Cohiba Siglo VI 2002 X Aniversario

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    Cohiba Siglo VI 2002 X Aniversario

    Origin : Cuba
    Factory : El LaguitoCohiba
    Format : Canonazo
    Size : 150 (5.9”) x 20.64 mm
    Ring : 52
    Price : $100+ each

    The Cohiba Siglo VI X Aniversario that I will be smoking today comes from the Cohiba Siglo limited edition humidor that was introduced back in 2002. Only 500 were made and each humidor came with 90 cigars. That’s six different vitolas, each with 15 cigars.

    The cigar looks fantastic. A smooth wrapper with no veins popping at you, a beautiful light brown color, and the classic taxi colored Cohiba band with a little twist. In my opinion, the Sig VI is one of the perfect size cigars measuring at 52 x 5.9, it just feels good between your fingers.

    Okay, here is my favorite part. Right off the bat and as soon as I lit the cigar, I am hit with an enormous bouquet of sweet flowers. The next few puffs brought a smile to my face as I begin to taste the flavors. A ton of sweet-caramel almonds start to fill my palate followed with the smallest hint of tanginess. Oh man, it’s just perfect! And the finish from this cigar just fills up your palate with a ton of flavor, let me say it again, a ton of flavor! The mixture of the almond like flavors with the well-known aged Cuban tobacco flavor is just out of this world. I also picked up some tea characteristics once or twice and also a cafe con leche once in a while.

    I can go on and on about the aroma, but I won’t. Simply put, it smelled like the best-baked cake just came out of the oven and you walked in to the kitchen and the cloud of aroma was all up in your face. The smoke is mellow, smooth and the draw was just right. It burned great and the ash was fun too.

    This cigar was simply amazing. And honestly, it reminded me of the Vegas Robaina 5th Aniversario. However, this cigar was definitely better. Why? Because the VR was a little too light at times, but this cigar was perfect with a ton of body, but still remained smooth and fresh on your palate.

    I hope I don’t get a lot of emails for this score, but I have to score it how it is and keep it real with you guys. At this moment, the aroma, the burn, the mellowness, the flavors, the appearance, the aged Cuban tobacco taste we all love, the size of the cigar, the sun shining on my yorkie Posh aka Agent 4 Pounds, and just how perfect everything is going. This is the score.

    Rating: 99

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Cigar Region Cuba
Filler Cuban
Wrapper Cuba
Binder Cuba
Length 5.9
Ring Gauge 52
Vitola Cañonazo
Construction Hand Made
Price Paid $100+