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  1. Manu

    Origin : Cuba
    Format : Canonazo DobleCohiba
    Size : 154mm x 21.4mm | 6″ x 54
    Released : 2017 Limited edition
    Price : $40+

    Draw : [rating:5.5/6]
    Burn : [rating:5/6]
    Flavour : [rating:4.5/6]
    Aroma : [rating:5/6]
    Strength : [rating:4.5/6]

    I was very fortunate to crack one box of the awaited Habanos 2017 Limited edition: the Cohiba Talisman.
    We have seen many of these cigars on the different social medias even though the launch event is on the 8th of November in London. Hunters and Frankau, the UK distributor of Habanos, got the opportunity to organise the official launch. That said we should all get worried about any Talisman around on the grey markets.
    If I decided to write a review about this unofficial release, it is because I am 100% sure about the provenance of the box and we were few from the industry around the table to have the chance to taste it.


    The Cohiba Talisman comes in a varnished slid lid box of 10 cigars. One thing which is interesting to notice on the box is the stamp on the back of the box. We are all used to see the “hecho a Mano” and the factory code being placed in the middle of the back of the box. Because of all the new health warning taking more and more space on the boxes, the stamps are now located on the bottom so even the biggest health warning should not be covering these precious information.
    The Cohiba Talisman is the very first limited edition being produced in the mythical factory of El Laguito.
    This said, the construction of all the cigars from our box was impressive. The way it should be. Packed of tobacco with a very nice pre draw.

    First Third

    The first puff strikes me with the amount of smoke it develops and the the great draw. The flavours are fresh and vegetal and the aroma incredible, reminding me of a young cedar wood you would burn.
    The burn remains perfectly constant all the way. The intensity of the blend is taking over the palate with a nice acidity and a long finish.
    Towards the end of this first third a lot of nutty style sweetness develops. Very much a Chiba like flavours already. A slight bitterness appears.

    Second Third
    There is nothing to be mentioned regarding the construction. The draw and the burn are close to perfection. A great pyramid appears when you tap the long standing grey ash.
    The flavours are very nutty and earthy. High intensity of in the blend like before. It doesn’t increase, the bend is well balanced in strength.
    A nice grassy finish takes over the palate and still this wonderful aroma is very pleasant.
    The flavours are really opening and I could not believe the sweetness the cigar developed… This is not what I was expecting for a fresh cigar. Already great to smoke. Strength is medium to full and the flavours are complex expressing many different version of the cigar.

    Final Third
    Very big development from the fresh vegetal beginning to the marzipan long finish in the palate. I was far away from expecting such a delicious cigar already. A true cohiba which reminded me why we love this brand so much even though the price point is very high.

    That said a new question comes to my mind. If it is already that delicious, how will it age?

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    • James Sucking

      As usual, everyone trips over their meat hammers for anything Cohiba. The couple Iโ€™ve smoked have no relation to anything Cohiba DNA related. Typical EL profile. All EL are basically the same. At least the RE program lends DNA to the various brands. Keep tossing money at these dogrockets. Youโ€™re better off buying the typical Cohiba line. Save your money. J-O makes these more less, sane taste.

    • Mario

      These are the best Cohibas after the Grand Reserve.

      Buying what ever I could get.
      Perfect build quality and a great smoke.
      In a few years they will worth twice as much, just like what happened to the power house 2014 Robustos Supremos.

    • Johnny-O!

      These have been out close to a year they were handed out in a 3-pack at the feria del Habano in 2017 with no box codes. John

    • Mario

      I believe the cigars are not fake.I bought 3
      boxes in Geneva and they are the real thing.Taste as mentioned are great.

      Will love to age them for 3 years and these will be great cigars.

    • Greg

      LMAO – This thread has made me chuckle for a while, it’s becoming a satirical farce ๐Ÿ˜€ !

