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  1. Beneluxor

    Format : Julieta No 6 señorita petit panetela
    Size : 4 3/4″ x 33 ring gauge (120mm x 13.10mm)
    Brand strength : Medium
    Price : ~ € 5.00 / $ 6.15

    Draw : [rating:4/6]
    Burn : [rating:4/6]
    Flavour : [rating:4/6]
    Aroma : [rating:4/6]
    Strength : [rating:3/6]


    The Julieta from Cuba’s storied Romeo y Julieta brand, is the true señorita petite cigar from Habanos, offering good construction, and some changing & at times sweet flavour interest, provided you puff lightly and don’t overheat this cigar’s small frame.

    Sold in lipstick-red tin metal boxes of 5, the Julieta was introduced at the beginning of the 2010 decade, a more delicate counterpoint to the several ‘Romeo’ vitolas in the RyJ line-up. It is an elegant and lovely-looking small cigar, the Cuban perhaps most likely to catch a lady’s eye in a varied-stock humidor.

    The Julieta turns out to be quite a nice stick to smoke, usually with some special moments of sweetness, along with some of the traditional RyJ rustic, outdoors, heather-and-meadow flavours & scents.

    The catch here, tho, is that you really need to hold back on how strongly you puff this one. For most of us usually smoking sticks at least a little thicker, it’s a little too easy to puff more strongly or quickly, unfortunately turning the nice Julieta flavour profile into something harsher.

    But it’s a well-made cigar and provides real value for money in a small Cuban. Tends to look very nice with its medium-colour just-oily-enough wrappers, and the Julietas usually burn evenly, with surprisingly fewer draw problems than one would expect from a thin Cuban stick like this, tho they do occur.

    Usually a nice pre-draw after punching / cutting, sometimes with appealing coffee & caramel. The first third of the Julietas can be especially engaging, a little sweetness that is greatly pleasing, and some freshness, like a garden after a rain, with an airy, almost ‘menthol’ character.

    The second third tends to be more of the traditional Romeo y Julieta flavour profile, garden, farm, heather and hay, tho not so much spice here, and a bit more strength, just fitting Habanos ‘medium’ designation. One thing nice is that these Julietas tend to avoid the overly grassy character that sometimes intrudes on the larger RyJ sticks.

    With the final third, one is often rewarded with more of those very special sweet moments, even some cocoa, alternating with the outdoorsy sense, a bit of toastiness added at times. The sweet parts of this stick are delicate and light and briefer, the outdoors heather tends to be longer and fuller. But the cigar tends to stay quite interesting for a Cuban stick in this price range.

    One really needs to puff gently throughout. Purging (exhaling thru the cigar) helps if you overheat, but above all a good pause, 45 seconds or a minute, and you can coax the flavour back with an intake that is more of a ‘sip’. The Julieta has refinement but is not as ‘solid’ of a cigar as the Cohiba Exquisitos in the same ring gauge (33 x 126mm) at more than double the price.

    You can get some nice flavour in the Julieta, but even as a panetela guy myself, I find myself wishing for a little ‘more’ cigar than this petite one, and I would tend to choose the slightly larger & cheaper Romeo y Julieta Belvederes (39 ring gauge x 125mm) over the Julieta, even tho the Belvederes lacks some of the Julieta’s sweet and refined highlights.

    For a couple I know who smoke cigars together sometimes, this RyJ Julieta is ‘her’ Cuban, which the gent ensures is always available in the humidor for her. She also enjoys pointing out that, in the charming Romeo & Juliet graphic on the Habanos red-and-white tin, as you see in the photo, Shakespeare’s lover Romeo is wearing white tights as he romances Juliet on the balcony … a Renaissance male fashion which she says might look good on men again.


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Cigar Region Cuba
Filler Cuban
Wrapper Cuba
Binder Cuba
Length 4 3/4
Ring Gauge 33
Vitola Julieta No. 6
Construction Hand Made