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    Cremo Magnum Opus

    Origin : USACremo
    Format : Corona Gorda
    Size : 5.75 x 46
    Wrapper : Habano (Nicaraguan?)
    Filler : Nicaragua, Dominican Republic
    Binder : Nicaragua
    Price : $10-12 each

    Recently, a press release about Cremo Cigars was brought upon the cigar world sending some aficionados abuzz. With that being said, you can click here to read that press release, which will allow me to really expand on what’s important, rather than providing you with facts that have already been spread around the cigar community. One fact that I will touch on, however, is that these smokes will not be available until after the first of the year. Allow me to make this very clear. I can’t wait.

    Allow me to start out by thanking the President of Cremo Cigars, Mr. Walter Santiago. He seems quite passionate about the product he brings to the table, and I truly appreciate him providing me with the samples for this review. The two vitolas I received arrived in great condition, and came along with a nice box of cigar matches. Thanks again Walter. Now, on to shameless criticism.

    Visually, this smoke is modestly stunning. You may be asking, “How can something be modest and stunning at the same time?” Simple. Starting with the Habano wrapper, you will not find a single flaw. Thin veins, solid construction, and an elegant band accompany a well-placed cap. So, when I say modest, I am referring to the fact that no hype, or flashy band is required to make this stick beautiful. The peanut – butter wrapper contrasts the beige and chrome band in a way that is truly humble compared to most. Don’t let the name “Cremo” fool you. It has nothing to do with cream whatsoever. Cremo is the first person form of “cremar”, which means “to smoke”, and that’s exactly what this stick makes you want to do.

    Cremo Magnum Opus

    Aromatically, straight out the humidor, this cigar doesn’t provide much. But, soon you will realize, with an easy cut, and a perfect draw, this stick changes your perception quickly. With the pre-light draw, you will find a slight, but complex, bitterness. However, this bitterness is quickly counter-acted by the wonderful hints of oak, sour cream, and thyme. This was a flavor profile that was truly intriguing, and completely unexpected.

    So, think for a minute. When is the last time you had a smoke with the “perfect” draw? It’s been a while, right? Well, put a Cremo in your hand, and your outlook will certainly change. The absolute perfect amount of smoke, accompanies an easy, relaxing draw. In my opinion, simply perfect. Although labeled as medium – full bodied, I actually found this smoke to be on the more full bodied end of the spectrum. This smoke grabs the gut, and holds on for dear life.

    Now that you know that it smokes perfectly, you are entitled to know a little about its flavor. Starting out, you get hints of gentle spice, mild coffee with cream (no sugar), and a slight nuance of persimmon. This is a flavor profile that is completely unreal, and rewarding. I paired this smoke with a bold zinfandel, and I found the pairing to be quite exquisite. The berry and vanilla overtones blended well with the complexity of this smoke.

    Heading into the second third, this smoke becomes slightly leathery, evolving into hints of bark, sage, and truffle oil. It actually gets weird for a moment, but I love it. The ash hangs sturdy, and the burn is extremely even, but fast, as it speeds itself into the final third. Within the final third, the sage intensifies, and the euphoric buzz of nicotine takes over. However, almost overpowering the sage flavors, is a distinct peanut flavor. The retro-hale becomes downright eye watering, in a final attempt to defer you from what this smoke is really about.

    Finally, a bitter, creamy smoke engulfs your senses, leading into an enigmatic end to this journey. The finish is smooth, yet daunting. Although the price is on the upper end of what I like to pay, I would most certainly buy a box (and I don’t buy boxes). This smoke left an utter anticipation to obtain a stockpile of these precious gems. Not only are these smokes suitable for a special occasion, but they are suitable to become a daily smoke in my book. So, in retrospect, I give this courageous smoke a 9.4 / 10. It would have a perfect rating if it was more on the $8 – $9 price range. Keep up the amazing work Walter…

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Cigar Region United States
Filler Nicaragua, Dominican
Wrapper Nicaragua Habano
Binder Nicaragua
Length 5 3/4
Ring Gauge 46
Vitola Corona Gorda
Construction Hand Made
Price Paid $10