      I have a sneaky suspicion that Interpol may have more pressing matters than a few stolen cigar boxes >.<

    • Tim

      We now know that a few boxes of cigars were stolen from the factory. It would be interesting to know how these cigar were acquired and by whom. A guess this is now in the hands of Interpol and the Cuban authorities

    • Pink Martini

      My money is on the cigar being legitimate. Most fakes can be spotted a mile away. Itโ€™s too much of a coincidence for the cigar to stand up to close inspection, and then deliver spectacular flavors. Marzipan on in the final third: sign me up!

    • James

      This whole back and forth is too funny! While I don’t know if the cigar being rated is the real deal, to blanketly say it’s impossible is to ignore reality.
      We have top secret documents being leaked by people in the US government…something that is infinitely more important and protected than a box of cigars, and yet the leaks happen.
      In this case, it’s a C I G A R. Of course it’s possible.

    • Tim

      The box code AUO is not being used for Talisman. in any event Luis Javier Bosch, Commercial Director of Habanos SA has confirmed that it is not possible that the cigar you reviewed is legitimate. There are no cigars missing from the first production run and therefore the cigar you reviewed is a fake

      • Cyn

        They have been in production for more than a year and leak daily . I live in Cuba and deal with the rollers trust me everything leaks 7 factories over 100 workers steal 25 sticks daily.
        Biggest black market

      • Manu

        Dear Tim,

        It wouldn’t be professional from the commercial director of Habanos to tell you there are some cigars that have left the warehouses… Just like all the Wide Churchill Gran Reservas…
        We can certainly argue even longer. Let’s wait until next week and see what is mentioned behind the boxes.
        Please if you are attending the launch event send us the infos to compare.


        • Mario

          The taste you describe are spot on so they are 100% not fake. Enjoy ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • David

      With respect.. you believe you have the Cohiba Talisman at your disposal for review… can you explain to me where and how these cigars where sourced and provide box numbers.. the official launch is in London at a Hunters and Frankau event on the 9th November… Habanos SA have not released any of these to anyone in the world .. please explain as Iโ€™m very curious how you have achieved this remarkable inside scoop on this particular cigar ? …..

      • Manu

        Dear David,
        Thank you for your message. I completely understand your point and once again I have informed everybody to not trust any talisman on the Market. If I have decided to review this cigar it is because I am sure about the source.
        Sadly the limited edition series do not have box number like the regional edition or Reservas and Gran Reservas. I can tell you the Factory code was AUO… This should give you a hint ๐Ÿ˜‰
        As mentioned previously, I fully understand you do not trust the source of this cigar, this is why the best is to share our reviews once release to see how they compare.
        Have a wonderful day

    • Neil

      I agree with Tim…Iโ€™m in the business and have already seen a few purporting to be the real thing…..none have been. Itโ€™s pointless to do a review of this cigar at the moment simply because there is no way your cigar can be corroborated as being genuine…any cigar that is around now MUST be considered as counterfeit weather it is or not. Surely it would have been far more relevant and informative to review once the cigar has been launched and we can guarantee its authenticity. This review is simply one – upmanship and I donโ€™t believe relevant.
      I too have seen the letter from Hunters and security around this launch has been the tightest ever.

      • Manu

        Dear Neil,
        Thank you for your message.

        I completely understand your point of view and would have said the exact same few weeks ago.
        I invite you to read my response to David.

        I look forward to exchanging about this awaited release ๐Ÿ™‚

        Have a wonderful day

    • Tim

      I have a letter from Hunters and Frankau the exclusive UK importer who confirm that (and I quote) “No Chiba Talisman have been released by Habanos SA anywhere in the world”. The world launch is in London on November 7th

      • Manu

        Dear Team.
        I fully agree with you and am fully aware the cigar hasn’t been launched on the market yet.
        We can argue a lot but I would say let’s try to compare your reviews when you get hold of this. I am pretty sure it will be similar ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Tim

      This is definitely a fake. No Talismans have been released yet

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Cigar Region Cuba
Filler Cuban
Wrapper Cuba
Binder Cuba
Length 6 1/8
Ring Gauge 54
Vitola Talisman
Construction Hand Made