Sancho Panza Gran Quixote Exclusivo BELUX

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    Origin : CubaSancho Panza
    Format : Romeo
    Size : 162 mm x 52
    Ring : 5
    Price : USD 20-

    Sancho Panza appeared on a cigar in 1848. The brand takes it name from the novel of Miguel Cervantes: Don Quixote.

    The marca develops intense medium strength cigars with a high ageing potential. If you have the chance to enjoy a Sancho Panza Sancho from the late 90s they are pure pleasure and they are still around on the market.

    I was very pleased to receive an early Christmas gift from La Casa Del Tabaco Knokke to review this cigar.

    Draw : [rating:4.5/6]
    Burn : [rating:4/6]
    Flavour : [rating:4.5/6]
    Aroma : [rating:4/6]
    Strength : [rating:4.5/6]


    I always enjoy the big double figurados shape. They require patience and love. The pointy part car be a pain for some people as not much flavours and smoke comes out of this part. Indeed, you are first enjoying the binder mainly until you reach the widest part of the cigar where finally the cigar express itself and already warm.

    The first part was light in strength but tasty. Quick start in the woody and sweet notes.

    Very quickly the cigar increases slowly in intensity and shows it has a lot to bring us in the next few years. However this increase of strength did not bring harshness nor bitterness as you would normally expect from young cigar. It is surprisingly smooth and elegant with medium power.

    The second part shows an amazing burn and draw. The construction is perfect and allows us to enjoy the ash shape of a double figurados.

    Some very nice toasty and roasted coffee notes appear, great woodiness. It is always nice to have a new cigar developing very quickly this velvety texture of great aged ones.

    On the palate sometimes it can be slightly dry but great density of smoke always comes out.

    Some coconut notes are leading the last third and a high heat takes over the cigar.
    I really enjoyed the combination of strength and salty finish. Happily surprised with the round linger flavours of the blend so far.

    The very last part turns out to be very oaky, this sweet vanilla woody notes.
    All throughout the cigar the blend was changing very quickly. shows it needs sometimes to all be one. But so far it was not too fresh not aggressive like other new releases.

    Maybe one of the best fresh cigar I had for a long time

    Funny burn at the end but great strong flavour. Real smoke. Well done !!

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Cigar Region Cuba
Filler Cuban
Wrapper Cuba
Binder Cuba
Length 6 3/8
Ring Gauge 52
Vitola Romeo
Construction Hand Made