisters), and welcome to another cigar review from The Tollaficionados. Returning from business on the road and back in his easy chair is Nick Sr, my cohort, my friend and my Dad.

    We decided to go not only private label on this review, but also local. You see, we live in the same town as the #1 Rocky Patel dealer in New England, Doc James Cigars & Golf. Being that they have such a solid relationship with Mr. Patel, who is often at events thrown by Doc James, it was only natural to approach him with the idea of a private label cigar.

    So, in 2006 Rocky Patel decided to produce a private label line exclusively for Doc James Cigars & Golf named DeSiena. In the stable are a Connecticut, a Pennsylavania Broadleaf Maduro and a Corojo. We chose to review the Corojo.

    A 6 x 58 Super Toro with a fantastic aroma both pre and post light. This is a medium bodied cigar made with Dominican and Honduran filler. The binder is Nicaraguan, and it has a flawless Corojo wrapper. Brick & Mortar Price Point: $8.99.

    On the light we experienced a milder than expected flavor. Pleasant, but mild. But this didn’t last long. The cigar expanded its profile to become much more potent than its start, and layed the smack down on our tongues with a subtle sweetness. (Why not use the vernacular of another famous Rocky, The Rock of WWE, and now Disney film fame.) Anyway peeps, the cigar became much better, loosing some of the bitterness that one often gets when a cigar is presenting a milder smoke.

    OK. Halfway point and holding steady. Great construction from an aesthetic point of view: great cap construction, great Corojo color and as I have mentioned, a nice aroma. I had a very small issue with a tight draw, but it only lasted a moment. Most likely a result of my not plugging the cigar deep enough in preparation for ignition. Dad had a few cracks, but with the crisp New York air at a nipple tweaking 40 degrees and us enjoying our DeSienas outside, it was to be expected.

    The finish was slightly sweet and pleasant, leading us to agree that this was one to return to. Dad expressed it best when he said, “That was a solid $8.99 cigar”. Don’t expect the world from it, just enjoy its positive qualities while avoiding breaking the bank. This stick won’t let you down. Great as a daily go-to cigar.

    Until next time…

    Here’s Wishing You A Long Ash!
    The Tollaficionados

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    • Jodie

      Great Review. Based on your comments, I’d try this smoke. Keep up the good work Tollaficionados! I don’t spend to much effort worrying about cigar price. If any cigar is above my personal price point maximum, I still enjoy reading about it. One of the reasons I love cigar smoking is based on all the different opinions and perceptions. Put it in the Air!

    • Mormegil

      Personally, I wasn’t offended at all by your review, Tollaficionados. It was well-written, informative and clever. I simply can’t afford a cigar near $10.00 every day. It’s a wonderful hobby and I’m happy you can indulge in the more premium spectrum on a daily basis. The only comment I found offensive was from ChandraK. His smugness and self-congratulatory air is a bit irritating and unrealistic for most who smoke cigars. But then again, he’s probably just a comment troll and very unhappy with the more important aspects of life…

    • Tollaficionados

      Wow. Sorry for all the price point opinion. In my own defense (and my Fathers) we have sampled many cigars below the aforementioned $8.99 per stick price point. What we have added into our daily roataion has been based on flavor and construction. There have been a quite a few that we have worked into our daily rotations that cost a little less than $8.99. The Gurkha Empire 6 for example at about $6.99 a stick. I will refrain from using the “go-to” phrase in the future, as I certainly understand that its definition can be expanded to be a very wide net price wise. I apologize if I rubbed any of you the wrong way.

    • ChandarK

      I agree with the review on “go-to”. I consider $14 and up a premium (in most cases). At 3 or 4 cigars a day, a $9.00 cigar is pretty “go-to” for me. Anybody who is a bit cash strapped shouldn’t be indulging in such hobbies until one can afford to do so. If your “go-to” is Dutch Masters, you don’t need this site for opinions/reviews on better product.

    • John H

      I also wanted to comment on the craziness of cigar pricing recently. It seems that we’re going through another wave of boutique pricing similar to what happened during the cigar boom of the 90’s. Unfortunately the quality is not keeping up with the price. In many of the reviews that I see, the reviewer is trying his darnedest to find enough positives to justify not only the price but yet another “premium” cigar on the market.

      Rocky is a perfect example of a cigar maker who continues to flood the market with cigar after cigar. Rather than concentrating on a core few cigars that would stand up against all comers, it seems that he makes labels and fills them with cigars. Of all the RP’s I’ve had, I’ve only found a couple I’d consider buying a second time, so I’ve turned away from his products because of the disappointments. It’s also hard to go to any cigar site and not find RP’s on sale and in bulk.

      Now, all that said, Inspector, I really enjoy your site and your reviews. The fact that you have Cuban reviews brings me back on a daily basis. I agree with you often on your reviews and have tried new (to me) cigars based on you experiences.

      Thanks and keep up the good work.

    • Avatar photo


      Good point. I also thought that $9 was closer to the premium range than to what we can call go-to when I read the review. However one needs to take into account the quantity of cigars that one smokes per day. It this quantity is rather low (=1), than $9 might be considered go-to…

    • Mormegil

      Wow. You consider $8.99 a daily, go-to cigar? Wish I had your job…

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Cigar Region Honduras
Filler Dominican, Honduras
Wrapper Honduran Corojo
Binder Nicaragua
Length 6
Ring Gauge 58
Vitola Super Toro
Construction Hand Made