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  1. Brian P

    Brick House Robusto

    Origin : Nicaragua
    Format : Robusto
    Size : 5 x 54
    Price : ~$5

    This review is submitted by Brian P and is participating in our “Share your cheap smoke!” contest. To get a chance to win a box of cigars, you can submit yours here.

    At First Glance

    The Brick house Robusto has a rugged appearance with a weather worn wrapper, tiny tight veins running randomly throughout, and a slightly shimmery surface. Just gives you that “classic” impression. Nice cap with distinct lines making it very simple to cut properly. Overall construction is fairly tight, not really any soft spots. As odd as it is to say, it just feels balanced and good in your hand. Contrary to what some will say, you don’t get that with a lot of cigars. And give it a little sniff – an anticipatory teaser with deep oak and light floral scents.

    Developing the Relationship

    Responds well to toasting and gives off a light cedar bark type of aroma, very outdoorsy – kind of makes you want to sit around a campfire. Initial draws felt a bit firm but gradually opened up a tad bit. Smoke production was neither too much nor too little – perfect amount for rolling over your tongue to get the flavors without overpowering. A little dry at the first draw the smoke took on some moisture and oils and never let up after. The flavors create the perfect cycle – shake of pepper, small semblance of a kind of oak/cedar woodiness, and on the aftertaste almost a little minty/aged taste. I have to stress that this cycle continues throughout – consistency, balance, and near razor sharp burn. At no point is there any bite in the smoke or any lessening/overpowering of flavors. Smoke is perfect and feels great coming off your lips. Even down very close to the nub the tobacco doesn’t heat up and scorch your tongue.

    Bottom Line

    Make friends with this stick. This is a perfect cigar for nearly all occasions whether it’s paired with single malt in a lounge or a beer on a truck tailgate. It is hands down the most consistent stick I’ve experienced. Making Cigar Aficionado’s Top 25 list at number 17 with a 92 rating you simply can’t pass this one up. And since it’s specially made to be the perfect recession cigar ($4.95 dealer dependent) even Congress wouldn’t cut its funding!

    Thumbs Up!

    [sz]brick house[/sz]

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    • kelvin moore

      It ok. But wouldn’t buy it again.

    • Michael

      It’s not a bad cigar by any means but (in only my opinion) just not worth the purchase when there’s the much more flavourful Padron series and Oliva V for just a few $ more.

    • Adam

      My review of the Brickhouse Corona Larga (6.25 x 46)

      Appearance & Construction: The Brick House is a beautiful looking cigar especially considering the price point on the cigar. The cigar has a nice smooth semi oily wrapper and the construction is damn near flawless. The band is very classic looking with an off-white background, black letters and some red and gold trim.

      Brickhouse Corona Larga

      Smoking Characteristics: The draw on the Brick House is a little tighter than I prefer but still produces an acceptable amount of smoke. The burn is even and the ash is fairly solid. The body of the cigar is medium to full and the strength is average.

      Flavor: The Brick House cigar starts off with an earthy pepperiness but eventually shows notes of oak, coffee and a bit of nutty creaminess. The cigar is slightly dry on the palate until the second third where a slight sweetness picks up. After that the cigar remains generally the same.

      Final Thoughts: There isn’t much to complain about with the Brick House. It’s a nice consistent smoke that had enough complexity and body to keep me interested. The flavors where your typical Nicaraguan Puro but remained balanced and harmonious on the palate. Everything just seemed to fit well together and the cigar was was well-rounded. Even better is the price of this cigar; at about $5 per stick, this cigar is a nice bargain. I could definitely see myself buying more of these cigars.

    • Worldtraveller

      Very good for the money. Keep looking for the Mighty, but not found so far.

    • Cigar Master

      Cigar Inspector claims BRICK HOUSE is a product of Honduras but the only ones I can find are Nicaraguan however they are a fantastic smoke wherever they are rolled.

    • The Cigar Spy

      My Review of the Toro

      Background: Brickhouse is the second old Cuban cigar brand to be recreated by J.C. Newman. Originally a Cuban Puro it has been rebuilt as an all Nicaraguan stick.

      Mission Notes: Pre-light aroma is earthy, kind of like peat and compost. The wrapper is a deep, rich reddish brown, but very ugly with prominent veins, wrapper creases, and lots of small bumps and bulges. I decide to go with a punch. Pre-light draw is very nice, not too tight or loose. Lighting this stick gives me a smell like a nice wood fire. The first taste is different, a very rich flavor, but with a bitter, pine needle type of aftertaste in the back of my throat. I keep getting this aftertaste for a while, until I learn that this cigar requires very slow smooth draws. The burn on this cigar is very slow, it takes much longer to smoke than I normally would expect for a cigar of this size. Also smoking it is tricky, if you go too fast you get the bitter, pine needle taste, but if you draw too slowly you get no flavor at all. There are also several issues keeping this thing lit. When everything goes perfectly this is probably one of the most flavorful cigars I’ve ever had. Wood fired taste with a touch of sweetness, occasional hints of roasted peanuts, and a clear bite of pepper. The cigar takes a long time to smoke, so make sure you have plenty of time. As I pass the halfway point the cigar goes out, making me relight it. The ash is grey with black splotches and holes, it’s very ugly and flaky looking. It seems as if the ash is just going to crumble at any second, but it never does. The flavor continues to build throughout the cigar and never drops off. I manage to smoke it clear down to the nub, requiring me to use a new tool to continue. (More on that tool in a later review.) Finally as my lips start to get hot, the cigar goes out again and I decide there just isn’t enough left to bother fighting with it anymore.

      Final Notes: First it should be noted, this is an ugly cigar. Some cigars you look at and are blown away by how smooth they are. This is not one of those, even the ash is ugly. This is a cigar to smoke, not to look at. If you are obsessed with the look of your cigar, then you are going to miss out on a great smoke. There really isn’t any power in this cigar, I didn’t even feel any light headedness from it, just a light relaxation. It’s not going to knock the top of your head off, but it is going to give you a nice smoking experience. The burn on this cigar is very slow, and you have to smoke it that way too, or you are going to have problems with flavor consistency. Other than that, I have no complaints, when this cigar tasted right, it was one of the the best flavored cigars I’ve had in a long time. Give it a shot.

    • Don Small

      I was impressed wih my first puff. I like the brick house torpedo better than any I have smoked.

    • MoBarbq

      This was my second choice as to a cigar to review and submit. I agree 100% I loved the Mighty Mighty also.

    • Bryan P

      brickhouse is by far the best cigar in the $5 range. Amayzing smoke. Can’t wait for the brickhouse belicoso!!!

    • Newb

      Completely agree–love the Brick House. Not very complex, but rewarding. Pairs very well with a fine bourbon, less well with amaretto.

    • Rick

      The Brick House is a nice smoke for the price. I agree with wrenclan, I put it right there with the La Traviata.

    • ROTHNH

      Here’s a correction the editor of this “guest review” missed — the Brickhouse Robusto is 5″ long with a 54 Ring — there is no 5″ X 50 Brickhouse cigar available in the size Frontmarks of this cigar — check for more information.

    • wrenclan

      One of my favorites along with the CAO La Triviata. The 2 of them are the best $5 cigars and better than most that cost more.

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Cigar Region Nicaragua
Filler Nicaragua
Wrapper Ecuadorian Havana Seed
Binder Nicaragua
Length 5
Ring Gauge 54
Vitola Robusto
Construction Hand Made
Price Paid $5