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    Size : 140 x 60
    Wrapper : Equator
    Filler : Nicaragual
    Binder : Costa Rica
    Price : ~$13 EUR / 15 USD

    As you may have followed I have discovered Costa Rican cigars not long ago with the great El Septimo brand. Since then I have tried to find more cigars from this region and heard about Horacio. Sadly, only the binder is from Costa Rica, the filer is from Nicaragua. The brand used to produce with Costa Rican fillers before moving to Nicaragua in one of the best tobacco growing part of the country.

    Draw : [rating:4.5/6]
    Burn : [rating:4.5/6]
    Flavour : [rating:4/6]
    Aroma : [rating:4/6]
    strength : [rating:4.5/6]

    Tasting Notes

    The Horacio Colosso 2016 is a big cigar. This trendy size will satisfy a large majority of people. The feeling in the hand is tight and packed of tobacco. The maduro wrapper leaf is beautiful and silky allowing a great feeling of high quality cigar. The foot is closed so we can’t appreciate the construction before cutting the cigar. However I really enjoy this style.

    1st Part
    Surprisingly, it was not easy to get it burn easily at the beginning. The draw was a bit strange to start, therefore the combustion was impacted. This was only the beginning as shortly after it all came to normal, allowing the cigar to express a good construction.
    The very first puff were herbal and vegetal. The finish was slightly dry, with a low acidity level. The vegetal notes are medium with a short finish on the palate.
    The aroma coming out of the medium density of smoke is sweet and soft. Very enjoyable.
    The ash is a bit loose but surprisingly stays long on the cigar.

    2nd Part
    The draw really opens up and allow a high density of smoke to build up. This makes the cigar very relaxing. This big format provide a great feeling of relaxation (I feel).
    The first palate sensations are floral with a touch of nuttiness. The structure in the mouth is complex. A slight bitterness and a dry feeling linger at the end.
    The Horacio Colosso is well balanced as the flavours and aromas do not change and evolve much.

    3rd Part
    The finish brings a nice intensity to the cigar. A medium to full strength spiciness builds up to remind you, the fillers’ origin: Nicaragua. Great texture on the palate and rich tobacco aromas.
    The dry feeling and the bitterness are sadly still present but luckily the first palate sensation are nice in spiciness and intensity.

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    • Jonathan

      Just bought a box at cigarluxury.com

      I’ve had one of the other maduro lines and loved it. Thanks for the review. Can’t wait to try it.

    • Guy

      Sounds Delicious. Think I’m going to have to give it a try!

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Cigar Region Nicaragua
Filler Nicaragua
Wrapper Ecuador
Binder Costa Rica
Length 5 3/4
Ring Gauge 60
Vitola Gordo
Construction Hand Made