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    Cohiba Behike 58. In late October of 2019 rumors said that Cubatabaco and Habanos were working on a new Behike. A bigger and fatter Behike than the original three. A Behike 58. But a week later a source within a large exclusive Habanos distributor confirmed that the project was put on ice. After smoking test blends people high up in Habanos deemed the cigar too strong. Since that, it’s all quiet on the western front. Maybe without the pandemic, this would have been a release for the Habanos Festival, as it is the 55th birthday of Cohiba.

    But due to our good relationships within the world of exclusive Habanos distributors, we can smoke this cigar. Now we don’t know if this is the final blend and thus a pre-release or if this is a test blend. We also won’t reveal the source of this cigar as we are sworn to secrecy. But we will say that our source for this cigar isn’t Pacific Cigar Company even though they would be the most likely suspect due to the geographical location.

    Name: Cohiba Behike 58
    Country: Cuba
    Factory: Undisclosed
    Size: 7×58
    Vitola: Gordo
    Wrapper: Cuba
    Binder: Cuba
    Filler: Cuba
    Price: not yet available
    Cutter: Palio
    Lighter: Alec Bradley Megaburner
    Smoke conditions: Indoors with ventilator
    Smoke time: three hours fifty minutes

    The review

    It is an impressive-looking cigar. Big and thick. Scary almost. But if you aren’t a fan of big ring gauges, it will turn you off. This pre-release came naked, but the final product will have the gorgeous BHK ring with all the security details. The pigtail is a nice touch. It is impossible to have such a big cigar without a vein on the wrapper, but the veins are minor. The construction feels good. The aroma is pleasant, barnyard and horses.

    The cold draw is alright with a little nutty, peppery tobacco flavor. Once lit the cigar gives a honey and leather flavor with mild spice. The spice level picks up a little and there is some cedar in the retrohale. A mild nut flavor shows up as well, honey-coated cashews. The nut flavor disappears, but the honey remains. Now with a mild pepper, leather, and cedar. Leather, cedar, and spice grow stronger, creating a dry mouthfeel. There is a hint of vanilla too. The first third is all about honey though, it remains constantly sweet but at an acceptable level. And it’s natural sweetness, not something artificial.

    The second third starts with a bit more pepper, citrus, and honey. But it is all balanced, full of nuance and smoothness. The retrohale is all cedar. The nut flavor returns, with leather and cedar. But all with that honey sweetness. Leather and pepper are growing and the cigar becomes stronger. But in flavor and in strength. The honey seems to disappear. The pepper is growing beyond normal Cuban levels. And it is starting to become clear why some of the feedback from the test panel was that the cigar is too strong. It is stronger than the average Cuban cigar, but for the smokers of stronger New World cigars, this is where the cigar becomes interesting. There is a nice mix of black and red pepper with cedar, leather, and nuts. The final third also has a hint of dark chocolate. But mostly pepper.

    The draw is okay, not good, and not bad. There is a good amount of smoke. The ash is very light for a Cuban cigar. The burn is straight. The cigar starts out mellow. Medium in body and flavor. But halfway the cigar turns strong. The smoke time is three hours and fifty minutes.

    Strength: Medium-Full
    Flavor: Medium-Full

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Cigar Region Cuba
Length 4 3/4
Ring Gauge 58
Construction Hand Made
Filler Cuban
Wrapper Cuba
Binder Cuba