Cohiba Siglo VI Gran Reserva

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  1. Zen Cigar

    Cohiba Siglo VI Gran Reserva

    Origin : Cuba
    Factory : El LaguitoCohiba
    Format : Canonazo
    Size : 150 (5.9”) x 20.64 mm
    Ring : 52
    Price : $100+ each

    With only 5,000 boxes made, harvested from the best tobacco of the 2003 crop, the Gran Reserva signifies the best possible product from Cuba. Here’s more about this special smoke: Habanos Press release. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to smoke a cigar of this magnitude, even at nearly a dollar per millimeter of tobacco.

    As I take it out of my trunk humidor, I can’t help but notice how unassuming it is. The wrapper looks like any other Habano, light brown and thin with very little visible veins – just a little more red in color. I expected it to be heftier than it is: most Cohibas are packed very tightly, but not this one. Upon clipping it, I notice the pre-light draw is very easy – different from most Sig VI’s.

    I toast the foot and begin to draw in the best that Cuba has to offer.

    The first few puffs are milder than I expected, even given the tobacco’s age. The flavors are slighlty woody with leather and white pepper that still manages to tickle the sinuses.

    To say that this cigar is complex is almost a disservice, every puff yields a different note all the while maintaining a perfect balance and a long finish.

    The pepper note picks up a bit an inch in paired with that wonderful earthy mustiness that makes Cuban tobacco so unique.

    The burn is dead even and the aroma of the smoke is floral and intense!

    Another inch in, the cigar gets richer and stronger, notes of espresso and anise abound.

    Notes of tea are paired with the leather and wood with a hint of cocoa powder on the finish. There is also a surprising amount of mint present.

    Halfway through, if you can believe this, the Siglo 6 Gran Reserva gets better. The retrohale is musty and rich and is better than anything I have ever smoked. The cocoa notes intensify and accentuate the licoricy finish.

    As this cigar draws to a close I can only think of something I often hear from the cigar community, that Cubans aren’t all they’re cracked up to be, and that they’ve dropped off in the last decade or so. Really? I’d put the best of Cuba against what anyone in any other country could produce any day. This is simply the best cigar I have ever smoked. Really my only complaint is that this cigar smokes too fast, I would compromise the draw to make this cigar last longer!

    Rating: 105 (A++)

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    • Robert

      I have personally seen three boxes that all bear the box #0931 so its authenticity is questionable. Would love to hear what CI has to say after Simon sends in a copy.

    • Simon

      Hi Mr. Zen
      I just got a box of this in a most unlikely place, box #0931, everything seems very authentic comparing with all the images I saw on the internet from the black velvet cover to the cigar label, it looks absolutely gorgeous, the only thing seems odd is there are few sticks have their ring slightly smaller than the label, so the labels on these are loose, resulting the15 sticks line up in the box is not tight and neat like other Cohiba box that I have been getting. It’s also missing a pull out ribbon at the middle cigar. The only thing I can think of to be sure this is the real deal or not is sending you one so you can smoke and verify for me. I affraid I am not experience enough to identify them. Would you do that for me? please email me the mailing address, i will send you one right away.
      Thank you in advance

    • apopof5

      I was given a box of these beauties and I totally agree with the above review entirely. I do have a question. Everything I have read states that 5000 numbered boxes of 15 were made. Does that mean that there were no boxes of 25 ?. A friend has a black lacquered box of 25. Are they a different cigar? His box states “Gran Reserva Cosecha 2003”.

    • LiveFree

      Great review. Very descriptive. I was blessed by being able to collect and smoke preCastro cigars, Cuban Davidiffs (Dom perignon) and all the Cohiba lines that were ever made. After having said that, Cohiba Reserva deserves high accolades, but it is not worth $100 a stick, unless you are a collector of cigars.
      For a daily or weekly smoke it is no better than a $30 BHK 54 or 56 especially if they are aged another year or two, or even some good vintages of Siglo VI.

    • Cuban

      Sometimes i think being a cigar smoker, well i think we need reminders sometimes, why we started and why we continue looking and searching for that perfect smoke. In these troubled times i think we should all light up one of these, sip some scotch and give the world the finger… God bless.

    • donutboy2000

      At $100 a stick I am glad to see that it came through with flying colors. It got more points than it cost. 105!!!

    • mathieurlp

      wow, lucky guy!

    • Prophet Noir

      I was fortunate enough to be able to invest in three of these shortly after they were introduced. I still have two of them in my humidor. I agree with your scoring entirely, this was and remains the best cigar I have ever smoked. It exceeds expectations in every way. It even exceeds the hype! The burn, the ash the flavors are all astonishing. I look forward to smoking the next one, but then I will be left with only one and I will be sad.

    • Matthew

      Not sure I agree with your review. Send me a Gran Reserva and I’ll attempt to validate your conclusions.

      Nice review. Makes me incredibly sad that I didn’t pick up a couple of sticks, but they were so expensive…

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Cigar Region Cuba
Filler Cuban
Wrapper Cuba
Binder Cuba
Length 5 7/8
Ring Gauge 52
Vitola Robusto
Construction Hand Made
Price Paid Â£900