Cohiba Siglo III

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  1. The Cigar Spy

    Cohiba Siglo III

    Origin : Cuba
    Format : Corona Grande (Perla)Cohiba
    Size : 155 x 17 mm (6 x 42)
    Year : 2007
    Weight : 10.14 g
    Price : $14+ each

    Let’s start with the look of the cigar. It’s simply an eye catching cigar, maybe it’s the yellow in the bands that grab your eyes, maybe it’s the gorgeous tan colored wrapper or maybe it’s just the fact that the word “Cohiba” is written on the band. Whatever the case may be, it does the job.

    When smelling the Cohiba Siglo III, there was a strong spanish cedar smell that you get when a cigar is well taken care of (we all know and love that smell, I can smell it all day). After you cut the cap, you’ll notice a little tiny hole on the top of the cap. It almost looks like a messy punch cut. It’s supposed to help the draw or at least that’s what I hear. And I haven’t seen it on all Cubans, but I do remember seeing it on a lot of them. The pre-draw check was good and left a small taste of earthy tobacco, but really soft. It was really nice too.

    Now let’s talk about my favorite part of the cigar, the flavor. One word, YUMMY! The cigar starts off very sweet (which I love), mixed with a rich earthy but maybe more grassy sweet like flavor. Honestly, it’s a flavor im not really use to because I feel its so different from everything else. But simply put, and in my opinion, it taste like grass and sugar cubes, but very soft and really mellow. When coming close to the end, I picked up roasted chocolate with still more of the grassy and sweet flavors, which makes for a perfect ending.

    Before we stop talking about the flavor profile I have to ask one thing. Can “smoothness or smooth” be a flavor? When talking about cigars? If not, I’m still making it one today. I cannot preach to you guys how incredibly smooth this cigar is. No, not smooth, but smoooooooooooooooooooth. I’m talking from the first puff to the last puff. Honestly, it may even be smoother than the pimp who was playing pool right next to me.

    Sadly because of my environment I didn’t get to enjoy the aroma so much, so I won’t speak on that. What I will speak about is the fantastic construction. Excellent burn, a little tight draw in the start but it then gets better as you smoke and lastly a great ash, very white with a couple of dark grey spots.

    Final Note: This cigar is good and it will definitely get your mind and palate working while it lets you enjoy the flavor. However, I still truly believe this cigar is young. I think with age, the flavors I did pick up will become more bolder and with a lot more body behind it. Which at the end, will give you a better flavor profile. And again, it’s a smooth cigar and you can never go wrong with that. I gotta say it, but the Bolivar Belicoso Fino and Coronas Extras are 100x’s way better, out of this world good.

    Final Grade: B

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    • Aldo Mombello

      Cohiba Siglo IIII a good medium cogars with a surprise old Siglo iII change drastically its character. The uniform dry taste with grass note with disdrete strong intensity after 8-10 years change in a sweet chicolate taste with wood note with less strong but with appreciable differences during smoking. A
      Concluding in my opinion a good cigar after aging.

    • David

      Enjoyed this post on the Siglo III.. I think the Siglo II is the pick out of the Linea 1492 range. Thanks!

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Cigar Region Cuba
Filler Cuban
Wrapper Cuba
Binder Cuba
Length 6 1/8
Ring Gauge 42
Vitola Coronas Grande
Construction Hand Made