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  1. MoBarbq (Wes)

    Perdomo Fresco Torpedo

    Origin : Nicaragua
    Format : Torpedo
    Size : 6 x 54
    Price : ~$3

    This review is submitted by MoBarbq (Wes) and is participating in our “Share your cheap smoke!” contest. To get a chance to win a box of cigars, you can submit yours here.

    This is the epitome of a bargain/value cigar, as I see it. The Cigar Authority recently featured Nick Perdomo talking about a little demo he likes to pull on tours of his factory. He takes out a Perdomo Fresco (without a band) and hands them out to the group, asks them to smoke it, and then tell him what they would be willing to pay for such a cigar. To noted praise about the stick from the group, many say $8 or $9. He then tells them what it is they are smoking, and says it sells for $3.00. Many are shocked. I’m guessing that before this experience, some of those in the crowd probably would have never purchased a $3 cigar, so it is a good lesson that all of us can learn from: Don’t let the lower price tag lead you to a premature judgment about a cigar.

    This is a bundled cigar that does not taste or smoke like a bundled cigar! I’ve been smoking these for going on two years now. I have tried all the vitolas, but have to say I like the torpedo vitola the best. It has a nice weighty feel to the hand, with a larger ring gauge and a beautiful sheen to the wrapper. They are well rolled and have a nice weight, making you realize there is a lot of tobacco in this cigar. This is a Nicaraguan puro with an earthy “barnyard” aroma to the wrapper and foot. As to appearances, the stick has a very fancy and colorful band, which is a clue that this is not a typical bundled cigar. Most bundled cigars are naked, but Perdomo even puts a fancy band on their low-end Fresco. The construction is excellent, and I have not had one yet that had any draw problems; they have always have a flawless draw for me. Sometimes I have to make a minor burn correction, but that is a small price to pay, and is no different from what I have to do with many cigars I smoke. I am sometimes known to be a biter, and the wrapper stands up well to being firmly held in the teeth. It smokes like cigars I have paid much more for. The bundle can be found in the mid to high $40 range and that is for a bundle of 25, not 20-as many manufacturers have gone to. There are cheaper bundles out there, but I have had many of them, and none hold a candle to Fresco. As singles, I have paid anywhere from $3 to $3.95, with the other vitolas available for slightly less. It can be had in both Connecticut wrappers or Maduro, as I had here.

    I would call this a medium-bodied cigar. With the Maduro, I routinely pick up some nuances of chocolate, as well as something akin to molasses, and sometimes notes of coffee. It produces plenty of smoke and the ash chunks off in about ½ inch segments, something which is nice for commuters to know, as it is conducive to smoking while driving -and not getting covered in ash. If you are looking for a good value cigar, you need look no further than Perdomo Fresco.

    Thumbs Up!

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    • rotten72

      I tried one of these yesterday. It was very harsh and had no flavor. If your pallet is experienced at all these are unko.

    • jjo

      I’ve read good things about these, but haven’t seen them locally.

    • Yellowgrip

      I smoked one of these and find it not satisfactory. The third part was good but I had to go through two unbalanced parts to get there. I still prefer the Bundle Selection Robusto as my ultimate budget cigar. No 35 minute wait before I get to the good stuff.

    • GTHarold

      Great review and couldn’t agree more. Never had a bad one of these and its my go to smoke when I need to make a purchase from one of those overpriced cigar stores.

    • Andreus

      Excellent review. Not a fan of Perdomos but I might give these a try. Good luck in the contest!

    • Aaron

      Good pick Wes. I haven’t smoked one of these in 3 years but I remember them being pretty decent sticks for the coin. I used to pick them up when I would go tubing down the Guadalupe River in New Braunfels, TX. They were cheap enough if they got wet I didn’t have to cry about it. May have to revisit them soon.

    • PapaLad

      Nice job, Wes! Best of luck to you.

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Cigar Region Nicaragua
Filler Nicaragua, Dominican
Wrapper USA Connecticut Shade
Binder Nicaragua
Length 6 1/2
Ring Gauge 54
Vitola Torpedo
Construction Hand Made