La Gloria Cubana Orgullosos Swiss Regional Edition

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    Origin : CubaLa Gloria Cubana
    Format : 109
    Size : 50 x 184 (7.2″)
    Ring : 49
    Pre Release
    Price : $NA

    Draw : [rating:5/6]
    Burn : [rating:4.5/6]
    Flavour : [rating:4.5/6]
    Aroma : [rating:5/6]
    Strength : [rating:4/6]


    We got very lucky to have the chance to review the new Gloria Cubana Orgullosos which will be the upcoming Swiss Regional Edition. In the last years we have seen Intertabak, the Swiss distributor for Habanos S.A, adding to their normal box release a collector humidor. We can’t wait to see what sort of beautiful piece of art they will release to highlight this amazing size.
    As you can see on the picture, the cigar wears one band only as it is just a pre release tasting. I am sure the blend will evolve but the main idea is already present. The cigar will come out with red and grey double band indicating “Exclusio Suiza”, as we all know.

    Cigar Review

    At the very beginning, the cigar shows a great draw. Which is very important for such a long cigar to avoid puffing too hard and feeling dizzy towards the end of the smoke.
    the burn is straight away very good. Some pre release are still very moist and can burn slowly this one feels like it has been sat in the warehouse for few months as it burns really well at the beginning.

    The Gloria Cubana Orgullosos starts light and smooth becomes stronger very quickly. It develops the same dry feeling as the britanicas tasted few weeks ago (read the review here).

    On the palate the flavours are not lingering much, I would say a medium finish but rather enjoyable as you do not wish the dry freshness to stay too long on the palate. Lots of woodiness, sweetness and dried fruit notes appears all of a sudden at the end of the first third. The whole melting in the palate reminds you of the finish of a cognac.

    Beautiful grey ash is forming.

    The second part Strat a bit bitter but not harsh. You would expect this notes of ammonia and bitterness from a fresh cigar.
    The second part, for some reason is slightly harder to draw and the density of smoke if lower. I guess it is the accumulation of the first part and the cigar still being moist. However it increases slowly. The palate feeling is very dry with a nutty finish.
    That leathery texture (signature of great La Gloria Cubana) appears slowly at the end of the second third. The development is slow but enjoyable the cigar isn’t boring, many changes al throughout the smoke.

    The Orgullosos gets very strong half way. Very young with high acidity level.

    Some amazing Vanilla, dark coco bean and creamy texture appears. I never felt this in a cigar as far as I can remember. It’s like an exposition of Vanilla notes all of a sudden. Really unexpected.

    This vanilla flavours turns into aroma. Like you would try to burn fresh green sticks of newly harvested Vanilla.
    I just love long cigar they have another rythmn, when there is a development it is a true journey. Some areas can be less exciting than another but during an hour and a half you could potentially experience few different cigars in one.

    At the end I put the lighter in front of the cigar and blow in it. This is something you must try. Since I do it with long cigars I never have these notes of residue being accumulated. It feels that you have a brand new smoke to finish the last 20 minutes.

    We stay on the sweet aromatic palate. With a creamy structure, dark chocolate notes, hints of caramel.

    For a pre release I am a bit speechless. The cigar started dry and fresh which was normal. But this end isn’t a young cigar. No more dry feeling . all about the intensity of aromas and flavours. Still some bitterness at the back of the tongue but nothing very shocking as the vamilla takes over.

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Cigar Region Cuba
Filler Cuban
Wrapper Cuba
Binder Cuba
Length 7 1/4
Ring Gauge 50
Vitola 109
Construction Hand Made