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    Lewis Hearn

    Origin: Costa Rica

    Pure Aroma Cigars is the company behind that cigar, which is the second release in their ‘Presidential Collection’ after the Diplomacy series. Been released 2016 and using 18 months old aged tobacco.

    Visually this cigar is an eye-grabbing experience, the band is in US Flag colours, the wrapper is a bit rough but has oils.

    Very compact looking cigar, firm when squeezed, no soft spots. Slight burn issues despite the perfect burning line, draw is perfect and plenty smoke been produced.

    Cold draw shows a lot of flavours, but mainly grass and hay

    First third starts out with flavours of crackers, followed by a milk chocolate and a touch of vanilla. About an inch after that there are hints of black pepper.

    Moving to the second third cinnamon is the dominating flavour with the background mixture of earth, vanilla and wood

    The final third, don’t have anything dominant. All flavours are very mixed and include: earth, black pepper, grass, spice and vanilla.

    US price is around $8-9, it’s a good daily cigar, good size and plenty of flavours in there.

    Good burn, a little bit one dimensional on flavours, there are plenty but slightly on the one side. Few touches, worth trying and maybe used as typical daily smoke, but nothing exceptional here.

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Cigar Region Rest of the world
Filler DR and Brazil
Wrapper Habano Criollo Especial
Binder Habano
Length 4 1/8
Ring Gauge 52
Vitola Gordito
Construction Hand Made
Price Paid $9